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Diggin’ thru the 78s

20 Apr

forty years of diggin’… I’ve probably looked at 100,000 78s in my day (so far!)

Here’s what I’ve found that would be considered bona-fide American BLUES 78s

John Henry …  Memphis Jug Band …  Blind Boy Fuller …  Big Bill Broozny






GoJohnnyGo Records’ Third Anniversary Party

7 Feb

7PM Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016, TURF CLUB, St Paul, MN

8PM Gospel Machine
9PM Mark Lickteig & The Vicious Licks featuring Ali Washington
10PM Low Cut Connie


Paralon Security, live at First Avenue, 1986 or 1987

19 Jan

Thanx, Michael. Great snapshot of live Rock and Roll in Minneapolis, circa 1986.


2 Jan

I’m guessing early 1960s. God bless ’em! Soon available again.

John Kass– Records I like 1985-2017

16 Jan



This list is largely influenced by:

Two music festivals that I’ve attended regularly over that time frame– Heliotrope, an event hosting (nearly all) local experimental/psych/noise/free jazz artists, and The Deep Blues Festival, which conversely hosts almost exclusively out-of-town acts.

RADIO K, Minnesota’s fantastic college radio station from The University of Minnesota. Certainly one of the best reasons to live here.

In 2009, I worked for Acoustic Sounds as a buyer, so I had my nose in record distributor catalogs a lot, hence the robust nature of that year.

Oh, yeah, friend’s fave lists too (particularly Ed Ackerson‘s and Travis Ramin’s best-of lists).

The list fleshes out greatly in December, when I check out what my peers have picked. I’ve skipped releases that I put out myself on the Prospective, Susstones, and GoJohnnyGo labels, but I might add them in too sometime.

Johnny’s fave things of 2017

Dick Aven – The Fool I Am 2xLP

Liquor Buddies – Pot of Gold

*** NEWSFLASH February 14th, 2017 ***

Too much to list! I might continue compiling these lists someday, but for now… I AM TAKING A BREAK. 2016 is not complete.

Johnny’s fave things of 2016

Beach Slang ‎– A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings LP (Polyvinyl)

Black Market Brass – Cheat and Start a Fight LP (Secret Stash)

Charley Dush – Lived That Life CD

Color TV – (bandcamp)

David Bowie – Blackstar (ISO Music)

Dragnet – Lost Tapes CD-r (Dragnet)

Exterminators – Product of America LP (Slope)

Fret Rattles Pedal to the Metal and Damn the Consequences LP (Fret Rattles)

FWY! ‎– CA 80’s – 90’s CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)

Goat – Requiem LP (Sub Pop)

Howlin’ Andy Hound & The Blood Shot – Dancing on the Edge of Like…. 2xLP (Dark Rings Recordings)

Jeff Waryan – The Crosses and The Bone CD

Joe Fahey – Somnambulist Chaser LP (Rough Fish)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Mirage LP (Rocket Recordings)

Mind Spiders – Prosthesis LP

Platypus – Platypus CD EP (Platypus)

Sonny Knight and The Lakers – Sooner or Later LP (Secret Stash)

Tenement – Tenement LP (Forward)

Uranium Club (bandcamp)

Johnny’s fave things of 2015

A Place To Bury Strangers ‎– Transfixiation LP (Dead Oceans)

Adam Levy – Naubinway LP (Think Piece Publishing)

Alex ‘Crankshaft’ Larson – Tied to the World Behind Me LP (Alex Larson)

American Vodka – American Vodka cassette (Blue Circle)

Basic Nature – Circles & Lines CD (Sundowning)

Beach Slang ‎– The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us LP (Polyvinyl)

Belfast Cowboys – The Upside to the Downside CD (Belfast Cowboys)

Black Ryder ‎– The Door Behind The Door LP (The Anti-Time Machine)

Blind Shake ‎– Fly Right LP (Slovenly)

Blind Shake ‎– Live In San Francisco LP (CastleFace)

Brian Jonestown Massacre ‎– Mini Album Thingy Wingy LP (A)

Cheatahs – Mythologies  LP (Wichita)

Chills ‎– Silver Bullets LP (Fire)

Contents Are ‎– Through You reissue LP (Maccu Piccu)

Comets Ov Cupid – Eko Eko Aradia CD (Comets Ov Cupid)

Courtney Barnett ‎– Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit LP (Marathon Artists)

Crocodiles ‎– Boys LP (Zoo Music)

Crosss – Lo LP (Telephone Explosion)

Cut Worms – At Home CS (Dumpster Tapes)

Dave Rave and the Governors – Sweet American Music CD (Raebeat)

Death And Vanilla ‎– To Where The Wild Things Are LP (Fire)

Destruction Unit – Negative Feedback Resistor  LP (Sacred Bones)

Dirty Louis – dirtylouis.com

Dungen ‎– Allas Sak LP (Mexican Summer)

Eternal Summers – Gold and Stone LP (Kanine)

Flamin’ Oh’s – Here and Now LP

Flavor Crystals The Shiver of The Flavor Crystals 2xLP (mpls ltd.)

Flyying Colours ‎– ROYGBIV EP (Shelflife)

Freddy Fresh – Play the Music CD (Howlin’ Records)

German Army – In Transit CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)

Gnoomes – Ngan! LP (Rocket)

Gospel Machine Your Holy Ghost LP (Gospel Machine)

Hills – Frid LP (Rocket Recordings)

Hollow Boys – Violent Ascension cassette (Blight)

Human Music – Sup CD (Sundowning)

Ike Reilly – Born on Fire LP (Firebrand)

J.C. Satàn ‎– J.C Satàn LP (Animal Factory)

Jacco Gardner ‎– Hypnophobia LP (Polyvinyl)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation ‎– Horse Dance LP (Rocket Recordings)

Kendrick Lamar ‎– To Pimp a Butterfly LP (Top Dawg)

Kid Wave ‎– Wonderlust LP (Heavenly)

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – Paper Mache Dream Balloon LP (ATO)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ‎– Quarters! LP (CastleFace)

Laure Briard – Revelation cassette (Burger)

Les Big Byrd – Stockholm Death Star & Liquid Sky EPs (A & Hoga Nord)

Loop – Array 1 EP (ATP)

Low Cut Connie – Hi Honey CD (Contender)

Lucern Raze ‎– Stockholm One LP (PNKSLM)

Magic Castles ‎– Starflower LP (A Records)

Magic Potion – Melt EP cassette (Beech Coma)

Martin Courtney ‎– Many Moons LP (Domino)

Michael Yonkers ‎– Neverending Light Beam From Planet 00’s/Deep Within Home Planet/ Plan A LP (Mystra)

Moon Duo ‎– Shadow Of The Sun LP (Sacred Bones)

New Rocket Union – EP on Bandcamp

Novella ‎– Land LP (Sinderlyn)

Oaks – Animal Life LP (Modern Radio)

Palma Violets ‎– Danger In The Club LP (Rough Trade)

Paper – We Design The Future LP (Novoton)

Parquet Courts – Monastic Living LP (Rough Trade)

Pinkshinyultrablast – Everything Else Matters LP (Shelflife)

Powersolo – The Real Sound LP (Crunchy Frog)

Radiation Flowers – Radiation Flowers CD (Sundowning)

Radioactivity ‎– Silent Kill LP (Dirtnap)

Royal Headache ‎– High LP (What’s Your Rupture?)

Saint Pepsi – Hit Vibes LP (Carpark)

Sam Butler – Raise Your Hands CD (Severn)

Sand ‎– His First Steps LP (Rotorelief)

Sassan – Chiyoko LP (Last Triumph)

Singapore Sling ‎– Psych Fuck LP (Fuzz Club)

Skullflower ‎– Trapdoors and Tunnels CDr (Skullflower)

Skullflower ‎/Black Sun Roof!– Military Temples (For Coil) CDr (Stiff Competition)

Solid Action – 2015 cassette ( self-released)

Sonny Knight & The Lakers Do it Live 2xLP (Secret Stash)

Spökraket ‎– In A Witch Forest LP (Cable Hell)

Stereo Total ‎– Yéyé Existentialiste LP (Blow Up)

Sudakistan – Caballo Negro LP (PNKSLM)

Surgeons in Heat – Disaster LP (Top Five)

Swami John Reis and The Blind Shake – Modern Surf Classics LP (Swami)

Terry Eason – Terminal Leave LP (Easonic Temple)

Tenement ‎– Predatory Headlights LP (Don Giovanni)

Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe – I Declare Nothing LP (A Records)

Tobias Jesso Jr – Goon LP (True Panther Sounds)

Treeblood – I’m a Disgusting Pig cassette (Forged Artifacts)

Ultimate Painting ‎– Green Lanes LP (Trouble in Mind)

various artists – Aesthetic Obsolescence cassette (Fuck Mtn. Ltd.)

various artists – Mar-V-lus: The One-Derful Collection 2xLP (Secret Stash)

Viet Cong – Viet Cong LP (Jagjaguwar)

Wand ‎– 1000 Days LP (Drag City)

Wand – Golem LP (In the Red)

Warm Soda – Symbolic Dream LP (Castleface)

Waxahatchee – Ivy Tripp LP (Merge)

Weatherball – seven-song demo CD (Weatherball)

White Hills – Walks for Motorists LP (Thrill Jockey)

Wildhoney – Sleep Through It LP (Forward)

Wire – Wire LP (Pinkflag)

Johnny’s fave things of 2014

top 12, in order

White FenceFor The Recently Found Innocent LP (Drag City)

Vocokesh – Voices of Things Past 6-CD box set (Krauted Mind)

Wand – Ganglion Reef LP (God?)

Electric Eels – Die Electric Eels reissue LP (Superior Viaduct)

Pharaoh Overlord – 6000km/h LP (Full Contact)

Ty SegallManipulator LP (Drag City)

The Blind Shake – Breakfast of Failures LP (Goner)

Mark LickteigWorkin’ CD (self-released)

Leisure Birds – Tetrahedron LP (Moon Glyph)

Suburban Mutilation – The Opera ain’t Over ‘til the Fat Lady Sings reissue LP (Beer City)

Hollow Boys – Believe in Nothing LP (Modern Radio)

Uranium ClubPerforms Human Exploration cassette (Teen Man’s Penthouse)

