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THE STONE FACES- the elusive photos & tapes East Side of St Paul hard rock pioneers.

12 Feb

Not too often do I uncover some mid-1970s Footstompin’ Music like this. Thanks to guitarist Gary Narducci, a REAL East Side Italian, for saving this stuff and allowing me to present it to you. The Stone Faces liked to play the East Side and the St. Croix Valley, with lots of stops at The Lamb’s Club on East 7th, The 9R Ranch in Wisconsin, & The RollingStone on Cottage Grove. Covers AND originals were the order of the day. The originals remind me of The James Gang or Blue Oyster Cult. ENJOY!

Original Song (BOC)

Singing Was Easy

You’re Gonna Lose

Lamb’s Club commercial

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Better Day

What’s Going On




WHO IS THIS MINNESOTA BAND?- ASI Studios’ Mystery Group #1

8 Jun


I’m guessing this is from 1976-1978. Unlabeled demo tape found in the stash of ASI Studio reels. Two tracks you can check out (with cut-off endings).

Come On Come On

track two was CONFIRMED by Gregg Inhofer: PEPPER FOG Please let the Sunshine

Cool 1960s-70s Midwest Rock Music Festival Posters

2 Oct

Every once in awhile, I’ll run into someone who tells me about one of these. Great stuff. Thanx to FaceBook’s ‘Twin Cities Music Scene ’70s – ’80s’page.






An original handbill shows a map of how to get to the festival site just outside of Wadena.RICK CHASE / Courier Staff Photographer

An original handbill shows a map of how to get to the festival site just outside of Wadena. RICK CHASE / Courier Staff Photographer























MY FIRST CONCERT (I had just turned 14 years old):




WEST BANK TRACKERS live at the Tempo Bar, Minneapolis, early 1970s

17 Nov


Mentioned a lot in Cyn Collins‘ book West Bank Boogie, we finally have some recordings to hear, thanx to OTIS.

Thanx William Thompson for the names: Original members Carol Peltier, Judy Beach, Ann Grotting, Bibi Fairchild, Stuart Lucks, Charlie Thomes, Bill Thompson and Dean Engelson.

Thanx to Online Sales for the poster image.

Part One

Part Two


Thanx to Robert Burtis and the Twin Cities Music Scene ’70s-’80s page on Facebook for this photo.


Thanx to Bill McKenzie for the photo

Minnesota, Country Music, and the scene around THE FLAME NIGHTCLUB

30 Sep

The Flame was located at 16th & Nicollet Ave, on the southern edge of Downtown Minneapolis. We’ve had a great discussion with Jan North of The North Sisters and The Rhythm Ranch Gals previously. Check it for some background on Jan. Here’s some more photos from that scene, maybe you can help me identify some of the folks?

FlameNightclub1 FlameNightclub2 RhythmRanchGals1 RhythmRanchGals2RhythmRanchGals3FlameNightclub4 BudErdmanFernDale FlameNightclub3 FlameNightclub6 FlameNightclub7 FlameNightclub5party5 party4 party3 party2 Party1 Outdoors2 Outdoors1

Minnesota collectible rock, folk, and blues vinyl LPs– mostly post-psych and pre-punk

4 Dec

It was after psychedelic rock, but it was before punk. We’re talking LPs that came out from 1970 into the early 1980s. Hair Metal records are not included here. PLEASE comment if you have additions and more info. Thanks.

