GJG – the label

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MorticiaFrontMorticia Mortal Fear & D.O.A. reissue CD (GJG-084) on GoJohnnyGo Records


Clone Lab First Album CD-r (GJG-081) $4.41 plus postageCloneLabCDfront

CASSETTE (GJG-081) $4.45 plus postage

Life’s Out in Front of You

My New Diversion

CloneLabCSfrontnew recordings 2018, 12 songs


INTL Falls INTL Falls CASSETTE (GJG-078) $4.45 plus postage



Those Kind of Girls

new recordings 2018, 11 songs
HeathenCDfrontHeathen Heathen 1986 CD-r (GJG-077) $4.41 plus postage

and CASSETTE (GJG-077) $4.45 plus postage

Green Dice



Recorded 1985 & 1986, first time issued 2018, CD-r is 18 songs, CS is 21 songs.
BadIdeaCSfrontBad Idea This is….Bad Idea CASSETTE (GJG-076) $4.45 plus postage


Hate My Brain
new release 2018; 11 tracks

Soundtrack Lake Street Detective CASSETTE (GJG-077) $4.45 plus postage 

listen here

2017 release, 13 tracks


AriMudFRONTAri Pentelovitch Mud CASSETTE EP (GJG-075) $4.45 plus postage



on CD-r (GJG-075) for $4.41 plus postage


2017 five songs, newly-recorded


Impaler Sonic Freakshow CASSETTE REISSUE (GJG-074) $4.45 plus postage ImpalerSonicCSfront

Tall Dark and Gruesome

Un-Natural Rites

Six songs recorded in 1995, reissued on cassette, 2017. Comes with with extra photos and story.



Burden of The Beat Left as Is CD-r REISSUE (GJG-073) for $6.51 plus postage

Wheel of Fortune

Shut Up and Dance

14 songs, 1985 2xLP reissued on CD-r 2017


REMs Live at Coffman Union 1981 VHS VIDEO CASSETTE (GJG-072) $5.93 plus postage


14 songs, 23 minutes, filmed live in front of Coffman Union, University of Minnesota, 1981, issued on VHS tape in 2017


oddcsfrontThe Odd The Complete Recordings CASSETTE (GJG-071)

****SOLD OUT****


Street Fun

18 songs from the 1990s vinyl/cassette/compact disc REISSUED ON CASSETTE 2017

Paul Metsa Whistling Past the Graveyard CASSETTE reissue (GJG-070) $4.45 plus postage


Wall of Power

St. Louis County Fair

11 songs, 1993 CD reissued on CASSETTE in 2016


weatherballcsfrontWeatherball Weatherball (GJG-069) CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage
https://gojohnnygojohnny.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/mix-2-shes-unexpected-l3-01_01.mp3She’s Unexpected


six songs, 2016 recordings


Michael Yonkers They Will be Done (GJG-068) CASSETTE reissue for $4.45 plus postage 12799

Deep River

Thy Will be Done

1976 LP reissued on cassette in 2016


PStdFRONTParalon Security Total Drag/Agents of Fortune (GJG-067) on CASSETTE SINGLE for $4.45 plus postage
Total Drag

Agents of Fortune

on CD SINGLE with EXTRA TRACK (GJG-067) for $4.41 plus postage

newly recorded 2016

ST-37 Glare (GJG-066) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postageST37GlareCSFront

Confusion Mind


ST37GlareCDrFronton CD-r (GJG-066) for $4.41 plus postage

1995 double LP reissued in 2016 on cassette and CD-r


Smash Hammer Smash Hammer (GJG-065) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

Track One

Track Two

recorded 2005, released for the first time 2015; Minneapolis


imagemgr-imageResize.jpg-product--300-product175766Frances Gumm Victory Now (GJG-064) CASSETTE $4.45 plus postage

Disappear with Me

Latest Style

14 songs- 2003 CD released on cassette 2015

_________________________________________________________________________ imagemgr-imageResize.jpg-product--300-product175761Frances Gumm Cruella(GJG-063) CASSETTE $4.45 plus postage http://gojohnnygo.com/as_for-sale&product_category=460&productID=175761

