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It Figures: ’12’ LP, 1988

21 Jan

From New Hampshire. Their 3rd release, which features Rick Twombly of Heavens to Murgatroid fame.

It Figures


Crash and Burn

(It’s a) Madhouse

Now They’re the Slaves


Sorry Starts with S

The Hypnotist

Pull the Wool



Mechanical Me



It Figures six-song cassette November 1986

24 Mar

Great power-pop band that played the Midwest a few times. The guys in It Figures grew up in the small hamlet that produced Aerosmith- Somersworth, New Hampshire. I once saw ’em play a gig with the Chicago band Green in Rockford, Illinois; it was one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had. Here is their six-song demo from almost 25 years ago, thanks to Rick Twombly for allowing me to post this for you to enjoy.





In the Pages


Oh, what the heck, I’ll even include both sides of their first record, a 7″ single from 1985:

Over and Over

Choose Your Side

Photos: misc band shots- cleaning out my photo album

30 Oct

Adam Fesenmaier, Diamonds, It Figures (2 photos), Kevin Ayers, Los Olvidados, Rollins, Willful Neglect (2 photos), X-ecutioners, Michael Yonkers (2 photos).

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