Scott Alarik Stories LP 1979 Train on the Island Records 5

Jimmy Allen The Ticket LP 1978 Centerpiece Records 2525

Alliance Throw Money LP 1978 Zino Records 38493


Louie Anderson Food for Thought LP 1981 Musical Experience 39108
Fred Argir Thistledew LP 1974 Flashlight 3001
Artesian Dreams s/t LP 1980 Audio by DeVir Records 38019
Artport Artport LP 1982 Artport 0001

Atlantis self-titled LP 1972 Tektra Records

Berry and Wittig Northern Serenade LP 1979 Jeffery-David Records 40323
Blegen and Sayer Classical Cartoon Music 1974 Aardvark Records 6093
Bluebyrd self-titled LP
Bluebyrd Sweet Thoughts LP MT-1501
Both Barrels Band Ain’t About to Change LP 1981 Orttel Bros. Pub. 8108×16
Bob Bovee The Roundup LP 1979 Train on the Island Records 6
Mojo And His Chi 4 On Stage At The Palladium (with Ray Charles LP Vernon 519 (8 songs by Mojo- 2 songs by Ray Charles)
Mojo Buford Shades Of Folk Blues LP 1964 Folk Art 101

Mojo Buford The Exciting Harmonica Sound Of Mojo Buford LP 1983 Blues Record Society (Netherlands)3241-16
Mojo Buford Tribute To Muddy Waters (with Phil Guy) 1982 Isabel (France) 900.518
Mojo Buford Chicago Blues Summit LP 1979 Mr. Blues 7603 … reissued 1982 on Rooster Blues label 7603
Buttermilk Hill Postcards LP 1983 Dog Days Records #DDR 104
Cain Pound of Flesh LP 1975 ASI Records 204
Cain Stinger 1977 ASI Records 214

Baby Doo Caston Baby Doo’s House Party LP 1978 TMR
Baby Doo Caston The Truth About The Blues LP 1986 TMR/Hot Shot
Chalis One Small Chance LP Ellen Abby Records 25389
Clover self-titled LP 1970 CPO 247

The Bo Conrad Spit Band The Bo Conrad Spit Band Artronics 1090
The Bo Conrad Spit Band (2) Artronics 2272
Crow Crow LP 1969 Amaret Records 5002
Crow Crow by Crow LP 1970 Amaret Records 5006
Crow Mosaic LP 1971 Amaret Records 5009
Crow The Best of Crow LP Amaret Records 5012
Crow Dave Waggoner DBA Crow LP 1972 Amaret Records 5012
Crow On the Run LP 1983 Peak Records 15002
Crystal Breeze self-titled LP 1974 Tetrasonics Records 10049-52
Daisy Dillman Band self-titled LP 1978 United Artists Records 838

Debb Johnson self-titled LP 1971 Monolith 7025
Dillman Band Lovin’ The Night Away LP RCA Records 3909

R-6417893-1418704615-1525.jpegEasy Steam To Be Alive LP 1976 Conglomerated Music Records S80-1397S
Damin Eih and Brother ALK Never Mind LP 1973 Demelot Records 7310

Dire Wolf The Eustice Hocke Memorial Album LP 1972 Symposium SYS 2003
Explodo Boys The Early Years LP 1980 Flippist
Explodo Boys The Later Years LP 1980 Flippist
Fairchild self-titled LP 1978 Flight Records 1706
Fairchild Shadowland LP 1982 ITB Records
Fairchild self-titled LP 1985 Gold Mountain Records 5043
Ed Fissinger Light Years Away LP 1977 Friendship Productions 32093
Ed Fissinger Lunar Blues LP 1982 Evergreen Center Productions 32093


Fitzgerald, Flyer & Boyce Rivertown LP New Shoes Records 37712
Debbie Friedman Ani Ma-Amin (I Believe) LP 1976 Encore S80-1208
Red Gallagher …with Friends LP 1979 Redbird Records 99/78

Garrick Hardcore/Soft Touch LP 1980 AandR 807-16

Georgene I’ll Be Home LP 1976 Edify 1009
Ghostdance self-titled LP Root River Records 999
Goldberg Misty Flats LP 1974 MY Records 005