the rest of 2014

Legends of Ska’ film (Steady Rock Productions) ‘Mr. Thunderbird’ film (Minniloxi Productions) AAP Zoo – Hexadecimal (Casa del Puente Discos) Acid Mothers Temple & Rosina De Peira – Live In Tolosa LP (Bam Balam) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – ‎Astrorgasm From The Inner Space LP (Important) Al Lover – ‎Sacred Drugs LP (Psych Army) Alpha Consumer – Meat LP (Totally Gross National Product) Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire for no Witness LP (Jagjaguwar) Animal Lover – Guilt LP (Learning Curve) Antony and The Johnsons – Turning LP (Secretly Canadian) Aquaserge – A L’Amitié LP (Chambre404) Architecture In Tokyo ‎– Architecture In Tokyo cassette (AMDISCS) Ariel Pink – ‎Pom Pom LP (4AD) Beak> – + LP (Invada) Bill Callahan – Have Fun with God LP (Drag City) Black Diet – Find Your Tamborine CD (Pinata) Black Lips – Underneath the Rainbow LP (Vice) Blood Red Shoes – Blood Red Shoes LP (Jazz Life) Blues Pills – Blues Pills LP (Nuclear Blast) Bo Ningen ‎– III LP (Stolen Recordings) Bo Ningen / Savages – Words to the Blind (Pop Noire) Bonnie “Prince” Billy ‎Singer’s Grave A Sea Of Tongues LP (Drag City) Brian Jonestown Massacre – Revelation LP (A Records) Buffalo Killers – Heavy Reverie LP (Sun Pedal) Camera – Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide LP (Bureau B) Carsick Cars – 3 (Maybe Mars) Cheatahs – Cheatahs LP (Wichita) Chills – BBC Sessions LP (Fire) Coathangers – Suck My Shirt LP (Suicide Squeeze) Crime – Murder by Guitar reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Danger Ron & The Spins – Carpet cassette (Luck Machine) Daughters of The Sun – Ride to Die LP (Not Not Fun) David Kilgour And Heavy 8’s – End Times Undone LP (Merge) Davila 666 ‎– Pocos Años, Muchos Daños 2xLP (Burger) Dead Horse One – Without Love We Perish LP (Hands and Moment) Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham LP (Double Feature) Deke Dickerson and The Trashmen – Bringing Back The Trash! LP (Major Label) Demon Lover – Moody Future cassette (Manic Static) Dick Aven – White Stoned Cowboy CD (self-released) Dirty Beaches – Stateless LP (Zoo Music) Dub Rifles – No Town No Country 1981-1984 CD (Sundowning) Eagulls – ‎Eagulls LP (Partisian) Earl Boykins – Everybody Likes Dogs EP cassette (Forged Artifacts) Earth – Primitive and Deadly LP (Southern Lord) Electric Wizard – Time To Die LP (Witchfinder) Elephant Stone – The Three Poisons LP (Hidden Pony) Euros Childs – Eiilaaig (National Elf) Ex Hex – ‎Rips LP (Merge) F-Deluxe – Gaslight 2xLP (F-Deluxe) F.P. Tranquilizer/Microdot – split CD (Sundowning) F/I – ‎ The Itinerant Lanternist LP (Pure Pop for Now People) Flesh Eaters – A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Forever Pavot – Rhapsode LP (Born Bad) Foxygen – … And Star Power LP (Jagjaguwar) Frankie Teardrop – Raiders cassette (No Problem) Fresh and Onlys – House of Spirits LP (Mexican Summer) Fu Manchu – Gigantoid LP (At The Dojo) Generationals – Alix LP (Polyvinyl) Glenn Branca – Lesson No. 1 reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Glenn Branca – The Ascension reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Goat – Commune LP (Stranded) Gotobeds – Poor People Are Revolting LP (12XU) Grand Gestures – Third CD (Chute) Grouper – Ruins LP (Kranky) Grow Fangs – The Washer Album (bandcamp) Gun Club – Fire of Love resissue CD (Superior Viaduct) H. Hawkline – Salt Gall Box Ghouls LP (Heavenly) Harry Mosco – Funkees (For You Specialy) reissue LP (Secret Stash) Heavy Shifters – Wide Open Baby!! CD (Heavy Shifters) Henry Butler and Steven Bernstein ‎– Viper’s Drag LP (Impulse!) Honey Bucket – Futon cassette (Gnar Tapes) Hookworms – The Hum LP (Weird World) Horrors – Luminous LP (XL Recordings) Hospitality – Trouble LP (Merge) Howling Wind – Vortex CD (Init) Joel Gion – Apple Bonkers LP (Reverberation Appreciation) Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Diamond Waves EP (Gone Beyond) King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – I’m in Your Mind Fuzz LP (Castle Face) Kitty Rhombus – Spectre at the Feast CD (Kitty Rhombus) Klaus Johann Grobe – In Sinne der Zeit LP (Trouble in Mind) Krampuso / Vocokesh – split LP (After Music) Khun Narin – Electric Phin Band LP (Innovative Lesiure) L’assassins – Kill Kill Kill! Bang Bang Bang! (Big Action) Lay Llamas – Ostro (LP (Rocket Recordings) LCD Soundsystem – The Long Goodbye 5xLP (Warner Bros) Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – Dereconstructed LP (Sub Pop) Left Lane Cruiser – Slingshot LP (Hillgrass Bluebilly) Lefty Lucy – Phantom Breaker 1993-1996 LP (Mpls Ltd) Les Big Byrd – They Worshipped Cats LP (A Records) Limiñanas – I’ve Got Trouble In Mind LP (Trouble in Mind) Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Chambers LP (Captcha) Mac DeMarco – Salad Days (Captured Tracks) Mach Fox – Planktoon Mixes (bandcamp) Made in the Shade – From the Land of Maroons LP (Nullllun) Magic Castles – Sky Sounds LP (‘a’ Recodings) Man Sized Action – Five Story Garage reissue CD (Garage D’or) Mars Red Sky – Stranded In Arcadia LP (Listenable) Meatbodies ‎– Meatbodies LP (In the Red) Men – Tomorrow’s Hits LP (Sacred Bones) Mogwai – Rave Tapes LP (Rock Action) Monster Magnet – Milking The Stars LP (Napalm) Moon Duo ‎– Live In Ravenna LP (Sacred Bones) Morgan Delt – Morgan Delt LP (Trouble in Mind) Mount Carmel – Get Pure LP (Alive!) Mozes and The Firstborn – Mozes and The Firstborn cassette (Burger) Nicole Atkins ‎– Slow Phaser LP (Oh Mercy) Mystery Date – Love Collector (Pinata) Narco States – Wicked Sun LP (Pinata) Nightosaur – Set Fire to The Mountain LP (Nightosaur) Nikki Lane – All or Nothin’ (New West) Orange Goblin – Back From The Abyss LP (Candleight) Pack A.D. – Do Not Engage LP (Nettwerk) Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Yebo Music LP (Slumberland) Parquet Courts – Content Nausea CD (What’s Your Rupture?) Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal LP (What’s Your Rupture?) Peach Kelli Pop –Peach Kelli Pop cassette (Burger) Peter Jeffries – Electricity reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Philip Corner – Through Two More-Than-Mysterious Barricades LP (Roaratorio) Pontiak – Innocence LP (Thrill Jockey) Proper Ornaments – Wooden Head LP (Slumberland) Protomartyr – Under Color Of Official Right LP (Hardly Art) Quilt – Held In Splendor LP (Mexican Summer) Radio Birdman ‎– Live At Paddington Town Hall 12th December 1977 LP (Citadel) Radio Moscow – Magical Dirt LP (Alive) Raveonettes – Pe’ahi LP (Beat Dies) Real Estate – Atlas (Domino) Reigning Sound – Shattered (Merge) Rupert Angeleyes ‎– Young Sunset LP (Forged Artifacts) Sand ‎– North Atlantic Raven LP (Rotorelief) Sativa Flats – Sativa Flats cassette (Moon Glyph) Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – ‎Soused LP (4AD) Sheer Mag – Sheer Mag (bandcamp) Shooting Guns – WolfCop Soundtrack CD (Sundowning) Skullflower ‎– Draconis 2xCD (Cold Spring) Sonny Knight & His Fabulous Lakers – I’m Still Here LP (Secret Stash) Sonny Vincent & Spite – Spiteful LP (Ultramafic) Southside Desire – Southside Desire LP (Pinata) Spare Snare – VPRO Versions (Chute) Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music LP (High Top Mountain) Sun Ra And His Astro-Infinity Arkestra – Other Strange Worlds reissue LP (Roaratorio) Sun Ra And His Astro-Infinity Arkestra – Sign Of The Myth reissue LP (Roaratorio) Suzie – Born Single cassette (No Problem) Teardrop Factory – ‎Thrash in the Heart LP (Faux Discx) Teenage Moods – Rosebuds cassette (No Problem) Temples – Sun Structures LP (Fat Possum) Thee Oh Sees – Drop LP (Castle Face) TheLonesomeKid – TheLonesomeKid CD-r (Beebah) Thurston Moore – The Best Day LP (Matador) Tinariwen – ‎Emmaar LP (Anti-) Two Harbors – The Natural Order of Things (Susstones) Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting LP (Trouble in Mind) Unnatural Helpers – Helpers Tunes (Bandcamp) v/a – The Greatest of All-Time #1 cassette (Forged Artifacts) v/a ‎– Punk 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution – Proto-Punk 1970-77 Vol. 3 CD (Soul Jazz) v/a – The One-derful Collection 2xLP (Secret Stash) Velveteens – Sun’s Up cassette (MJMJ) Vernon Dixon – Corn Whiskey LP (Friendly Dive) War On Drugs – Lost in the Dream LP (Secretly Canadian) Warm Soda – Young Reckless Hearts (Castleface) White Fang – ‎Full Time Freaks LP (Metal Postcard) Hartley C. White ‎– This Is Not What You Expect LP (OSR) Woman is the Earth – Depths CD (Init) Wrekmeister Harmonies – You Always Meant so Much to Me (Thrill Jockey) Yo La Tengo – Extra Painful reissue (Matador) Yung Bae ‎– Bae mp3 (Yung Bae)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2013

100 Flowers – 100 Flowers reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – In Search Of The Lost Divine Arc LP (Important) Antiseen -‎ Live Possum CD (Jailhouse) Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Spiritus Mundi LP (Tee Pee) Best Coast ‎– Fade Away LP (Jewel City) Bill Callahan – Dream River LP (Drag City) Black Angels – Indigo Meadow (Blue Horizon) Black Hollies – Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere LP (Ernest Jenning) Blind Shake – Key to a False Door LP (Castle Face) BNLX – Produit Collecte LP (Susstones) Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy LP (Drag City) Camera Obscura – Desire Lines LP (4AD) Chambermaids – Whatever Happened Tomorrow LP (Guilt Ridden Pop) Cheap Time – Exit Smiles LP (In the Red) Chills – Somewhere Beautiful LP (Fire) Cloak Ox – Shoot The Dog LP (Totally Gross National Product) Comets Ov Cupid – Vril Kosmiche Urkfraft CD (Comets Ov Cupid) Courtney Barnett – The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas LP (Universal) Crosss ‎– Obsidian Spectre LP (Telephone Explosion) Crystal Stilts – Nature Noir LP (Sacred Bones) Danny and The Darleans – Danny and The Darleans LP (Nero’s Neptune) David Krejci – Seven Less Fingers LP (doses.com) Dean Wareham – Emancipated Hearts LP (Double Feature) Deniz Tek ‎– Detroit LP (Career) Devil Makes Three – I’m a Stranger Here LP (New West) Devo – Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Devo – Hardcore Devo Vol. 2 reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) Dirty Beaches – Drifters/Love is the Devil LP (Zoo Music) Dirty Beaches – Water Park LP (A Records) Elephant Stone – Elephant Stone LP (Reverberation Appreciation Society) Euros Childs – Situation Comedy (National Elf) Fat White Family – Champagne Holocaust LP (Fat Possum) Food Pyramid – Ecstasy & Refreshment LP (Holy Mountain) Foxygen – We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic LP (Jagjaguwar) Frankie Teardrop – Tough Guy cassette (bandcamp) Fury Things – EP 2 (bandcamp) Generationals – Heza LP (Polyvinyl) Gloss – Between Themselves EP (Forged Artifacts) Goat – Live Ballroom Ritual LP (Rocket Recordings) Gories ‎– Dungen ‎– Allas Sak LP (Third Man) Grand Gestures – Second CD (Chute) Grouper – The Man Who Died in His Boat LP (Kranky) Grow Fangs – The Grow Fangs (bandcamp) Guida – Let’s Do it Again LP (Damaged Goods) Guitar Wolf ‎– Beast Vibrator LP (Guitar Wolf) Haze – MidWestEast reissue CD (originalhazeband.com) Haze – Time Won’t Change Our Minds reissue CD (originalhazeband.com) Haze – When We Were Kids reissue CD (originalhazeband.com) Hollow Boys – It’s True LP (Modern Radio) Honey Bucket – Honey Bucket cassette (Gnar Tapes) Hookworms – Pearl Mystic LP (Weird World) Iggy & The Stooges – Ready to Die LP (Fat Possum) Is/Is – Is/Is LP (Manimal Vinyl) Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys LP (Hardly Art) Kadavar – ‎Abra Kadavar LP (Nuclear Blast) Kinski – Cosy Moments LP (Kill Rock Stars) Kitten Forever – Pressure CD (Guilt Ridden Pop) Krieg – ‎Blue Miasma reissue CD (Forever Plagued) Kurt Vile – Walkin’ on a Pretty Daze LP (Matador) Kvelertak ‎– Meir LP (Roadrunner) Left Lane Cruiser – Rock Them Back To Hell LP (Alive!) Legendary Pink Dots ‎- The Gethsemane Option CD (Metropolis) Limiñanas – Costa Blanca LP (Trouble in Mind) Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Corruptible Faces LP (Captcha) Low Culture – Screens LP (Dirtnap) Mazzy Star ‎– Seasons Of Your Day LP (Rhymes of an Hour) Men – Campfire Songs LP (Sacred Bones) Men – New Moon LP (Sacred Bones) Michael Yonkers – My Choice cassette (Burka for Everybody) Mikal Cronin – MCII LP (Merge) Mind Spiders – Inhumanistic LP Mitski – ‎Bury Me At Make Out Creek LP (Double Double Whammy) Mogwai – Les Renenants LP (Rock Action) Monster Magnet – Last Patrol LP (Spinning Goblin) Moonstone Continuum – Salon Edition CD (Totally Gross National Product) MX-80 – Sound Hard Attack reissue LP (Superior Viaduct) My Bloody Valentine – M B V LP (My Bloody Valentine) Night Beats – Sonic Bloom LP (Reverberation Appreciation) Nkengas – Destruction reissue LP (Secret Stash) Oblivians ‎– Desperation LP (In the Red) Orchid – The Mouths of Madsness LP (Nuclear Blast) Paul Metzger – Tombeaux (Neros Neptune) Peter King – African Dialects reissue LP (Secret Stash) Peter King – Omo Lewa reissue LP (Secret Stash) Plastic Crimewave Sound – Oblivion Programme cassette (GZD) Proper Ornaments – Waiting For The Summer LP (Lo Recordings) Radioactivity ‎– Radioactivity LP (Dirtnap) Regenerators – Caffeine and Chrome CD (Get Reddy) Ringo Deathstarr – God’s Dream LP (Neon Sigh/Noyes) Rodd Keith – Black Phoenix Blues LP (Roaratorio) Ruben – The Orchard CD (Ruben) Saint Pepsi – Empire Building mp3 (Fortune 500) Saint Pepsi – Studio 54 mp3 (S.O.U.L.) Savages – Silence Yourself LP (Matador) Seawhores – Vier Bestrafungen LP (Rock is Hell) Soundcarriers – The Other Sound of The Soundcarriers (Great Pop Supplement) Spacemen 3 – Live at the New Morning LP (Mental Groove) Spare Snare – Our Jazz (Chute) Spider John Koerner – Spider John LP (Nero’s Neptune) Spider John Koerner – What’s Left Of Spider John CD (Hornbeam) STNNNG – Empire Inward (Modern Radio) Strypes – Snapshot LP (Virgin) Take Acre – Cut from a Cloud LP(Late Nature) Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin LP (Castle Face) Toy – Join the Dots LP (Heavenly) Ty Segall – Sleeper LP (Drag City) v/a – Free Angela reissue LP (Secret Stash) v/a – Purple Snow- Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound 4xLP (Numero) Warlocks – Skull Worship (Zap Banana) Wavves – Afraid of Heights LP (Mom + Pop) White Fang – ‎Strady Truckin’ for Summer cassette (Gnar Tapes) White Fence – Cyclops Reap (CastleFace) White Hills – Abstractions and Mutations (Immune) White Hills –So You Are…So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey) Wooden Shjips – ‎Back To Land LP (Thrill Jockey) Xerox Xerox EP (Hand Art) Yo La Tengo – Fade LP (Matador)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2012

