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Colfax Abbey: Chameleon b/w Silver – 1994

6 Aug


Shoegazer DreamPop from Minneapolis; Colfax Abbey offered up this debut release for The Prospective label. One listen to this quiet yet roaring piece of sonic pleasure and you will understand why they were in the lead. I have heard the word “Droning” many times being used to describe the band’s trademark sound; graciously I agree.



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David Koresh: Voice of Fire, 1994

30 Jul


What can you say about David Koresh……..hmmm, I guess you can fill in the blanks. These recordings were found after his death, it looks as though his claim to fame is that Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols found inspiration from him while planning the Oklahoma Bombings. Wow what a winner…..Well if like “bizarre” this is it.

The Book of Daniel




Autumn Leaves: When I Close My Eyes b/w The Sphere of Ocean Tides 7″ single, 1994

16 Jul

Autumn leavesR-4327636-1392946292-1767.jpegPsychedelic Indie Pop from right here in Minneapolis, MN. This is the band’s debut release with the Prospective label, cat# 599, 7″ single.

They have been around since 1994, but their debut LP, “Treats and Treasures” came out in 1997. The band followed up with “The Twilight Hours of The Autumn Leaves” in 2002 and have appeared in a number of compilations. The band features mainstay singer/songwriter David Beckey

When I Close My Eyes

The Sphere of ocean Tides



Deep Shag: Always a Turn On b/w Hey You 7″ single, 1994

9 Jul

Deep Shag

Indie Pop from Minneapolis, and this being the first release from the band. This band also features  John “Landing Gear” Hunt, who has gone on to work with the Sundazed company doing artwork for the label. 500 copies were pressed of this little gem, Cat# 603.



Hey You

Always a Turn On

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