Bill Greenwood From the Inside Out LP Son Songs Records 630-8
Bill Greenwood Time of Seasons LP no label 850
Greenwood, Curlee & Clyde One Time, One Place LP 1972 no label gc-72105
Gypsy self-titled 2-LP set 1970 Metromedia Records 1031… reissued 1979 by Cognito Records 6
Gypsy In the Garden Lp 1971 Metromedia Records 1044
Gypsy Antithesis LP 1972 RCA Records 4775
Gypsy Unlock the Gates LP 1972 RCA Records 0093
Gypsy The James Walsh Gypsy Band LP 1978 RCA Records 2914

Hall & Danielson Gentlemen of Leisure LP 1977 Flight Records 5001

Billy Hallquist Persephone LP Orion Records S-80-462-2823
Billy Hallquist Travelin’ LP 1976 Mill City Records MCR 7501

Jeff Harrington Quiet Corner LP 1975 Programme Records 2402
Jean Hart and Friends The Open Door LP Sound 80 Records 873-3822

Mark Henley Riversong LP 1976 Sanskrit 0763
Hevy Gunz Industries Rownd Wun 2xLP 1970 Cold Shot Film Productions 101
Hevy Gunz Dope on Dope and Dope Doops LP 1971 Enterprise 1022
Highway self-titled LP no label
Danny Holien self-titled LP 1971 Tumbleweed 102
Hoopsnakes self-titled LP 1988 no label 43113

Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn Ace Pickin’ & Sweet Harmony LP 1977 Train on the Island Records 2
Dakota Dave Hull North by Southwest LP Biscuit City Records 1324
Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn River of Swing LP 1980 Flying Fish Records 236
Dakota Dave Hull Hull’s Victory Flying Fish Records 294Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn Ace Pickin’ & Sweet Harmony LP 1977 Train on the Island Records 2
Dakota Dave Hull North by Southwest LP Biscuit City Records 1324
Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn River of Swing LP 1980 Flying Fish Records 236
Dakota Dave Hull Hull’s Victory Flying Fish Records 294

Hush self-titled LP 1978 ASI Records 218


Jack Intveld I’ll Sing Of Life LP 1978 no label ART-9048

John Max Jacobs A Prairie Dream LP 1984 no label

One Man Johnson Sweet Mama, Don’t Let it Fall LP 1976 Sweet Jane Ltd. 4126
Judd Rhythm and Space 1977 ASI Records 215
The Judd Group Second Thoughts 1978 ASI Records 219
Steven Kallestad Hidden in a Way LP 1974 Avixiva 002
Lonnie Knight Song for a City Mouse 1975 Flashlight 3002
Lonnie Knight Family in the Wind LP 1974 Symposium 2004


Known Only Locally I Have to Wonder  LP 1978 Reckless Eel Pout Records 1609
John Koerner Music Is Just a Bunch of Notes LP 1972 Sweetjane Records
John Koerner Some American Folk Songs Like They Used To LP 1974 Sweetjane Records
Spider John Koerner Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Been LP 1986 Red House Records 12
Koerner & Dave Ray & Tony Glover Good Old Koerner Ray & Glover LP 1972 Mill City 172

Papa John Kolstad and Soupy Milton Mill City Blues LP 1971 Logos Records 4001
Papa John Kolstad and Wildman Mike Turk Beans Taste Fine LP 1975 Fretless 114


Papa John Kolstad Goin’ Home 1980 Swallowtail ST-9
Leo Kottke 12 String Blues LP 1969 Oblivion 1
Leo Kottke Circle ‘Round the Sun LP Symposium 2001
Lamont Cranston Band self-titled LP 1976 Shadow Records 3346
Lamont Cranston Band Specials Lit LP 1977 Shadow Records 3348
Lamont Cranston Band El Cee Notes LP 1978 Waterhouse 6
Lamont Cranston Band Up from the Alley LP 1980 Waterhouse Records 10… also released in Canada on Attic Records 1092
Lamont Cranston Band Shakedown LP 1982 Waterhouse Records 15…reissued by RCA Records 4313….also released in Canada on Attic Records
Lamont Cranston Band Tiger in Your Tank LP 1988 Cold Wind Records 8808
Peter Lang The Thing at the Nursery Room Window LP 1973 Takoma Records 1034
Peter Lang Lycurgus LP 1975 Flying Fish Records
Peter Lang The Wolf Driver LP 1975 Flying Fish Records 14
Peter Lang Prime Cuts LP 1977 Waterhouse Records 2
Peter Lang Back to the Wall LP 1978 Waterhouse Records 7
Peter Lang American Stock: a Guitar Collection LP 1986 Aspen Records 30401
LeRoy Larson Banjo Ragtime Mass and Other Classics LP Banjae Records 1781