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Son Of A Bitches Brew LP (Important) Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock LP (Ajna Offensive) Angel Olsen – Half Way Home LP (Bathetic) Animal Collective – Centipede HZ LP (Domino) Animal Lover – ‎Fundango LP (Kid Sister Everything) Antibalas – Antibalas LP (Daptone) Antiseen – New Blood LP (Switchlight) Antony and The Johnsons – Cut the World LP (Secretly Canadian) Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Third LP (Tee Pee) Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore – Ku Klux Glam (Stroll On) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Mature Themes LP (4AD) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Mature Themes (4AD) Beak> – Beak>> LP (Invada) Best Coast ‎– The Only Place LP (Wichita) Blood Red Shoes – In Time to Voices LP (V2) BNLX – BNLX LP (Susstones) Bo Ningen – ‎Line The Wall LP (Stolen Recordings) Boiled in Lead – The Well Below CD (Omnium) Brian Harnetty – The Star-Faced One CD (Atavistic) Brian Jonestown Massacre – Aufheben LP (A Records) Broken Water – Seaside And Sedmikrásky LP (Broken Water) Broken Water – Tempest LP (Hardly Art) Buffalo Killers – Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. LP (Alive!) Camera – Radiate! LP (Bureau B) Cheap Time – Wallpaper Music LP (In the Red) Circle – ‎Manner LP (Hydra Head) Crystal Syphon – Family Evil LP (Roaratorio) David Kilgour – Here Come the Cars reissue LP (De Stijl) Djin Aquarian and Plastic Crimewave Sound – Save the World LP (Prophase) Dylan Hicks – Sings Bolling Greene LP (Two Deuces) Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II LP (Southern Lord) Euros Childs – Summer Special (National Elf) Felonious Bosch – Phenomena CD (Omnium) Flavor Crystals – ‎Three LP (Mpls Ltd.) Food Pyramid – Mango Sunrise LP (Moon Glyph) Foxygen – Take The Kids Off Broadway LP (Jagjaguwar) Fresh and Onlys – Long Slow Dance LP (Mexican Summer) Fury Things – EP (bandcamp) Gay Witch Abortion – Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior LP (Learning Curve) Goat – World Music LP (Rocket Recordings) Gospel Gossip – Atlantic Blue LP (Guilt Ridden Pop) GR ‎– A Reverse Age LP (Mexican Summer) Grails / Pharaoh Overlord – Black Tar Prophecies Vol 5 / Palmu LP (Kemado) Graveyard – Lights Out LP (Nuclear Blast) Grouper – Violet Replacement (Yellowelectric) Hannibal Buress – Animal Furnace LP (Stand Up) Hasil Adkins – Evening Shadow Road LP (Nero’s Neptune) Heavy – The Glorious Dead (Counter) Horrors – Higher LP (XL Recordings) Hospitality – Hospitality LP (Merge) Is/Is – III (Guilt Ridden Pop) Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – Marble Son LP (Station Grey) Jessica Pratt ‎– Jessica Pratt LP (Birth) Jim and The French Vanilla – II LP (Modern Radio) Kadavar – Kadavar LP (Tee Pee)Kendrick Lamar ‎– good kid, m.A.A.d city LP (Top Dawg) Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires – There is a Bomb in Gilead LP (Alive!) Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg – ‎Painkillers LP (Alive!) Leisure Birds – Globe Master LP (Moon Glyph) Limiñanas – Crystal Anis LP (HoZac) Low Cut Connie – Call Me Sylvia LP (Contender) Mac DeMarco – 2 (Captured Tracks) Mac DeMarco – Rock and Roll Nightclub (Captured Tracks) Magic Castles ‎– Magic Castles LP (A Records) Mark Mallman – Double Silhouette (Eagle’s Golden Tooth) Men – Open Your Heart LP (Sacred Bones) Michael Hurley – Back Home with Drifting Woods LP (Nero’s Neptune) Mickey Murray – People are Together LP (Secret Stash) Mike Ciresi – Waiting for Saturn CD (Longhair) Mind Spiders – Meltdown LPMission of Burma – Unsound LP (Fire) Mogwai – A Wretched Virile Love LP (Rock Action) Moon Duo ‎–  Shadow Of The Sun LP (Sacred Bones) Mount Carmel – Real Women LP (Siltbreeze) My Education – A Drink for All My Friends LP (Haute Magie) My Sleeping Karma‎- Soma 2xLP (Spinning Goblin) Nice Purse – ‎Slumber Girls LP (Forged Artifacts) Nightosaur – ‎Spaceaxers cassette (Berzerker) Orange Goblin – A Eulogy for The Damned LP (Candleight) Parquet Courts – American Specialties LP (Play Pinball!) Parquet Courts – Light Up Gold LP (Dull Tools) Pazy and The Black Hippies – Wa Ho Ha reissue LP (Secret Stash) Phantom Buffalo – Tadaloora CD (Microcultures) Pharaoh Overlord – Lunar Letman LP (Ektro) Pontiak – Echo Ono LP (Thrill Jockey) Prissy Clerks – Bruise or be Bruised (Forged Artifacts) Radio Moscow – 3 and 3 Quarters (Alive) Raveonettes – Observator LP (Vice) Ringo Deathstarr – Mauve LP (Sonic Unyon) Rue Moor Counts – The Satanic Troubadours Audio Almanac (bandcamp) Sand ‎– Sylph Ballet LP (Rotorelief)  Seru/Milo Fine/ Metzger/Petit – The Light Keeps the Dark Company (Neros Neptune) Sic Alps – Sic Alps LP (Drag City) Southside Desire – Songs to Love and Die To LP (Pinata) Spiritualized – Sweet Heart, Sweet Light LP (Double Six) Styrenes ‎– Essential Styrenes Volume One 1975-1979 double 7″ EP (Mustard) Surfing ‎– Deep Fantasy cassette (Airlines) Surgeons in Heat – Surgeons in Heat LP (Surgeons in Heat) Tastyville – Under the Covers Vol. 1 (hellabaked dot com) Teenage Moods – Grow cassette Thee Oh Sees – Putrifiers II LP (In the Red) Toy – Toy LP (Heavenly) Trashed Romeos – Where Dreamers Never Go CD (Trashy Creatures) Turbonegro – Sexual Harrasment (Volcom) Ty Segall – Hair (Drag City) Ty Segall – Twins (Drag City) Unnatural Helpers – Land Grab LP (Hardly Art) v/a – Twin Cities Funk & Soul 1964-1979 LP (Secret Stash) Vocokesh – Looking for My Head LP (Pure Pop for Now People) Vocokesh – The Alchemist’s Tale LP (Pure Pop for Now People) White Fang – ‎High Expectations cassette (Burger) White Fang – ‎Positive Feedback LP (Marriage) White Fence – Family Perfume Vol. 1 & 2 (Woodsist) White Fence –Hair (Drag City) White Hills – Frying on This Rock (Thrill Jockey) Witchcraft – Legend LP (Nuclear Blast)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2011

‘The Last City in the East’ film (Groton Bridge Films) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Live As Troubadour LP (Important) Aggrolites ‎– Rugged Road LP (Grover) Alamo Race Track – Unicorn Loves Deer CD (Excelsior) Alpha Consumer – Kick Drugs Out of America LP (Alpha Consumer) Angel Olsen – Strange Cactii LP (Bathetic) Azalia Snail – Celestial Respect CD (Silber) Beastie Boys ‎– Hotsaucecommitteeparttwo LP (Capitol) Best Coast ‎– Crazy For You LP (Mexican Summer) Black Lips – Arabia Mountain LP (Vice) Black Rainbows – Supermothafuzzalicious!! LP (Longfellow Deeds) Blind Shake – Seriousness (Learning Curve) Blue Sky Blackout – John Hughes CD EP (Susstones) BNLX –6 CD EP (Susstones) Bonnie Prince Billy – Wolfroy Goes To Town LP (Drag City) Buffalo Killers – ‎3 LP (Alive!) CCR Headcleaner ‎– CCR Headcleaner cassette (Gnar Tapes) Charlie Nothing – Inside/Outside reissue LP (De Stijl) Charlotte Gainsbourg – Stage Whisper (Atlantic) Coathangers – Larceny and Old Lace LP (Suicide Squeeze) Comets Ov-Cupid – Western Lands CD (Comets Ov-Cupid) Crystal Stilts – In Love with Oblivion LP (Slumberland) Daughters of The Sun – Ghost with Chains (Not Not Fun) David Kilgour and Heavy Eights – Left By Soft LP (Merge) Davila 666 ‎– Tan Bajo LP (In the Red) Davila 666 ‎– Live At Third Man LP (Third Man) Dead Meadow – Three Kings LP (Xemu) Devil Makes Three – Stomp and Smash LP (Milan) Dirty Beaches – Badlands LP (Zoo Music) Dirty Beaches – Double Feature LP (Night People) Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I LP (Southern Lord) Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket – In A Dutch Haze LP (Roadbur) Euros Childs – Ends CD (National Elf) Fauna – Cellophane EP CD (Z Vex) Food Pyramid – III cassette (Moon Glyph) Food Pyramid – ‎Plateaus CD (Wonderyou) Frank Fairfield – Out in the Open West LP (Tompkins Square) Fuck Knights – Let it Bleed LP (Boss Hoss) Funeral and The Twilight – Sullen Life/Blighted Death LP (Forward) Generationals – Actor-Caster LP (Park the Van) George Danquah – ‎Hot & Jumpy reissue P (Secret Stash) Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost LP (True Panther Sounds) Grails – ‎Deep Politics LP (Temporary Residence) GravelRoad – Psychedelta LP (Knick Knack) Graveyard – Hisingen Blues LP (Nuclear Blast) Grouper – A 1 A LP (Kranky) Grupo Oz – Rare Mexican Psych Funk reissue LP (Secret Stash) Hills – Master Sleeps LP (Intergalactic Tactics) Horrors – Skying LP (XL Recordings) Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’ LP (Hardly Art) Jakob Olausson – Morning And Sunrise LP (De Stijl) K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fies tas – s/t 700 reissue LP (Secret Stash) K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas – s/t 701 reissue LP (Secret Stash) Kits – Lead Us into Temptation LP (Pop Crime) Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring for My Halo LP (Matador) LCD Soundsystem – London Sessions LP (DFA) Left Lane Cruiser – Junkyard Speed Ball LP (Alive!) Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – On Welfare LP (Captcha) Los Destellos – Constelación reissue LP (Secret Stash) Low Cut Connie – Get out the Lotion LP (Contender) Magnolias – Pop The Lock CD (Veto) Mannequin Men – Mannequin Men LP (Addenda) Mars Red Sky – Mars Red Sky LP (Emergence) Men – Leave Home LP (Sacred Bones) Michael Yonkers Band – Microminiature Love reissue LP (Sub Pop) Michael Yonkers with The Blind Shake – Period. LP (SS) Mickey Murray – People Are Together reissue LP (Secret Stash) Mikal Cronin – Mikal Cronin LP (Trouble in Mind) Mind Spiders – Mind Spiders LP (Dirtnap) Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will LP (Rock Action) Moon Duo ‎– Mazes LP (Sacred Bones) Nicole Atkins ‎– Mondo Amore LP (Razor and Tie) Nightosaur – Black Blood of the Earth cassette (Nightosaur) Night Beats – Night Beats LP (Trouble in Mind) Nikki Lane – Walk of Shame (Iamsound) Off – First Four EPs (Vice) Orchid – Capricorn LP (The Church Within) Pack A.D. ‎– Unpersons LP (Mint) Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong LP (Slumberland) Pharaoh Overlord – Horn LP (Full Contact) Pharaoh Overlord – Out of Darkness LP (Ektro) Pontiak – Comercrudos LP (Thrill Jockey) Quilt – Quilt LP (Mexican Summer) Radio Birdman ‎– Live In Texas LP (Crying Sun) Radio Moscow – The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (Alive) Raveonettes – Raven in the Grave LP (Vice) Real Estate – Days (Domino) Ringo Deathstarr – Colour Trip LP (Club AC30) Ringo Deathstarr – Shadow LP (Club AC30) Rodd Keith – My Pipe Yellow Dream LP (Roaratorio) Rope – The Rope EP (bandcamp) Ruben – Slow Bleed/ Let Me Start CD (Ruben) Sand ‎– Desert Navigation LP (Rotorelief) Sex Rays – Sex Rays CD EP (Bare Ass) Sharde Thomas – What Do I Do? CD (self-released) Sic Alps – Napa Asylum LP (Drag City) Simone White – Silver Silver LP (Honest Jon’s) Skoal Kodiak – Kryptonym Bodliak LP (Load) Skullflower ‎– Fucked on a Pile of Corpses 2xCD (Cold Spring) ST-37 – Awkward Moments CD (Reverb Worship) ST-37 – High and Inside CD (Blue Circle) Stereolab ‎– Not Music LP (Drag City) Take Acre – Take Acre LP (Late Nature) Teenage Moods – Mood Ring (25 Diamonds) Tenement ‎– Napalm Dream LP (Mandible) Tenement ‎– The Blind Wink LP (Cowabunga) Terry Eason – easonic 61 YouTube page (Terry Eason) Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/The Dream LP (In the Red) Thee Oh Sees – Castlemania LP (In the Red) Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts LP (Matador) Tinariwen ‎Tassili LP (V2) Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread (Drag City) Underbeats – All the Singles CD (Peak) Underbeats – Bobby’s Volume 1 CD (Peak) Underbeats – Bobby’s Volume 2 CD (Peak) Underbeats – Collectibles CD (Peak) various artists – Persian Funk LP (Secret Stash) various artists – The Rhythms Of Black Peru (Los Ritmos Del Peru Negro) LP (Secret Stash) Viva Voce – The Future Will Destroy You LP (Vanguard) Vivian Girls – Share the Joy (Polyvinyl) Vocokesh – Seeing it from The Other Side LP (Pure Pop for Now People) War On Drugs – Slave Ambient LP (Secretly Canadian) White Fang – ‎Grateful to Shred LP (Marriage) White Fence – Is Growing Faith (Woodsist) White Hills – H-P1 (Thrill Jockey) White Hills – Live at Roadburn (Burning World) William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs LP (Anti) Wooden Shjips – ‎West LP (Thrill Jockey) Zebulon Pike – Space Is The Corpse Of Time LP (Unfortunate Music)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2010