I Will Not Be Destroyed

Damages Attributed

14 songs- 1993 CD released on cassette 2015

Frances Gumm Cindy Sherman and the Years of Mayhem- The Singles Collection  (GJG-062) CASSETTE $4.45 plus postage COMPACT DISC for $4.41 here Mercy Cindy Sherman

11 songs; vinyl singles originally released 1991-1998 released on cassette and compact disc 2015


Frances Gumm Frances Gumm (GJG-061) reissue CASSETTE EP $4.45 plus postage

Side One

seven-song tape; art by Frank Gaard; originally released on cassette in 1999- reissued 2015; Minnesota

RubenPostFrontRuben Post Office / Thru the Line (GJG-060) CASSETTE SINGLE for $4.45 plus postage

Post Office
Thru the Line

two songs; newly recorded 2015

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Mogadishu Skyline (GJG-059) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage JohnTfront CD-r for $4.41 here

The Ballad of May Pang

The Plastic Arts

four songs; issued July 2015

JMfrontJesse Molen Psychedelic Mess (GJG-058) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

Track One

Track Two
seven songs; newly issued July 2015

Paralon Security Head of the Lizard (GJG-057) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

side one

side two
13 songs, recorded in 1987, issued on cassette 2015


JKVStompFRONTJaw Knee Vee (GJG-056) Stomp, Shout, Shake! on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

Riptide Romp!

Let’s You and Me Take Us a Ride

seven songs; 2014 CD issued on cassette in 2015


Jaw Knee Vee The dog gone low down lonesome good for nothing sorry sounds (GJG-055)JKVTheDogFRONT on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

Cow -A-Bunngggaaaa!!!!!

You Gotta Move
thirteen songs; 2013 CD issued on cassette in 2015


JKVTheLoFiFRONTJaw Knee Vee The lo-fi rockabilly blues trash boogie woogie stomp (GJG-054) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage



six songs; 2012 CD issued on cassette in 2015


The Last City in The East (GJG-053) short VHS MOVIE $5.93 plus shipping  LastCityFront

2011 short film by Erik Hammen, released on VHS tape in 2015, six minutes


UnconventionUnconvention (GJG-052) full-length VHS MOVIE $7.93 plus shipping

full-length film– mixtape of media coverage- RNC 2008- St Paul, Minnesota- by Chris Strouth; 2009 film released on VHS tape 2015


Hall N Ass Hall N Ass (GJG-051) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage

When it’s Over

Crush, Kill, Destroy

seven songs, recorded in 1998- issued for the first time 2015; Minnesota


MrThunderbirdFrontMr. Thunderbird (GJG-050) short VHS MOVIE for $5.93 plus shipping

2014 short film by Dina Dainty, released on VHS tape in 2015, six minutes

  ______________________________________________________________________ Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake Hey Hey What full-length VHS MOVIE (GJG-049)11439 is available for $7.93 plus shipping 2011 film released on VHS tape in 2015, 88 minutes


Coach Kill Live at Dead Media (GJG-048) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus postage CD-r for $4.41 here

Son of the CIA Director Blues

Starmaker Machinery
five songs, recorded 2015

LightningBoysCSfrontLightning Boys The Only Four Songs of The Lightning Boys (GJG-047) CASSETTE is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Lightning Boys on a Jag

Do You Remember the Sun
four songs; 1994 recordings issued in 2015

My Education Bad Vibrations (GJG-046) CASSETTE is available for $4.45 plus shipping MyEdCassFrnt

Britches blanket

2008 compact disc reissued on cassette, November 2014
Breath Grenades Space Rawk Replicas (GJG-045) on CASSETTE for $4.45 plus shipping BGs

(Let ’em) Eat Space Rawk


nine songs, 1995 CD reissued on cassette 2015


RubenFrontRuben Surfin’ Frankenstein CASSETTE EP (GJG-044) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Surfin’ Frankenstein

I’m in Love with The Wolfman
Three songs, newly recorded FOR HALLOWEEN 2014
PNCcassetteFrontProject No Control Jaded CASSETTE (GJG-043) is available for $4.45 each plus shipping


