WEST BANK TRACKERS live at the Tempo Bar, Minneapolis, early 1970s

17 Nov


Mentioned a lot in Cyn Collins‘ book West Bank Boogie, we finally have some recordings to hear, thanx to OTIS.

Thanx William Thompson for the names: Original members Carol Peltier, Judy Beach, Ann Grotting, Bibi Fairchild, Stuart Lucks, Charlie Thomes, Bill Thompson and Dean Engelson.

Thanx to Online Sales for the poster image.

Part One

Part Two


Thanx to Robert Burtis and the Twin Cities Music Scene ’70s-’80s page on Facebook for this photo.


Thanx to Bill McKenzie for the photo

One Response to “WEST BANK TRACKERS live at the Tempo Bar, Minneapolis, early 1970s”


  1. Women’s History Month: Minnesota’s early musical pioneers | Local Current Blog | The Current from Minnesota Public Radio - March 6, 2015

    […] From the CD accompaniment to Cyn Collin’s 2006 book West Bank Boogie, featuring Judy Beach, Ann Dickenson, Dean Engelson, Bibi Fairchild, Stuart Lucks, Carol Peltier, Charlie Thomes and Bill Thompson. Originally from Live at the Cookhouse. Read more about the West Bank Trackers here. […]

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