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Fresh Air Radio KFAI 90.3 FM “Root of All Evil” show commercial

1 Sep

One minute of forty five seconds of why Earl Root was a genius. If you’ve ever wondered why Earl caused so much ballyhoo around the Twin Cities, check out this short but thorough commercial for his radio show. Thanks to Willie the Lizard for providing me the 1988 cassette that this came from.

Root of All Evil commercial

Blind Approach November 1986 demo cassette that SHREDS!

9 Aug

St Paul Straight Edge Hardcore punk, these guys lived the punk rock ideal to the hilt. They produced two 7″ singles, of which a more-produced version of “Just one Freak” was included on the debut. Thanks to Chip Pearson & the boys for allowing me to post this, their first demo cassette.



Blind Approach

Child Abuse


Welcome/ Metal

Just One Freak


Ultra-obscure Stillwater, MN Hardcore- Summer 1983: NO SURF

5 Aug

This cassette was actually recorded off of WRFW 89.3 FM in River Falls, University of Wisconsin’s college radio station, hence the static-y sound. River Falls had a history of wild punk rock parties, and the radio station was airing demos of bands playing at an upcoming event. Stillwater’s NO SURF (Tony Beyer – Bass and vocals- he wrote the originals here, Brian Cunningham – Guitar, Scott Aamodt – Drums, Paul Weig – Vocals). were featured at such a party.  Brian went on to play bass in the earliest version of The 27 Various, Paul became the frontman for Harvey & The Snoozers, and was a pivotal figure of the start of the Susstones Records empire. Hardcore punk this early (1983) is rare to find, especially an undocumented band as NO SURF. Thanks to Paul Weig for allowing me to post these tracks for you. If anyone has any photos or flyers of NO SURF, please contact m.

Trivia Tidbit: Christine of GoJohnnyGo was the Station Manager of WRFW during her college years, albeit later than this era.

In Sex We Trust

F*ck ’em if They Can’t Take a Joke (edited for radio, natch)

Walk, Don’t Run

Girl Quandry


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