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – In O To ∞ LP (Important) Antony and The Johnsons – Swanlights LP (Secretly Canadian) Apache – Radical Sabbatical LP (Burger) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today LP (4AD) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today LP (4AD) Bill Callahan – Apocalypse LP (Drag City) Birthday Suits – The Minnesota: Mouth To Mouth LP (Learning Curve) Black Angels – Phosphene Dream LP (Blue Horizon) Black Rainbows – Carmina Diabolo LP (Longfellow Deeds) Blood Red Shoes – Fire Like This LP (Jazz Life) BNLX – 4 CD EP (Susstones) Brian Jonestown Massacre – Who Killed Sergeant Pepper LP (A Records) Broken Water – Whet LP (Night People) Charlie Parr – When the Devil Goes Blind LP (Nero’s Neptune) Cheap Time – Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) LP (In the Red) Clipd Beaks – ‎To Realize LP (Lovepump Unlimited) Daughters of The Sun – Visions of the Ocean Head LP (Modern Radio) Dean & Britta – ‎13 Most Beautiful… Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests CD (Double Feature) Dungen – Skit I Allt LP (Mexican Summer) Earthless – From The Ages LP (Tee Pee) Electric Wizard – Black Masses LP (Rise Above) Euros Childs – Face Dripping CD (National Elf) Food Pyramid – I cassette (Moon Glyph) Food Pyramid – II cassette (Moon Glyph) Fresh and Onlys – Ply it Strange LP (In the Red) Guida – Racey Roller LP (Dead Beat) Guitar Wolf ‎– Spacebattleshiplove LP (Guitar Wolf) Gnod/White Hills – Gnod Drop Out with White Hills (Rocket) H. Hawkline – A Cup of Salt LP (Shape) Impaler – Chronicles Of Terror 3xCD (AreaDeath) Jennifer Gentle – Concentric CD (A Silent Place) Kitty Rhombus – Lips and Arms CD-r (Kitty Rhombus) Konono Nº1 – ‎Assume Crash Position CD (Crammed Discs) Kvelertak ‎– Kvelertak LP (Indie) LCD Soundsystem – This is Happening LP (DFA) Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Seconds Late For The Brighton Line 2xLP (ROIR) Left Lane Cruiser – Gettin’ Down On It CD (Hillgrass Bluebilly) Leisure Birds – Moon Scroll LP (Totally Gross National Product) Limiñanas – The Limiñanas LP (Trouble in Mind) Little Claw – Spit and Squalor Swallow the Snow (Ecstatic Yod) Men – Immaculada LP (Sacred Bones) Michael Yonkers & G.R. – The High Speed Recording Complex LP (Burka for Everybody) Michael Yonkers – Goodby Sunball reissue LP (Secret) Michael Yonkers – Lovely Gold LP (Drag City) Mogwai – Special Moves LP (Rock Action) Monster Magnet – Mastermind LP (Napalm) Moon Duo ‎– Escape LP (Woodsist) Moonstone Continuum – ‎NR: 4;3.1-3 LP (Totally Gross National Product) Mother of Fire – Mother of Fire LP (De Stijl) Mount Carmel – Mount Carmel LP (SiltBreeze) My Education – Sunrise LP (Strange Attractors) Nude Sunrise – Hunks Like Us cassette (Cat People) Orgone – Cali Fever LP (Ubiquity) Orgone – Killion Vaults LP (Ubiquity) Outer Spacist – Outer Spacist cassette (Dub Dutch Picnic) Pack A.D. ‎– We Kill Computers LP (Mint) Paul Metzger – The Uses of Infinity LP (Locust) Paul Metzger/Milo Fine – Concerning the Other Condition/Spontaneous Composition Generator LP (Neros Neptune) Phantom Buffalo – Cement Postcard with Owl Colors CD (Microcultures) Pharaoh Overlord – Siluurikaudella LP (Ektro) Pierced Arrows – Descending Shadows LP (Vice)Pontiak – Living LP (Thrill Jockey) Pony Skirt – demo CD Pure Country Gold – Tough Tuesday LP (Cave Punk) Retribution Gospel Choir – 2 LP (Sub Pop) Seawhores – Blunt Force To The Everything LP (Death by Audio) Soundcarriers – Celeste (Melodic) Spare Snare – Victor CD (Chute) Spider John Koerner – March 1963 LP (Nero’s Neptune) Spider John Koerner – Music is Just a Bunch of Notes CD/DVD (Nero’s Neptune) STNNNG – The Smoke of My Will LP (Modern Radio) Skullflower ‎– Strange Keys To Untune Gods’ Firmament CD (Neurot) T-Model Ford – ‎The Ladies Man LP (Alive!) T-Model Ford & GravelRoad ‎-Taledragger LP (Alive!) Thee Oh Sees – Warm Slime LP (In the Red) Thunderbolt Pagoda – Second Ascension LP (New Ruins) Ty Segall – Melted LP (Goner) Unnatural Helpers – Cracked Love & Other Drugs LP (Hardly Art) Velvet Davenport – White Blue cassette (Moon Glyph) Vocokesh – Dr. Hoffmann’s Bicycle Ride CD (Phonosphera) War On Drugs – Future Weather LP (Secretly Canadian) Wavves – King of the Beach LP (Fat Possum) White Boy and The Average Rat Band – self-titled LP White Fence – White Fence (Woodsist) White Hills – White Hills (Thrill Jockey) Zak Sally – Fear of Song LP (Nero’s Neptune)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2009