LeRoy Larson Banjo on My Mind LP 1974 Banjae Records 1782
Lightning self-titled LP 1971 PIP 6807
Lightning The Lost Studio Album / 1969 LP 1996 American Sound Records 1003
Lodestone Mainstreet LP 1974 LRA Records 101

Lazy Bill Lucas Lazy Bill Lucas LP 1969 Wild Records 12MO1
Lazy Bill Lucas Lazy Bill and His Friends LP 1970 Lazy Records 12MO2
Lazy Bill Lucas Lazy Bill Lucas LP 1974 Philo Records 1007
Lazy Bill Lucas Have Mercy LP 1989 Cold Wind Records 8807
Charlie Maguire Long Way to Another Friend LP 1978 Train on the Island Records 4
Charlie Maguire Harbour Lights LP 1981 Train on the Island Records 10
Doug Maynard The Lullaby LP 1980 Shadow Records 3350

McDonald & Sherby Catharsis LP 1974 Omniscient Records S80-1426S

Scotty McFarland Autumn LP 1980 Encore Productions 681
Dale Menten
I Really Wanted to Make a Movie LP 1975 MCA 2151

Boz Metzdorf Signs of Seasons LP 1979 Centurion Records 62145
self-titled LP 1972 Capitol Records 11102


Michael Monroe Summer Rain LP 1980 New Beginnings Records 1002
Morning Star Message from the Throne LP no label
Tom Nehls I Always Catch the Third Second of a Yellow Light LP 1973 no label

Kevin Odegard Silver Lining LP 1975 ASI 209
Kevin Odegard Kevin Odegard LP 1971 Woof Records 4

Karl Olsen A Man Of Few Words LP 1977 Moon Sound 76-104
Peter Ostroushko Sluz Duz Music LP 1985 Rounder Records
Peter Ostroushko Down the Streets of My Old Neighborhood LP 1986 Rounder Records
Reynold Philipsek Bridge 9086 LP 1977 Sound 80 Records S80-1421S

Reynold Philipsek Deepwater LP 1977 White Noise Records S80-1522
Podipto self-titled LP GRT Records 30002
Podipto Homemade LP 1973 Minnesota Green 7304
Ralph Tells Dirty Stories Saloon Style s/t Ralphie Records 5340
Jerry Rau Minnesota Minstrel LP 1978 Train on the Island Records 2
Jerry Rau Gypsy Roving Years LP Train on the Island Records 11
Jerry Rau Tracking Down the Feeling LP 1980 Train on the Island Records 8
Dave ‘Snaker’ Ray Kid-Man LP 1977 Mountain Railroad Records 52780

Bill Reid The Folk Singer Cometh LP 1964 Studio City 503


Rockin’ Hollywoods The Rockin’ Hollywoods LP Aleatoric Records 7001

Roxx Get Your Roxx Off LP Sit On It And Spin Records 1392


Sailor Sailor LP 1972

Shaw-Allen-Shaw South Fork Crow River LP Grand Liberty Phonograph Company 1001
Skogie There’s a String Attached to Almost Everything We Do LP 1973 General Records 2653
Solenoid Almost Tender LP 1977 Rufert Records 1016 (two diff covers- one has a photo of a woman’s face, the other is a drawing of a train by Electric Fetus legend Brant Schuessler)
Solenoid Friends in High Places LP 1978 Rufert Records (promo only)

