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THE PINS- Here’s a place to pin stuff up. GoJohnnyGo FEATURE #5

12 Feb

A-1070223-1429405036-3673.jpegConsidering Minnesota’s reputation for housing a well-studied stock of inhabitants with a large college scene seconded only to Boston, it would follow that The Twin Towns should have a prodigious and well known art-rock scene. It doesn’t.

Enter THE PINS. I truly love The Pins’ music, and I consider them the most underrated band ever from Minnesota. The Pins were often mesmerizing, completely captivating, and constantly interesting.

I first heard about The Pins from Minnesota music guru Tom Berglund. The band’s name was simple, utilitarian, ambiguous, and evocative. Tom’s friend Jim Boulware played bass, and worked at Roadrunner Records, a great retail record store in South Minneapolis.



Add Beth Van Dam– their statuesque Rock Star drummer.



Plus Rich Barlow– British, but he spent time growing up in an apartment complex where I delivered newspapers in my early teens, close to 3M Headquarters–a guitarist extrordinaire.



Throw in Steve Shaskan– man of mystery and artistic giant on keyboards.



SO MANY GREAT RECORDS, SONGS, PERFORMANCES! ‘Eleanor’, “Gray Rainbow”, in-store appearances, film soundtracks, taking the cake at Heliotrope, Minnesota’s annual experimental music event. So many unreleased & mostly-unheard recording sessions…


Discogs page


various artists ‘A Christmas Gift from Garage D’or 1995-1996’ cassette

21 Oct



Minnesota metal tape: Animosity ‘Beneath the 13th Stone’ cassette 1989 SNAFU Productions

24 Nov




Fabulous Minnesota Barking Ducks ‘Captured Live in Stereo’ cassette

2 Sep


hear the tape here

Bone Club – Day I Died b/w Six Feet Underground 7″ single, 1989

21 Jan

This 1989 debut release from the St. Paul grunge band was originally released on the Prospective label, but was later re-released on the Rocket Sound Records label. The band went on to release records on many different labels worldwide, including CD/12-inch EP on major label Imago Records. There were 1000 copies pressed of the original, and of those, 500 came with hand-screened cover with different colors.

bone club

Six Feet Underground

Day I Died



Monsters of the Midwest: Volume One

17 Nov

Regional Rock from the 1960’s, if you ever owned a Vox guitar, Fender Twin and a garage you’ll love this stuff. Nobody needs to hear chart toppers all of the time right? Go back, get back just don’t look into the mirror and enjoy.Monsters of the midwest

Mine Forever More
Last Night I Cried
Open Up

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