A Broken Consort – Box of Birch LP (Tompkins Square) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Dark Side Of The Black Moon LP (Important) Aggrolites ‎– IV LP (Hellcat) Aluk Todolo – Finstrenis (Public Guilt) Amon Duul II – reissue LPs (Revisited) Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion LP (Domino) Antony & The Johnsons – The Crying Light LP (Secretly Canadian) Avengers – Avengers reissue LP (4 Men with Beards) Beak> – Beak> LP (Invada) Bert Jansch – A Rare Conundrum reissue LP (Drag City) Bert Jansch – LA Turnaround reissue LP (Drag City) Big Star – reissue LPs (Ardent) Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle LP (Drag City) Black Diamond Heavies – ‎Alive As Fuck LP (Alive!) Black Heart Procession – Six LP (Temporary Residence) Black Hollies – Softly Towards the Light LP (Ernest Jenning) Black Lips – 200 Million Thousand LP (Vice) Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Beware LP (Drag City) Brian Harnetty & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Silent City CD (Atavistic) Brian Jonestown Massacre – Methodrone reissue LP (A Records) Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career LP (4AD) Carsick Cars – You Can Listen, You Can Talk CD (Maybe Mars) Chambermaids – Down in the Berries LP (Modern Radio) Charley Patton – reissue LPs (Monk) Charlotte Gainsbourg – IRM CD (Atlantic) Chocolate Watch Band – reissue LPs (Sundazed) Chooglin’ – Sweet Time LP (Big Legal Mess) Chooglin’ – ‎Nice Place, Nice Party, Nice Folks LP (Heart of a Champion) Clientele – Bonfires on the Heath LP (Merge) Coathangers – Scramble LP (Suicide Squeeze) Condo Fucks – Fuckbook LP (Matador) Crayon Fields – All the Pleasures of The World LP (Chapter Music) Crossing Guards – Revenge of the Tall Boys CD (Eclectone) Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark – Never Mind reissue LP (Nero’s Neptune) Daughters of the Sun – Ancient of the Ancients cassette (Moon Glyph) Daughters of The Sun – Rings LP (Modern Radio) David Krejci – The Not-So Invisible Ghost soundtrack LP (Cleophone) Death – …For the World to See LP (Drag City) Devil Makes Three – Do Wrong Right LP (Milan) Devo – Freedom of Choice reissue LP (Warner Bros) Devo – Q: Are We Not Men? We are Devo! reissue LP (Warner Bros) Dirty Beaches – Night City LP (Night People) DMZ – Relics reissue LP (Voxx) DOA – Hardcore 81 reissue LP (Sudden Death) Double Dagger – More LP (Thrill Jockey) Doug Stanhope – From across the Street LP (Stand Up) Elephant Stone – The Seven Seas CD (360 Degree Music) Espers – III LP (Drag City) Euros Childs – Son of Euro Child CD (National Elf) Eyes – Arrival of The Eyes reissue LP (Acme) F/i – Further Hallucinations In The Garden Of Blanga LP (Pure Pop) Faces – A Nod is as Good as a Wink… reissue LP (Rhino) Factory – Path Through the Forest reissue LP (Guerssen) Faust – So Far reissue LP (4 Men With Beards) Feelies – reissue LPs (Bar None) Flamin Groovies – Flamingo reissue LP (Norton) Flamin Groovies – Teenage Head reissue LP (Norton) Flaming Lips/Stardeath/White Dwarf – The Dark Side of the Moon mp3s Flipper – Album Generic Flipper reissue LP (4 Men with Beards) Frances Gumm – Scorch the Earth CD (Pigeon) Frank Fairfield – Frank Fairfield LP (Tompkins Square) Fred Anderson – Still in the Game CD (Engine Studios) Fred McDowell – Fred McDowell reissue LP (Mississippi) Fresh and Onlys – Fresh and Onlys LP (Castleface) Fresh and Onlys – Grey Eyed Girls LP (Woodsist) Fu Manchu – Signs of Infinite Power LP (Century Media) Funeral and The Twilight – To Kill You CD (TFATT) Funkadelic – reissue LPs (4 Men with Beards) Galaxie 500 – reissue LPs (20/20/20) Generationals – Con Law LP (Park the Van) George-Edwards Group – 38:38 LP (Drag City) Girls – Album LP (True Panther Sounds) Gospel Gossip – Drift CD (Guilt Ridden Pop) Groundhogs – reissue LPs (Sundazed) Guru Guru – reissue LPs (Wah Wah) Headdress – Lunes LP (No Quarter) Heavy – The House that Dirt Built LP (Counter) Hills – Hills LP (Intergalactic Tactic) Holy Modal Rounders – Good Taste is Timeless reissue LP (Sundazed) Holy Modal Rounders – reissue LPs (4 Men with Beards) Horrors – Primary Colours LP (XL Recordings) Iggy Pop – reissue LPs (4 Men With Beards) Ike Reilly ‎– Hard Luck Stories CD (Rock Ridge) Impaler – Cryptozoology CD (MVD) Iron Claw – 1970-74 LP (Rockadrome) J.T. IV – Cosmic Lightning (Galactic Zoo Dossier) Jacuzzi Boys – No Seasons LP (Floridas Dying) John’s Children – reissue LPs (Vinyl Lovers) Kraftwerk – reissue LPs (Astralwerks) Kurt Vile – Childish Prodigy LP (Matador) Kurt Vile – God is Saying This to You LP (Mexican Summer) LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 Remixes LP (DFA) Le Loup – Family LP (hardly Art) Left Lane Cruiser – ‎All You Can Eat!! LP (Alive!) Little Claw – Human Taste LP (Ecstatic Peace!) Love – Love Lost LP (Sundazed) Magic Castles ‎–  CD (Magic Castles) Magic Castles ‎– Songs Of The Forest cassette (Moon Glyph) Mannequin Men – Lose Your Illusion, Too LP (Flameshovel) Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly reissue LP (Plain) Michael & The Mumbles – self-titled LP (De Stijl) Michael Hurley – Armchair Boogie reissue LP (Mississippi) Michael Hurley – Parsnip Snips reissue LP (Mississippi) Michael Yonkers / Blind Shake – Cold Town/Soft Zodiac LP (Learning Curve) Michael Yonkers & Plastic Crimewave Sound – Bleed Out LP (Galactic Zoo) Milk & Cookies – Milk & Cookies reissue LP (Radio Heartbeat) Milo Fine – Ananke CD (Emanem) Milo Fine, Paul Metzger, Davu Seru – Medusa’s Lair LP (Locust Music) Minor Threat – reissue LPs (Dischord) Mirrors ‎– Something That Would Never Do LP (Violent Times) Mission of Burma – The Sound the Speed the Light LP (Matador) Moby – Wait for Me LP (Mute) Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers reissue LP (4 Men With Beards) Moving Sidewalks – Flash reissue LP (Klimt) Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Inspiration Information Vol. 3 LP (Strut) Nebula – Heavy Psych LP (Tee Pee) Nick Drake – Bryter Layter reissue LP (Island) Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left reissue LP (Island) Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers – s/t reissue LP (Nero’s Neptune) Pains of Being Pure at Heart – self-titled LP (Slumberland) Paul Metzger – Anamnestic Tincture LP (Roaritorio) Personal and The Pizzas – Raw Pie CS (Burger) Plastic Crimewave Sound – Painted Shadows (A Silent Place) Pontiak – Maker LP (Thrill Jockey) Pontiak – Sea Voids LP (Thrill Jockey) Powder – Biff! Bang! Powder reissue LP (Guerssen) Public Image Ltd. – reissue LPs (4 Men with Beards) Radio Moscow – Brain Cycles (Alive) Raveonettes – In and Out of Control LP (Vice) Real Estate – Real Estate LP (Woodsist) Reigning Sound – Love & Curses LP (In the Red) Ringo Deathstarr – Sparkler LP (Club AC30) Robert Wyatt – reissue LPs (Domino) Roy Montgomery / Grouper – split LP (Yellowelectric) Ruben – North CD (Ruben) Sandy Bull – reissue LPs (Sutro Park) Scientists – Swampland reissue LP (Bang) Shoes – Black Vinyl Shoes reissue LP (Wah Wah) Simone White – Yakiimo LP (Honest Jon’s) Skip James – Jesus is a Mighty Good Leader reissue LP (Monk) Skullflower ‎– Vile Veil LP (Noiseville) Skullflower ‎– Malediction CD (Second Layer) Small Faces – reissue LPs (4 Men with Beards) Sonic Youth – The Eternal LP (Matador) Soundcarriers – Harmonium LP (Melodic) Spacemen 3 – reissue LPs (Fire) Spare Snare – I Love You, I Hate You CD (Chute) Spirit – Twelve Dreams of Dr Sardonicus reissue LP (Sundazed) Take Acre – The Believers (soundtrack) (Band Camp) Take Acre – Untitled CD-r Television – The Blow-Up Sessions reissue LP (ROIR) Thee Oh Sees – Dog Poison (Captured Tracks) Thee Oh Sees – Help LP (In the Red) Tinted Windows ‎– Tinted Windows CD (S-Curve) Ty Segall – Lemons LP (Goner) Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – Reverse Shark Attack LP (Kill Shaman) v/a – Harry Smith’s Anthology of Folk Music Vol 1-3 reissue LPs (Doxy) v/a – Pebbles Vol. 1 reissue LP (AIP) Vibro Champs – Mr. International CD (Eclectone) Virgin Whores – Public Nuisance CD (Two-Bit) Viva Voce – Rose City LP (Barsuk) Vivian Girls – Everything Goes Wrong (In the Red) Warlocks – The Mirror Explodes LP (Tee Pee) Warlocks – The Mirror Explodes LP (Tee Pee) Wavves – Wavves LP (Fat Possum/De Stijl) White Fang – ‎Positive Whatever LP (Marriage) White Hills – Collisions (Rocket) White Hills – Heads on Fire LP (Thrill Jockey) Who – Live at Isle of Wight 1970 3xLP (Lilith) William Elliott Whitmore – Animals in the Dark LP (Anti) Wipers – reissue LPs (Jackpot) Wooden Shjips – ‎Dos LP (Holy Mountain) Woody Guthrie – 4 diff reissue LPs (Rounder) Wrekmeister Harmonies – Recordings Made in Public Places (Atavistic) Yardbirds – Roger the Engineer reissue LP (Great American) Yo La Tengo – Popular Songs LP (Matador) Zombies – Begin Here reissue LP (Sweet Dandelion)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2008

‘Big Kids of Mid-America’ unfinished film ‘Fenslerfilms’ on youtube ‘Mr Rogers prank phone calls’ on youtube ‘Potter Puppet Pals’ on youtube ‘The Unconvention’ film (theunconvention.com) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Glorify Astrological Martyrdom LP (Important) Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Recurring Dream LP (Important) Alpha Consumer – Gary Victorsen’s CD (Alpha Consumer) Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Aqua Nebula Oscillator LP (Pan European Recording) Aqua Nebula Oscillator – Under the Moon Of… LP (Pan European Recording) Autumn Leaves ‎– Long Lost Friend CD (Dabbler) Black Angels – Directions to See a Ghost LP (Light in the Attic) Black Diamond Heavies – A Touch Of Someone Else’s Class LP (Alive!) Black Hollies – Casting Shadows LP (Ernest Jenning) Boiled in Lead – Silver CD (Omnium) Brian Jonestown Massacre – Just Like Kicking Jesus LP (A Records) Brian Jonestown Massacre – My Bloody Underground LP (A Recordings) Buffalo Killers – ‎Let It Ride LP (Alive!) Calusa – Love is Psychosis CD (Calusa) Cheap Time – Cheap Time LP (In the Red) Crystal Stilts – Alight of Night LP (Slumberland) David Kilgour & Sam Hunt – ‎Falling Debris CD (Arch Hill) Davila 666 ‎– Davila 666 LP (In the Red) Dead Meadow – Old Growth LP (Matador) Dungen – 4 LP (Kemado) Earth – The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull LP (Southern Lord) Earthless – Live At Roadburn LP (Tee Pee) Escape Mechanism – (Emphasis Added) CD (Recombinations) Euros Childs – Cheer Gone CD (Wichita) GR ‎– & Full-Blown Expansion LP (Lesdisques Blasphématoires Du Palatin) Grails – Take Refuge In Clean Living LP (Important) Grails – ‎Doomsdayer’s Holiday LP (Temporary Residence) Grouper –Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (Type) Harry Taussig – Fate is Only Once LP (Tomkins Square) Headdress – Turquoise LP (Mexican Summer) Ike Reilly ‎– Poison The Hit Parade CD (Rock Ridge) Inca Ore / Grouper – split LP (Acurarela) J.T. IV – Cosmic Lightning LP/DVD (Drag City) Kits – Primitive Tales LP (Dirty Water) Knife World – Knife World LP (Roaratorio) Kurt Vile – cConstant Hitmaker (Gulcher) Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Plutonium Blonde CD (ROIR) Left Lane Cruiser –Bring Yo’ Ass To The Table LP (Alive!) Marked Men ‎– Ghosts LP (DirtNap) Michael Yonkers – Micromanaging Our Stuff CD (my) Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling LP (Matador) My Education – Bad Vibrations CD (Strange Attractors) Nebula – Heavy Peel Sessions LP (Sweet Nothing) Orgone – Bacano LP (Killion Floor Sound) Pack A.D. – Funeral Mixtape LP (Mint) Paul Metzger – Gedanken Splitter LP (Roaritorio) Peter Walker –Rainy Day Raga reissue LP (Harte Recordings) Phantom Buffalo – Take to the Trees LP (Time Lag) Phantom Buffalo – Take to the Trees LP (Time-Lag) Pierced Arrows – Straight to the Heart LP (Tombstone) Pins- seven-hours mp3 disc Plastic Crimewave – Plastic Crimewave LP (Eclipse) Pontiak – Kale LP (Thrill Jockey) Pontiak -Sun on Sun LP (Thrill Jockey) Prisonshake – Dirty Moons LP (Scat) Raveonettes – Lust Lust Lust LP (Vice) Self-Sound Orchestra – Experiments in Love cassette (SSO) Sic Alps – A Long Way Around To A Shortcut (Animal Disguise) Sic Alps – US EZ LP (Siltbreeze) Skullflower ‎– Pure Imperial Reform CD (Turgid Animal) Skullflower ‎– Circulus Vitiosus Deus 3xCD (Turgid Animal) Skullflower ‎– Desire For A Holy War CD (Utech) Skullflower ‎– Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver LP (Not Not Fun) Spiritualized – Songs In A&E LP (Cooperative) Stereolab ‎– Chemical Chords LP (4AD) Thee Oh Sees – The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In LP (Tomlab) Thee Oh Sees – Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion LP (Tomlab) Thunderbolt Pagoda – Thunderbolt Pagoda LP (Mutant Music) Tobacco – Fucked Up Friends LP (Anticon) v/a – The George Mitchell Collection Vol. 1-45 7″ box set (Fat Possum) Vampire Hands – Me & You & Cherry Red LP (Modern Radio) Vampire Hands – Two EPs LP (Nero’s Neptune) Vivian Girls – Vivian Girls LP (In the Red) Vocokesh – Electric Indian Blues LP (Pure Pop for Now People) War On Drugs – Wagonwheel Blues LP (Secretly Canadian) Wavves – Wavves LP (Woodsist) White Hills – A Little Bliss Forever (Drug Space) Witch – Paralyzed LP (Tee Pee) Zebulon Pike – ‎Intransience CD (Unfortunate Music)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2007

