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The Swingin’ Teens – ‘Step Out and Meet Allah’ 12″ EP, 1988

21 Jan

OG Punk Rock from Iowa, their 2nd release, later repackaged as a “limited edition” (50 copies) as a double LP with the ‘Transfixation’ LP. 1000 copies originally pressed on vinyl. Also released on cassette.

swingin teens allah

15 Miles from Nowhere

Swingin’ Teens Theme

I’m Loose

Say Goodbye

The Swingin’ Teens: Gidget’s Bitchin’ Beach Party b/w Life Could Be Wonderful 7″ single, 1988

14 May

The 1988 debut release from the Minneapolis-via-Iowa-based garage-punk band. 1500 copies were pressed. They went on to release many records, and tour for hundreds of thousands of miles.

John Peel once woke me up from a nap with a telephone call from London thanking me for sending a copy to him- he was on an Iowa jag at the time (Full Fathom Five, House of Large Sizes, Stickdog, Iowa Beef Experience, Shy Strangers, etc.).

gidget bitchin

Gidget’s Bitchin’ Beach Party

Life Could be Wonderful


Swingin’ Teens “Throbbing Bop Machine” demo cassette February 1987

6 Aug

Of all the bands I worked with back in the Prospective Records heyday, The Swingin’ Teens have the fattest file folder in the cabinet. I released half a dozen records by these guys, and they were constantly on tour getting press. Their file is almost two inches thick of photos & reviews.

The Swingin’ Teens roared into town early 1987 opening for The Mighty Mofos at The Uptown Bar- the Batson Brothers had played with them in Iowa, and invited them up for the opening slot. They were the perfect band to see live for The East Side gang I was hanging around with at the time (Dan, Henry, & Joe) and myself. Kick-ass rock with a wild stage show.

Here’s a few songs from their first demo cassette- a few of the songs on the tape  eventually made it onto vinyl- the first two here did not & the third was their over-the-top first 45. Thanks to Johnny Random for allowing me to bring these to you.

Things of Past


Gidget’s Bitchin’ Beach Party

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