Crowley the Cat
five songs, newly recorded 2014


MNRockabillyALLFIVEvarious artists Minnesota Rockabilly Vol. 1 CASSETTE (GJG-038) various artists Minnesota Rockabilly Vol. 2 CASSETTE (GJG-039) various artists Minnesota Rockabilly Vol. 3 CASSETTE (GJG-040) various artists Minnesota Rockabilly Vol. 4 CASSETTE (GJG-041) various artists Minnesota Rockabilly Vol. 5 CASSETTE (GJG-042) available for $4.45 each plus shipping

String Kings “Bloodshot”

Myron Lee & The Caddies “Homicide”
79 songs total, 1950s recordings, released on cassette 2014


ST-37 I’m Not Good CASSETTE (GJG-037) is available for $4.45 plus shippingST-37front


Magnetic Amphibian Hydrated Gills
13 songs, recorded 2014
Gary Lee Joyner Sounds from The Guerilla Cage, Vol. 1 CASSETTE (GJG-035) Gary Lee Joyner Sounds from The Guerilla Cage, Vol. 2 CASSETTE (GJG-036) available for $4.45 each plus shippingJoynerGuerillaOneTwo

Hexagon Subnuminal Movement Sequence

Nearing the Shore
35 songs total, recorded 1970s-2010s, released on cassette, 2014


that80sboyFRONTthat80sboy self-titled CASSETTE (GJG-034) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Long Gone

Burnt Out Memory
11 songs, recorded through 2013, released on cassette 2014


Mike Ciresi Waiting for Saturn CASSETTE (GJG-033) is OUT OF PRINT

COMPACT DISC for $1.91 plus shipping here

Pillow of Sand (Dear Brian)

The Other Side Of The Sky
12 songs recorded 2010, released on cassette 2012


The Grand Gestures The Grand Gestures On Tape CASSETTE (GJG-032) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

I Wonder What Chris De Burgh Is Doing Right Now

(video)There’s No Place Like Home
eight songs, released 2012


Felonious Bosch The Bent Slinky Session CASSETTE (GJG 031) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Ben Slinky meets Janet Jackson’s Nipple

Double Sax in the Back on the Neumann
Six songs recorded and composed live at Flyte Tyme Studios, released 2012


various artists Wasted Past Volume Two Mixtape CASSETTE (GJG 030) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Malcom Dodds “Tremble”

Sleepy Summers “Strange Cargo”
30 songs of popcorn, recorded a long time ago, compiled and released 2012.


ContrasFrontContras Big Hits of Central America CASSETTE (GJG 029) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

I Ain’t A-Studyin’ You, Baby

Fingernail Polish
16 songs- recorded 1991- the unreleased album; released on cassette 2013 _______________________________________________________________________________ Party of One Streetside Surprise CASSETTE (GJG-028) is available for $4.45 plus shipping   PartyofOneCSfront

Desolate Goldmine

Madame Mao Ying
13 songs, released 2014

George Spellvin and Royal Slim present Projects in Recording 2000 CASSETTE (GJG-027) is available for $4.45 plus shipping


That’s Cheap
six songs featuring David Foley circa 2000, reissued on cassette 2011.

King Paisley and The Pscho-del-ics Death Rockin CASSETTE (GJG-026) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Track 1

Track 5
nine songs, featuring Chris Strouth circa 1986, reissued 2011.

Self Sound Orchestra self-titled CASSETTE (GJG 025) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Track 2

Track 4
six songs, 2008 recordings, released 2011.

various artists Wasted Past MixtapeCASSETTE (GJG 024) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Gary U.S. Bonds- “Workin’ for My Baby”

Donald and The Delighters- “(Native Girl) Elephant Walk”
30 songs of popcorn, recorded a long time ago, compiled and released 2011.

Frances Gumm Scorch the Earth CASSETTE (GJG 023) is available for $4.45 plus shipping

Disaster and Enlightenment

I Hate Normal People
11 songs, recorded 2009, released on cassette 2011.

Paris 1919 Book of Job CASSETTE (GJG 022) is available for $4.45 plus shipping
released 2011

GregCarrFront GregCarr Home Taping is Killing Music CASSETTE (GJG-021) is available for $4.45 plus shipping  listen: Space Was The Place      Space Mystery Cards
13 ‘songs’, released 2011.