‘Screaming Black Dolphins’ on Family Guy ‘St Sanders various clips’ on youtube Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO – Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Tour LP (Important) AcidMothersGuruGuru – Psychedelic Navigator LP (Important) Aggrolites ‎– Reggae Hit L.A. CD (Hellcat) Alamo Race Track – Black Cat John Brown CD (Minty Fresh) Anderson, Fred & Hamid Drake – From the River to the Ocean CD (Thrill Jockey) Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam LP (Domino) Antibalas – Security LP (Daptone) Arthur & Yu – In Camera CD (Hardly Art) Badgerlore – We Are All Helpful Farmers, We Are All Scared Rabbits CD (Xeric) Beastie Boys ‎– The Mix-Up LP (Capitol) Beastie Boys ‎– Best Of Grand Royal 12’s LP (Capitol) Bettye Lavette – The Scene of the Crime LP (Anti) Black Diamond Heavies – ‎Every Damn Time LP (Alive!) Black Lips – Good Bad Not Evil CD (Vice) Black Lips – Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo CD (Vice) Black Rainbows – Twilight in the Desert LP (Longfellow Deeds) Blind Shake – Carmel LP (Learning Curve) Blood Red Shoes – Box of Secrets LP (Jazz Life) Bobb Trimble – Harvest of Dreams LP (Secretly Canadian) Bobb Trimble – Iron Curtain Innocence LP (Secretly Canadian) Brian Harnetty – American Winter CD (Atavistic) Calusa – A Form of Love CD (Calusa) Carsick Cars – Carsick Cars CD (Maybe Mars) Charlotte Gainsbourg – 5:55 CD (Atlantic) Chrome Cranks – Diabolical Boogie 2xCD (Atavistic) Circle – Katapult LP (No Quarter) Clientele – God Save the Clientele CD (Merge) Clipd Beaks – ‎Live At Lazer Mansion CD (Nail in the Coffin) Coathangers – Coathangers LP (Rob’s House) Deaf ‎– This Bunny Bites CD (Learning Curve) Dean & Britta – Back Numbers CD (Zoe) Double Dagger – Ragged Rubble (Stationery Heart) Dungen – Tio Bitar LP (Kemado) Dwindle – Drift Away CD (Guilt Ridden Pop) Earth – Hibernaculum LP (Southern Lord) Earthless –Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky LP (Tee Pee) Ed Ackerson – Ed Ackerson CD (Susstones) Ed Ackerson – 2 CD (Susstones) Ed Askew – Little Eyes CD (De Stijl) Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today LP (Rise Above) Euros Childs – Bore Da CD (Wichita) Euros Childs – The Miracle Inn CD (Wichita) Flavor Crystals – ‎Ambergris LP (Mpls ltd) Fu Manchu – We Must Obey LP (Century Media) Gospel Gossip – Sing Into My Mouth CD (Guilt Ridden Pop) GR ‎– Xperiments From Within The Tentacular LP (Lesdisques Blasphématoires Du Palatin) Grails – Burning Off Impurities LP (Temporary Residence) Graveyard – Graveyard LP (Transubstance) Grouper –Cover the Windows and the Walls (Root Strata) Guitar Wolf ‎– Dead Rock LP (Okami) Heavy – Great Vengeance and Furious Fire LP (Counter) Horrors – Strange House LP (Loog)Ike Reilly Assassination ‎– We Belong To The Staggering Evening CD (Rock Ridge) Impaler – Alive…Beyond The Grave CD (MVD) Jacob Olausson –Moonlight Farm CD (De Stijl) Jennifer Gentle – The Midnight Room CD (Sub Pop) Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter – Like, Love, Lust & The Open Halls of the Soul CD (Barsuk) Kinski – Down Below It’s Chaos LP (Sub Pop) LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver LP (DFA) Le Loup – The Throne (Hardly Art)Magnolias – Better Late Than Never CD (SMA) Mannequin Men – Fresh Rot (Flameshovel) Michael Yonkers – Circling the Drain LP (Nero’s Neptune) Michael Yonkers Grimwood reissue CD (De Stijl) Michael Yonkers – No Kidding CD (Ruby Red Editora) Monster Magnet – Four-Way Diablo LP (Steamhammer) Nicole Atkins ‎– Neptune City LP (Red Ink) No Doctors ‎– Origin & Tectonics LP (No Doctors) Orange Goblin – Healing through Fire LP (Mayan) Orgone – The Killion Floor LP (Ubiquity) Pack A.D. ‎– Tintype LP (Mint) Paul Metzger – Deliverance LP (Locust Music) Pearlene – ‎For Western Violence & Brief Sensuality CD (High and Dangerous) Pharaoh Overlord – Live in Suomi Finland LP (Vivo) Polara – Beekeeping CD (Susstones) Ponys – Turn the Lights Out LP (Matador) Radio Moscow – Radio Moscow (Alive) Robert Wyatt – Comicopera LP (Domino) Scientists – Sedition CD (ATP) Seawhores – Opus Magnanimous CD (Learning Curve) Simone White – I am the Man (Parlophone) Skoal Kodiak – Three People Are Keep Having Grape Emergencys LP (Skoal Kodiak) Skullflower ‎– Abyssic Lowland Hiss CDr (Heavy Blossom) ST-37 – And Then What LP (Noiseville) Sterling Harrison – South of The Snooty Fox CD (HackTone) Stooges ‎– The Weirdness LP (Virgin) Styrenes ‎– City Of Women CD (Rent a Dog) Suicide Commandos – Legendary KQRS Concert 1976 CD (Garage D’or) To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie – The Patron CD (Kranky) Turbonegro – Retox (Edel) Vampire Hands – Virgin Dust American Lips CD (Freedom From) Vocokesh – All This and Hieronymus Bosch CD (Strange Attractors) Voice of The Seven Woods – self-titled LP (Twisted Nerve) Warlocks – Heavy Deavy Skull Lover LP (Tee Pee) White Hills – Glitter Glamour Atrocity (Thrill Jockey) White Magic – Dat Rosa Mel Apibus CD (Drag City) Witchcraft – The Alchemist LP (Rise Above) Wooden Shjips -‎ Wooden Shjips LP (Holy Mountain)

Johnny’s favorite things of 2006

‘First Avenue Hay Day’ film (D.E.M.O.) Aggrolites ‎– The Aggrolites LP (Hellcat) Alpha Consumer – Alpha Consumer CD (Mary Ellen) Animal Collective – Hollinndagain LP (Paw Tracks) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – House Arrest LP (Paw Tracks) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Scared Famous LP (Human Ear) Ariel Rosenberg – Thrash And Burn: Pre CD (Human Ear) Awesome Snakes ‎– Venom CD (Crustacean) Azalia Snail – ‎Avec Amour CD (True Classical) Bert Jansch – The Black Swan LP (Drag City) Black Angels – Passover LP (Light in the Attic) Black Heart Procession – The Spell LP (Touch & Go) Black Hollies – Crimson Reflections LP (Ernest Jenning) Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – The Letting Go LP (Drag City) Broadcast ‎– The Future Crayon LP (Warp) Buffalo Killers – ‎Buffalo Killers LP (Alive!) Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out of This Country LP (Merge) Chambermaids – Chambermaids LP (Modern Radio) Chooglin’ – ‎Chooglin’ CD (Chooglin’) Corsano -Chasny / Metzger – Chris Corsano & Ben Chasny / Paul Metzger LP (Roaritorio) Clipd Beaks – Hoarse Lords LP (Nail in the Coffin) Comets on – Avatar LP (Sub Pop) Comets Ov Cupid – Metalgazer CD (Comets Ov Cupid) Crayon Fields – Animal Bells CD (Chapter Music) Cyn Collins – West Bank Boogie book (Triangle Park Creative) Daughters of The Sun – Live at The Chaos Pad CD (Daughters of The Sun) David Kilgour – The Far Now LP (Merge) David Krejci – The Cleophone CD (New American Folk Hero) Dead Moon – Echoes of the Past CD (Sub Pop) Devil Makes Three – A Little Bit Faster and a Little Bit Worse (Devil Makes Three) Espers – II LP (Drag City) Euros Childs – Chops CD (Wichita) Felonious Bosch – New Dark Ages CD (Omnium) Golden Gods The Thorny Crown Of Rock And Roll CD (Control Group) Grouper – Wide (Free Porcupine) LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 LP (DFA) Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves CD (ROIR) Mach Fox – Mach Fox CD-r (Mach Fox) Marked Men ‎– Fix My Brain LP (Swami) Michael Yonkers w/ The Blind Shake – Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons LP (Nero’s Neptune) Minutemen – We Jam Econo DVD (PlexiFilm) Mission of Burma – The Obliterati LP (Matador) Mogwai – Mr. Beast LP (Matador) My Education – Moody Dipper LP (Thirty Ghosts) Pentagram – ‎First Daze Here Too – The Vintage Collection LP (Relapse) Pharaoh Overlord – #4 LP (Ektro) Plastic Crimewave – No Wonderland (Eclipse) Pure Country Gold – Pure Country Gold LP (Empty) Radio Birdman – Zeno Beach LP (Yep Rock) Sic Alps – Pleasures and Treasures LP (Animal Disguise) Slumber Party ‎– Musik LP (Kill Rock Stars) Sonic Youth Rather Ripped LP (Geffen) Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – Sonic’s Rendezvous Band 5-CD box set (Easy Action) Soundtrack – American Hardcore LP (Rhino) Spare Snare – Garden Leave CD (Chute) Stereolab ‎– Serene Velocity / A Stereolab Anthology LP (Rhino) Stereolab ‎– Fab Four Suture LP (Too Pure) Stingray Green ‎– Hard Numbers CD (HCI) STNNNG – Fake Fake LP (Modern Radio) Skullflower ‎– Tribulation CD (Crucial Blast) Suburbs – High Fidelity Boys 1979 CD (Garage D’or) Thee Oh Sees – The Cool Death of The Island Raiders LP (Narnack) Tyde – Threes Co. (Rough Trade) v/a – What it Is! 7″ single set (Rhino) Velvet Underground – 1966 demo acetate mp3s (online) Viva Voce – Get yr Blood Sucked Out LP (Barsuk) William Elliott Whitmore – Song of the Blackbird LP (Southern) Witch – Witch LP (Tee Pee) Yo La Tengo – I Am Not Afraid of You, and I Will Beat Your Ass LP (Matador) Zebulon Pike – ‎II: The Deafening Twilight CD (Unfortunate Music)


