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Minnesota metal tape: Animosity ‘Beneath the 13th Stone’ cassette 1989 SNAFU Productions

24 Nov




Paradox ‘KQRS 92.5 FM interview 11-16-1986’from cassette tape

7 Sep


The sound quality of the songs on the cassette isn’t as good as the CD or vinyl; hopefully this will inspire you to BUY THE CD so you can hear the songs better.

I’ve provided what radio insiders call a “scope” of the broadcast- the talking is presented with beginnings & ends of the songs only.

Thanks to John Eller for approving this. Photos by Patty DuBois.

part one (1:59)

part two (1:34)

part three (:36)

part four (1:40)


Disturbed: old demo cassette, 1987

19 Apr

Disturbed were a metal band from Minnesota during the 1980s. We came across this six song demo and really wanted to share this with you! The band consisted of:

Earl Root: All Guitars & b/u vox hellnoize & screams

James Odegard: Vocals & hellnoize

Mike Nelson: Drums & Thunder

Gregg Bleaker: Bass & Rumble

This recording was made on June 15th, 1987 and had been together about month at the time of recording. There are six songs total on the demo ready to thump your ears and wake them up!











1. Kill ‘Em (Before they X)

2. Tear it Apart

3. I Don’t Kare

4. What the Fuck!?!

5. Comatose

6. Bought & Sold

We would like to thank Nancy Root for allowing us to share this with you.

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