Felonious Bosch Toy Box CASSETTE (GJG-020) is available for $4.45 plus shipping


Name in Vain
12 songs, released 2010.

Michael Yonkers Weather Map CASSETTE (GJG 019) is available for $4.45 plus shipping 

Oh No I Read

Because You
17 songs, 2007 recordings, released 2010.

images TerryEason018Terry Eason Sentimental Vanity CD (GJG 018) 


Cartwheels and Cotillions
10 songs, released 2007.

Deaths017The Deaths Centralia CD (GJG 017) 

Turn for the Worst

…to the Start
13 songs, released 2008.

SwinginTeens016The Swingin’ Teens The Story Volume One 1984-1994 CD (GJG 016) 

Can’t Live with Myself

Fire in My Head
24 songs, recorded 1984-1994, released 2008.

Yonkers015Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons CD (GJG 015)  also available on low-cost CASSETTE here

Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons

Can it Be
14 songs, released 2007.

Skinny Jim Rockabilly Bastard CD (GJG 014)

Skinny Jim

Rockabilly Bastard
19 songs, 1983 recordings, released Fall 2012

Yonkers013Michael Yonkers Band Unbroken CD (GJG 013) is available here and on low-cost CASSETTE here

Ain’t No Two Ways about It

It Ain’t So Sentimental
15 songs, recorded 2005, released 2007.

BlueHippos012The Blue Hippos Open Mind: The Long Lost Last Blue Hippos Album CD (GJG 012)

When a Punk Becomes a

Futuristic Eye
17 songs, recorded 1989, released 2007.

Civil Defense Propaganda vs. Civil Defense CD (GJG 011) 

Gun Control

28 songs, St Paul, Minnesota punk rock recorded 1982-1984, released 2010.

v_a spit010Various Artists Spit to See the Shine: Twin Cities Women Who Rocked 1987-1998 CD (GJG 010) is available for JUST $.01 plus shipping

The Blue Up? ‘We are the Garden’

ZuZu’s Petals ‘Babblin’ Mules’
16 songs, recorded 1987-1998, released 2006.

eason-fly-GJG009Terry Eason The Aching of the Household Fly CD (GJG 009) 

Like Me More

12 songs, released 2005.

v_aRedeyed008Various Artists Redeyed: Minneapolis Shoegaze and Dreampop 1992-1998 CD (GJG 008) 

Hovercraft ‘Has Been”

Lunar 9 ‘Prozac Melody’
14 songs, recorded 1992-1998, released 2006.

Deaths007The Deaths Choir Invisible CD (GJG 007) 


See You Tomorrow
nine songs, released 2005.

IdolThreat006Idol Threat Dead Lemmings: St Paul Punk Rock 1981-1982 CD (GJG 006) 

Sick on England

The Reason Why
18 songs, recorded 1981-1982, released 2006.

TerryEason005Terry Eason Bees Will Bumble CD (GJG 005) 

Agony of the Thrill

10 songs,released 2004.

Darrell004Darrell & The Derelicts Kid Tested Mother Dissaproved CD (GJG 004) 


One Track Mind
15 songs, St Paul, Minnesota garage rock, recorded 1984, released 2004.

NoDoctors003No Doctors Hunting Season CD (GJG 003) 

Ketheric Boner Template

Sharkskin Blues
10 songs, released 2004.

TerryEason002Terry Eason Elephant Garden CD (GJG 002) 

Elephant Graveyard

She’d Hide the Sky
11 songs, released 2003.

WillfulNeglect001Willful Neglect 1982-1984 CD (GJG 001) is available here also on low-cost CASSETTE here

EMS and D

(White Collar) Not Guilty
29 songs, St Paul, Minnesota punk rock, recorded 1982-1984, reissued on CD in 2003.

The New Wave of Jazz is on at GoJohnnyGo!

If it’s a hit, it’s on GoJohnnyGo!

GoJohnnyGo- The Sound of Magnificence!

BEFORE GOJOHNNYGO: PDF list of records (with pressing details) Johnny released as a record company owner (Susstones early years, Prospective Records, etc.)

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