A-Frames “Black Forest” (Sub Pop)
Arizona Amp & Alternator “Ariz Amp & Alt” (Thrill Jockey)
Banhart, Devendra “Cripple Crow” (Beggars Banquet)
Biram, Scott H. “Dirty Old One Man Band” (Bloodshot)
Black Mountain “Black Mountain” (Jagjaguwar)
Boredoms “Deadrum/House of Sun” (Vice)
Breakestra “Hit the Floor” (Ubiquity)
Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols “Dig!” DVD (Palm)
Brigman, George “Jungle Rot” (Bona Fide)
Calla “Collisions” (Beggars Banquet)
Cantrell, Laura “Humming by the Flowered Vine” (Matador)
Caribou “The Milk of Human Kindness” (Domino)
CCC “Revolved” (Hearing Double)
Clientele “Strange Geometry” (Merge)
Coachwhips “Peanut Butter & Jelly” (Narnack)
Currituck County “Ghost Man on Second” (Troubleman)
Danger Doom “The Mouse & The Mask” (Epitaph)
Dead Meadow “Feathers” (Matador)
Destroyer “Notorious Lightning & Other Works” (Merge)
Double “Loose in the Air” (Matador)
Drunk Horse “In Tongues” (Tee Pee)
Dunger, Nicolai “The Cloud is Learning” (Overcoat)
Durrett, Liz “Husk” (Warm)
Earlies “These Were The Earlies” (Secretly Canadian)
Electrelane “Axes” (Too Pure)
Engineers “Engineers” (Echo)
Ex, The “Singles. Period.” (Touch & Go)
Fannypack “See You Next Tuesday” (Tommy Boy)
Federation X “Rally Day” (Estrus)
Fink, Orenda “Invisible Ones” (Saddle Creek)
Fog “10th Avenue Freakout” (Lex)
Fresh, Freddy & MPC Genius “The Trainspotter’s Mastermix” (Delic)
Go! Team “Thunder, Lightning, Strike” (Memphis Industries)
Growing “His Return” (Troubleman)
Haden, Petra “Sings The Who Sell Out” (Bar None)
Hanson, Jeff “Jeff Hanson” (Kill Rock Stars)
Hella “Concentration Face & Homeboy” (5 Rue Christine)
Hold Steady “Seperation Sunday” (French Kiss)
Hunter, Charlie & Bobby Previte “Longitude” (Thirsty Ear)
Ike Reilly Assassination ‎– Junkie Faithful (Rock Ridge)
Jennifer Gentle “Valende” (Sub Pop)
Jesu “self titled” (Hydra Head)
Johnson, Calvin “Before the Dream Faded…” (K)
Jones, Mike/DJ 5000 Watts “Who is Mike Jones Chopped & Screwed” (Swisha House)
Jones, Sharon & The Dap Kings “Naturally” (Dap Tone)
Jook “Different Class” (RPM)
Kane, Jonathan “February” (Table of the Elements)
Kinski “Alpine Static” (Sub Pop)
Lanois, Daniel “Belladonna”(Anti)
Last Exit “Koln” reissue (Atavistic)
Lavette, Bettye “I’ve Got My Own Hell to Raise” (Anti)
Lee, Shawn & Ping Pong Orchestra “Moods & Grooves” (Ubiquity)
Low “The Great Destroyer” (Sub Pop)
M.I.A. “Arular” (XL)
Maneri, Mat “Pentagon” (Thirsty Ear)
Mazarin “We’re Already There” (I and Ear)
Meat Beat Manifesto “To the Center” (Thirsty Ear)
Mendoza Line “Full of Light and Full of Fire (Misra)
Midnight Evils “Breakin’ it Down” (Estrus)
Mogwai “Gov’t Commissions- BBC 96-03” (Matador)
Monade “A Few Steps More” (Too Pure)
Nervous Eaters “Eatersville Vol. 1” reissue (Penniman)
New Pornographers “Twin Cinema” (Matador)
No Neck Blues Band “Qvaris” (5 Rue Christine)
Nostalgia 77 “The Garden” (Ubiquity)
Ohmega Watts “The Find” (Ubiquity)
Of Montreal “The Sunlandic Twins” (Polyvinyl)
Parker & Lily “The Low Lows” (Warm)
Pastic Crimewave Sound “No Wonderland”
Platinum Pied Pipers “Triple P” (Ubiquity)
Plimsouls “One Night in America- Live 1981” reissue (Oglio)
Portastatic “Bright Ideas” (Merge)
Prekop, Sam “Who’s Your New Professor” (Thrill Jockey)
Propositions, The “Funky Disposition” (Love & Haight)
Prewitt, Archer “Wilderness” (Thrill Jockey)
Quantic Soul Orchestra “Pushin’ On” (Ubiquity)
Ramones “End of the Century: Story of…” DVD (Rhino)
Ramones “Weird Tales of The Ramones” boxed set(Rhino)
rX “The Party Party” (thepartyparty.com)
Salamander “Bent Hemlock” (Camera Obscura)
Silver Sunshine “A Small pocket of Pure Spirit” EP (Empyrean)
Sconce, Jeff “O Stars on High” (no label)
Skygreen Leopards “Jehovah Surrender” EP (Jagjaguar)
Spoon “Gimme Fiction” (Merge)
Stereolab “Oscillons from the Anti-Sun” (Too Pure)
Stnnng “Dignified Sissy” (Modern Radio)
Stooges “Heavy Liquid” Box Set (Easy Action)
Super Furry Animals “Songbook- The Singles Vol. 1” (Beggars)
Super Furry Animals “Love Kraft” (Beggars Banquet)
Sweet, The “Desolation Blvd” reissue (BMG Int’l)
Sweet, The “Sweet Fanny Adams” reissue (BMG Int’l)
Tall Dwarfs “Fork Songs” reissue (Cloud Recordings)
Tall Dwarfs “Weeville” reissue (Cloud Recordings)
Taylor, Maria “11:11” (Saddle Creek)
Teenage Fanclub “Man-Made” (Merge)
Verlaine, Tom “Warm and Cool” (Thrill Jockey)
Viva Voce “Lovers Lead the Way” reissue (Minty Fresh)
Ward, M. “Transistor Radio” (Merge)
Ware, David S. “Live in the World” (Thirsty Ear)
West, Kanye “Late Registration” (Roc-A-Fella)
Wilson, Brian “Smile” DVD (Rhino)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice “XIAO” reissue (Troubleman)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice “Buck Dharma” reissue (5RC)
Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice “The Flood” (Troubleman)
xbxrx “Sixth in Sixes” (Polyvinyl)
Yo La Tengo “Prisoners of Love” (Matador)
Youth Group “Skeleton Jar” (Epitaph/Anti)
Zincs, The “Dimmer” (Thrill Jockey)
v/a “Children of Nuggets” boxed set (Rhino)
v/a “Gilles Peterson Digs America” (Love & Haight)
v/a “Searching For Soul: Michigan ’68-’80” (Love & Haight)
v/a “The !!!! Beat” 6-DVD set (Bear Family)
Skullflower ‎– Orange Canyon Mind CD (Crucial Blast)


1. Brian Wilson “Smile” (Nonsuch)
2. Kleptones “A Night at the Hip-Hopera” (none)
3. Mission of Burma “ONoffON” (Matador)
4. Rocket from the Tombs “Rocket Redux” (Smog Veil)
5. MC5 “A True Testimonial” DVD (in limbo)
6. Comets on Fire “Blue Cathedral” (Sub Pop)
7. A.C. Newman “The Slow Wonder” (Matador)
8. Fiery Furnaces “Blueberry Boat” (Rough Trade)
9. Antibalas “Who is this America?” (Ropeadope)
10.Tussle “Kling Klang” (Troubleman)

All Night Radio “Spirit Stereo Frequency” (Sub Pop)
Arcade Fire “Funeral” (Merge)
Devendra Banhart “Rejoicing in the Hands” (Young God)
Bobby Bare Jr. “From the End of Your Leash” (Bloodshot)
Barlow/Petersen/Wivinus “Narwhal” (Stick It)
Califone “Heron King Blues” (Thrill Jockey)
Camera Obscura “Underacheivers Please Try Harder” (Merge)
Camera Obscura “Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi” (Merge)
Nick Cave & Bad Seeds “Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus” (Anti)
!!! “Louden Up Now!” (Touch & Go)
Coachwhips “Bangers vs. F*ckers” (Narnack)
Cure “Three Imaginary Boys” (Rhino)
Cut Copy “Bright Like Neon Love” (Modular)
Danger Mouse “The Grey Album”
Destroyer “Your Blues” (Merge)
DJ Revolution “The Breaks…in High Fidelity”(On the Corner)
Dollhouse “The Rock and Soul Circus” (Dim Mak)
The Fall “50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong” (Beggars Banquet)
Flesh Eaters “No Questions Asked” reissue (Atavistic)
Flesh Eaters “A Hard Road to Follow” reissue (Atavistic)
Futureheads “s/t” (Star Time)
Ghost “Hypnotic Underworld” (Drag City)
Ghostface “the Pretty Toney Album” (Def Jam)
Giant Sand “Is All Over the Map” (Thrill Jockey)
Greyboy “Shades of Grey” (Ubiquity)
Guided By Voices “Half Smiles of the Decomposed” (Matador)
Ike Reilly Assassination ‎– Sparkle In The Finish CD (Rock Ridge)
R. Kelly “Happy People/You Saved Me” (Jive)
David Kilgour “Frozen Orange” (Merge)
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra “s/t” (Ubiquity)
Danielle Luppi “An Italian Story” (Rhino)
Marked Men ‎– On The Outside LP (Dirt Nap)
Matt Marque “Nothing Personal” (Truckstop)
MC5 “Purity, Accuracy” Box Set (Easy Action)
Metal Urbain “Anarchy in Paris” reissue (Acute)
Pinback “Summer in Abbadon” (Touch & Go)
Revelons “Anthology” (Sepia Tone)
Rockfour “Nationwide” (Rainbow Quartz)
Chris Stamey with Yo La Tengo “V.O.T.E.” (Yep Rock)
Stooges “Live in Detroit” DVD (Creem)
Jesse Sykes “Oh, My Girl” (Barsuk)
Totty “s/t” (Radioactive)
Trapist “Ballroom” (Thrill Jockey)
Trick Daddy “Thug Matrimony: Married to The Streets”(Atlantic)
Trouble Funk “Live/Early Singles” reissue (2.13.61)
Twista “Kamikaze” (Atlantic)
UTP “Beginning of the End” (Rap-a-Lot)
Vietnam “Vietnam” (Vice)
Kanye West “The College Dropout” (Roc-A-Fella)
Wolfmother “s/t EP” (Modular)
Zolar X “Timeless” (Alternative Tentacles)
v/a “Midwest Funk: Funk 45s from Tornado Alley” (Jazzman)
v/a “Old Enough to Know Better:15 Yr of Merge” (Merge)
v/a “30 Seconds over D.C.” reissue (2 13 61)
Beastie Boys ‎– To The 5 Boroughs
Demolition Doll Rods ‎– On
Demolition Doll Rods ‎– There Is A Difference
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– The Whispering Wall CD (ROIR)

Dead Meadow – Shivering King & Others LP (Matador)
Freddie Fresh – B-Boy Stance (Original Old Skool Party Rockers) LP (Strut)
Jackie O Motherfucker – Magick Fire/Wow! CD (ATP)
Ludic Despair – Ludic Despair CD (self-released)
Michael Yonkers – It’s Only Yonkers LP (Eclipse)
Midnight Evils – Straight ’til Morning CD (Estrus)
Mojave 3 – Spoon & Rafter LP (4AD)
Pacific UV – Pacific UV CD (Warm)
Pins – The Young Machines (soundtrack) CD (Stick It To The Man)
Skullflower ‎– Exquisite Fucking Boredom CD (Tumult)
Yo La Tengo – Summer Sun LP (Matador)

Marked Men ‎– The Marked Men LP (Rip Off)
Scenebooster Soundsystem Vol. 1
Party of 1
Dead Meadow
Flaming Sideburns
Anti-Pop Consortium
Clean “Anthology”
DJ Spooky & Mad Professor
Sea & Cake
Midnight Evils
Yo La Tengo
Essex Green
V Twin
Band of Bees
Rob Swift
New Pornographers
No Doctors
“Inner City Sounds”
Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
American Analog Set
Great Depression
Ten Benson
Bardo Pond
Freddy Fresh
“A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych”
Slumber Party
Arthur Verocai
Kingsbury Manx (2)
The Go
Jackie O Motherfucker
“Bay Area Funk”
Autumn Defense
Ludic Despair
Pacific UV
Mojave 3


Super Furry Animals – Rings Around the World DVD (Beggars Banquet/XL)

Harry Whitaker – Black Renaissance (Luv N Haight)

Black Heart Procession – Amore del Tropico (Touch & Go)

Flaming Sideburns – Save Rock ‘n’ Roll (JetSet)

Metro Area – Metro Area (Statra)

Stickmen With Rayguns – Some People Deserve To Suffer (Emperor Jones)

Brick Layer Cake – Whatchamacallit (Touch & Go)

Mudhoney – Since We’ve Become Translucent (Sub Pop)

ST 37 – Down On Us (Emperor Jones)

DJ Spooky – Optometry (Thirsty Ear)

Various Artists – Never Mind the Bootlegs (Boom Selection)

Warlocks – Phoenix Album (Birdman)

Comets On Fire – Field Recording From the Sun (Ba Da Bing)

Primal Scream – Evil Heat (Epic)

Autumn Leaves – The Twilight Hours of the Autumn Leaves (Dabbler)

Yo La Tengo – The Sounds of the Sounds of Science (www.yolatengo.com)

MX-80 – Live At the Library (Gulcher)

Various Artists – The Best of B-Boy Records (Landspeed)

“B-Boy Stance”- Freddy Fresh

24 Hour Party People

Dog Town & Z-Boys

Laugh -In TV reruns

Chic-a-go-go Chicago cable TV show

Exploding by Stan Cornyn

We Got the Neutron Bomb by Marc Spitz


“Scratching the Surface Noise”, CKUW-FM, Winnipeg, Sunday Nights

WFMU-FM, New Jersey, Wednesday afternoons

Cita from Cita’s World on BET


Anti-Pop Consorium
MX-80 live
Comets on Fire
Pip Proud & Tom Carter
Primal Scream
Metro Area
Super Furry Animals
David Kilgour
Neil Halstead
Johnny Frigo
Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Brick Layer Cake
National Trust
People Under the Stairs
Autumn Leaves
Harry the Bastard Presents 3
Black Renaissance
Sugar Shack
Stickmen with Rayguns
King Britt “Phila RMX”
Flaming Sideburns
Yo La Tengo
Black Heart Procession
ST 37
John Parish
“Never Mind the Bootlegs”
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– All The King’s Men CD (ROIR)
Tina Peel ‎– Pajama Party! LP (Misty Lane)
Greenhornes ‎– Dual Mono


(top ten)
Acetone – York Blvd LP
Clientele – Suburban Light LP (Merge)
Clean – Getaway LP (Merge)
David Axelrod – David Axelrod reissue
Ike Reilly ‎– Salesmen And Racists CD (Republic)
Nerves – World of Gold LP
Plunderphonics ‎– 69 Plunderphonics 96 CD box set (Seeland)
Parson Sound – Parson Sound CD
Radio Birdman The Essential Radio Birdman 74-78 LP (Sub Pop)
Shins – Oh, Inverted World LP (Sub Pop)
various – Nuggets II CD box set (Rhino)

Azure Ray
Beechwood Sparks
The Coup
Daft Punk
Deep Reduction II
DJ E-Tones
Driver of the Year demo
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Greenhornes ‎– The Greenhornes LP (Telstar)
Simon Joyner
Kool and The Gang instrumental CD
Nick Lowe
Lupine Howl
Mercury Rev
Morricone RMX
Party of One
Robert Scott
Sideways Sideways
Sigur Ros
Slumber Party
Soundtrack to Our Lives
Starship Beer
Rev. Strychn Queer Candy
Zero Seven
v/a Tommy Boy Essentials Hip Hop Vol. One
v/a All Tomorrows Parties 1.0
v/a Nuggets 2 ½
v/a Beg, Scream, & Shout vol 2
v/a Can You Dig It