Sonfire Sonfire LP 1980 Sonfire 101
Sorry Muthas Greatest Hits Vol. 3 LP 1971 Symposium Records 2002

Dave Stanowski and Friends Mystic Shuffle LP 1979 Strut Nut Records

Ernie Story Meditation Blue LP 1976 Legend RT-1976
Will Sumner Tropic Zone LP 1980 Shadow Records 3352

Sunshine Three’s a Crowd LP 1979 Blam Records 97-01-900
T Kail Somewhere, Sometime 1980 Jade Records 8001
This Oneness Surprize LP 1975 Oz Records
Three Below Electric Sermonette 12-inch EP 1986 Rhythm Records 1

Thundertree Thundertree LP 1970 Roulette Records 42038
Travelin’ Band Travelin’ BandLP 1973 Little Crow 24-12
Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee Pop Wagner & Bob Bovee LP 1977 Traijn on the Island Records 1
Pop WagnerTo Hear Her Softly Singing LP 1980 Train on the Island Records
Pop Wagner Disco on the Bayou LP 1987 Train on the Island Records 13
Whiskey River Whiskey River LP 1981 Lutie Street Records 103080
Whiskey River Whiskey River LP 1978 Northland Records 32533
White LightningWhite Lightning LP 1996 American Sound 1002
White Wing White WingLP 1976 ASI Records 212

img004 - Copy (637x640)

Whitesidewalls The Whitesidewalls Rock ‘N’ Roll Revue (first album- black cover) LP Spiff-Ola Records 690


Whitesidewalls The Whitesidewalls Rock ‘N’ Roll Revue (second album- black cover LP 1982 Spiff-Ola Records 897

Whitestone Whitestone  LP 1975  Sound 80 Records  644-3414S
Whole Wheat All the Balloons LP 1977 Uptown 10001
Robin and Linda Williams Robin and Linda Williams LP Flashlight Records 3003
Robin and Linda Williams Harmony LP 1981 June Appal Records 040
Robin and Linda Williams Shenandoah Moon LP 1977 Symposium Records 2007
Robin and Linda Williams with Peter Ostroushko Dixie Highway Sign LP 1979 June Appal Records 031
Willow Willow LP 1977 White Noise Records S80-1446
Jim Woerhle and Michael Yonkers Borders of My Mind 1974 MY Records 004… reissued 2014 on Drag City Records 579
Douglas Wood The Wilderness Is Home LP 1977 no label
Douglas Wood Solitary Shores- A Tribute to Sigurd F. Olson LP 1983 Earthsong Music 41380
Douglas Wood Islands LP 1985 Earthsong Music 44078
Michael Yonkers Band Microminiature Love LP 2003 De Stijl Records 029…reissued 2011 Sub Pop Records 508
Michael Yonkers Grimwood 1974 MY Records 001… reissued “spring 2013” on Nero’s Neptune Records 020
Michael Yonkers Goody Sunball 1974 MY Records 002…reissued 2010 on Secret Seven Records 002
Michael Yonkers Michael Lee Yonkers 1974 MY Records 003… reissued 2014 on Drag City Records 580
Michael Yonkers Thy Will be Done 1976 MY Records 006
Michael Yonkers Lovely Gold LP 2010 Drag City/Galactic Zoo Dossier/MY Records 428/004/004

Zink self-titled LP 1982 no label 40037

Zokalo At Paul’s Place LP 1978 no label 82-15

various artists Live at The Extemp LP 1975 Extempore Productions 1001
various artists Live at the Lion’s Pause LP
various artists Pause…22 Artists in Search of an Audience LP

Thanks to the Acid Archives book and Tom Tourville’s Minnesota Rocked book for inspiration. When Acid Archives was online, I spent an evening searching the word ‘Minnesota’ and ‘MN’ on the listings, and wrote a list of the records. That list was lost along with my stolen wallet two years ago, and I miss that list more than anything else inside the wallet.

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