Stooges “Complete Funhouse”
Yo La Tengo
Coyle & Sharpe
Kingsbury Manx
Otha Turner
Giant Sand
Handsome Family
Beachwood Sparks
Anti-Pop Consortium
Six By Seven
LTJ Bukem
Papas Fritas
Tahiti 80
Delta 72
People Under the Stairs
Freddie Fresh
Jurassic Five
Damon & Naomi
Sea & Cake
Black Heart Procession
Mojave 3
Spring Heel Jack “Disappeared”
King Black Acid
“New Latinaires 3”
“Viva Cubop 2”
“Om Lounge 4”
“Best of Cookin”
Badly Drawn Boy


Add N to X
Aerial M
American Analog Set
Appliance Michael Wells
Beastie Boys ‎– Droppin’ Science: Rarities And Remixes
Beastie Boys ‎– Anthology: The Sounds Of Science
Coyle & Sharpe
David Thomas & Pale Orchestra
Deep Dish
Demolition Doll Rods – TLA
Dr Dooom
Einstein’s Sister Learning Curves
Elevator Through
Escape Mechanism
Flaming Lips
Freddy Fresh
GoGo Airheart
Greenhornes ‎– Gun For You CD (Each Hit)
Greyboy Live
Handsome Boy Modelling School
Harry the Bastard Presents
Jimi Tenor
June of 44
Kool Keith
Ming & FS
Music Tapes
New Latinaires
Peanut Butter Wolf
People Under the Stairs
Queens of the Stone Age
Rob Swift
Slick Sixty
Super$hit 666 – Super$hit 666 10″EP
T Cisco
Terry Eason – Music from The Situation on the Ground CD
The Go
Thievery Corporation
To Rococo Rot


12 Caesars
Barry Adamson
Beastie Boys ‎– Hello Nasty
Boards of Canada
Bobby Matos
Buffalo Daughter
Butterfly Child
Neal Casal – Basement Dreams
Casino Royale
Cat Power
Clem Snide
Cows ‎– Sorry In Pig Minor
Creeper Lagoon
Damon & Naomi
Ebeling Hughes
Ex Husbands
Fatboy Slim
Gastr Del Sol
Happy Apple
Jad Fair
Jesus and Mary Chain
Johnny Lewis
Kristen Hersh
Los Gusanos
Mark Lanegan
Mars Accelerator
Massive Attack
Mike Thomsen
Mix Master Mike
Mt. Shasta
Nashville Pussy
Neko Case
Neutral Milk Hotel
Parc Boys
Pernice Bros
Pimp Daddy Nash
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band
Styles of Beyond
Third Eye Foundation
various artists – Deeper Concentration
various artists – No Categories
various artists- Om Lounge
Walkman Rotation


Adventures in Stereo
Americamn Analog Set
Autumn Leaves
Blue Mountain
Brain Jonestown Massacre
Cheater Slicks
Cold Cut
Daft Punk
Dandy Warhols
David Holmes
Delta 72
DJ Food
DJ Spooky
Demolition Doll Rods – Tasty
Edith Frost
Eleventh Dream Day
Fatboy Slim
Greyboy All-Stars
King Liser
Ladybug Transistor
Last James
Liquid Sound Co.
Lotus Crown
Mick Harvey
Mouse on Mars
Number One Cup
Pierre Henry vs. Michel Colombier
Primal Scream
Prince Paul
Red Snapper
Robbie Fulks
Robert Wyatt
Sea and Cake
Slide 5
Turn On
Vas Deferens
Yo La Tengo


American Analog Set
Beastie Boys
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Buffalo Daughter
Butter 08
Chills – Sunburnt LP (Flying Nun)
Cows ‎– Old Gold 1989-1991
Cows ‎– Whorn
Cul De Sac
Fu Manchu
Furry Things
His Name is Alive
Jack Drag
Land of the Loops
Love 666
Mazinga Phaser
Money Mark
Nearly God
New Bomb Turks ‎– Scared Straight
Oblivians ‎– Rock’ Roll Holiday
Oblivians ‎– Popular Favorites
Olivia Tremor Control
Skullflower ‎– This Is…
Slim Dunlap
Urusei Yatsura
various artists – Offbeat
various artists – Radio K’s Off the Record: Stuck on AM
Yo La Tengo


Air Miami – Me Me Me
Balloon Guy – Soundbull
Beastie Boys ‎– The In Sound From Way Out!
Dandy Warhols – Dandys Rule OK
Helium – Dirt of Luck
Hyarmony Rockets – Harmony Rockets
Jessamine – Jessamine
Jesus and Mary Chain – Hate Rock and Roll
Kendra Smith – Five Ways of Disappearing
Laika – Silver Apples of the Moon
Lilys – Eccsame the Photon Band
Luna – Penthouse
Massive Attack – Protection
Number One Cup
Oblivians ‎– Soul Food
Pell Mell – Interstate
Plasticland – Dapper Snappings
Plasticland – Mink Dress and Other Cats
Polara – Polara
Space Needle – Space Needle
Spiritualized – Pure Phase
Skullflower ‎– Transformer
Skullflower ‎– Infinityland
Skullflower ‎– Argon
Trenchmouth – vs. the Light of the World
Yo La Tengo – Electro Pura


Angel in Heavy Syrup – II
Bailter Space – Vortura
Beastie Boys ‎– Ill Communication
Cows ‎– Orphan’s Tragedy
Ecstacy of St Theresa – Ecstacy of St Theresa
Experimental Audio Research – E.A.R.
Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack
Grant Lee Buffalo – Mighty Joe Moon
Labradford – Pracision
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– 9 Lives To Wonder CD (Play it Again Sam)
Lilys – A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns
Low – I Could Live in Hope
Magic Hour – No Excess is Absurd
Main – Motion Pool
Medicine – The Buried Life
Mouse on Mars – Vulvaland
New Bomb Turks ‎– Information Highway Revisited
Postishead – Dummy
Radial Spangle – Syrup Macrame
Rollerskate Skinny – Shoulder Voices
Skullflower ‎– Carved Into Roses
Spectrum – High Lows and Heavenly Blows
Stereolab – Mars Audiac Quintet


Boo Radleys
Cows ‎– Sexy Pee Story
Dave Ray & Tony Glover – Picture Has Faded LP (Tim Kerr)
Eric’s Trip
Hang Ups
New Bomb Turks ‎– !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!
Skullflower ‎– Obsidian Shaking Codex
Skullflower ‎– Last Shot At Heaven
Th'[ Faith Healers
Urge Overkill
Whipped Cream


Beastie Boys ‎– Check Your Head LP (Capitol)
Chills – Soft Bomb LP (Slash)
Cows ‎– Cunning Stunts LP (AmRep)
Gories ‎– Outta Here
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Shadow Weaver CD (Play it Again Sam)
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Malachai: Shadow Weaver Pt 2 CD (Play it Again Sam)
Skullflower ‎– IIIrd Gatekeeper


Cows ‎– Peacetika
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– The Maria Dimension CD (Play it Again Sam)


Ant Bee – Ant Bee
B.A.L.L. – Four: Hardball
Can – Delay 1968 reissue CD (Mute)
Can – Monster Movie reissue CD (Mute)
Can – Soundtracks reissue CD (Mute)
Can – Tago Mago reissue LP (Mute)
Chills – Submarine Bells LP (Slash)
Chrome – No Humans Allowed
Cows ‎– Effete And Impudent Snobs
Crystallized Movements- This Wideness Comes
Dustdevils – Struggling, Electric, Chemical
F/I – The Past Darkly, The Future Brightly
Gories ‎– I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’
Helios Creed – Boxing the Clown
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse LP (Play it Again Sam)
Loop – A Gilded Eternity
Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly
Simply Saucer – Cyborgs Revisited
Skullflower ‎– Xaman
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Twenty Seven Various – Approximately
various artists – Beyond the Calico Wall
various artists – Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets vol. 1-3
various artists – Love and Napalm
various artists – Magic Ribbons
various artists – Smiles, Vibes, and Harmony
Vertigo – Vertigo
Walkingseeds – Bad Orb, Whirling Ball
Wipers – Best of The Wipers and Greg Sage


Beastie Boys ‎– Paul’s Boutique
Cosmic Psychos – Go the Hack
Cows ‎– Daddy Has A Tail!
Crawlspace – In the Gospel Zone
Devil Dogs – Devil Dogs
Dimentia 13 – Disturb the Air
Eleventh Dream Day – Beet
Funseekers – Frenzifying
Gories ‎– Houserockin’
Helios Creed – The Last Laugh
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Greetings Nine LP (Materiali Sonori)
Magnolias – Dimestore Dream
New Christs – Distemper
Opal – Early Recordings
Prisoners- Rare and Unissued
Radio Birdman – Ashes to Ashes
Red Crayola – Parable of Arable Land reissue
Sister Ray – No Way to Express
Skullflower ‎– Form Destroyer
Swell Maps – Collision Time Revisited
Union Carbide Productions- Financially Dissatisfied, Philisophically Trying
various artists – Badger A Go-Go
various artists – Me Want Breakfast
various artists – Pebbles Vol. 26, 27, 28
various artists – Shangri-La: A Tribute to The Kinks
various artists – Time Between: A Tribute to The Byrds
various artists – Turds on a Bum Ride
various artists – Woronzoid
Velvet Monkeys – Rotting Corpse A Go-Go


B.A.L.L. – Bird LP (Shimmy Disc)
Beat Happening – Jamboree LP (K)
Bevis Frond – Inner Marshlands LP (Woronzow)
Bongwater – Double Bummer LP (Shimmy Disc)
Brian Wilson- Brian Wilson LP (Sire)
Cheepskates – It Wings Above LP (Music Maniac)
Electric Peace – Insecticide LP (Barred)
Eleventh Dream Day – Priarie School Freakout LP (Amoeba)
Exploding White Mice – Brute Force and Ignorance LP (Greasy Pop)
Fluid – Clear Black Paper LP (Sub Pop)
Galaxie 500 – Today (Aurora)
Green River – Rehab Doll LP (Sub Pop)
Last Drive – Heatwave LP (Hitch-Hyke)
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– The Golden Age LP (Play it Again Sam)
Magnolias – For Rent LP (Twin Tone)
Mighty Mofos – Sho’ Hard LP (Treehouse)
Original Sins – Big Soul LP (Bar None)
Primitives – Lovely LP (Beggars Banquet)
Sister Ray – Random Violence LP (Resonance)
Spacemen Three – The Perfect Prescription LP (Fire)
Steppes – Stewdio LP (Voxx)


Chills ‎– Brave Words LP (Flying Nun)
Cows ‎– Taint Pluribus Taint Unum LP (AmRep)
Legendary Pink Dots – Any Day Now LP (Play it Again Sam)


Agent Orange – This is the Voice LP
Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill LP
Celibate Rifles – The Turgia Miasma of Existence LP
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Island Of Jewels LP (Play it Again Sam)
Magnolias – Concrete Pillbox LP
Robyn Hitchcock – Element of Light LP
Something Fierce – Completely Unglued LP
Volcano Suns LP
XTC – Skylarking LP
Young Fresh Fellows LP


Dukes of Stratosphear – 25 O’Clock LP
Legendary Pink Dots ‎– Asylum LP (Play it Again Sam)
Otto’s Chemical Lounge – Spillover LP
Prisoners- The Last Fourfathers LP
Replacements – Tim LP
Whole Lotta Loves – The Recline and Fall of Rock n Roll LP

Collectible Minnesota Black Gospel LPs

19 Jan

Please post any additions in the comments, and I’ll update the list.


Thelma Buckner and The House of Refuge Choir Reach Me a Hand LP Narthex Records 827N-4579/80

The Cantinos Vol. I LP


The Cantinos Touch Me LP

IMG_0508Davis, Josie and Praise Obeying the Call LP SB 0004

R-3040424-1312935839.jpegSam Davis and The Gospel Ensemble Keep on Praising Him LP 1981 Cada Records 8005

R-3394431-1328708757.jpegSam Davis and The Twin Cities Gospel Ensemble I’ve Been Changed LP 1980 Cada Records 3-79

Evangelist Crusaders a good source claims there is one more records released previous to these:

Evangelist Crusaders In The Beginning God LP Univeral Audio Corporation UAS-542-48690

Evangelist Crusaders Just Jesus LP 1979 Browntown Records 2000






Golden Swann Gospel Singers There’s Going to Be a Pay Day LP Gospel Time Records 109

R-6923657-1431233922-6946.jpegGospel Choirs United I’ll Be a Witness LP Cada Records 8002

Gospel Crusaders Quartet Present Go Down To Jordan KNOF Records SKR-LP 1016

Gospel Swanns Gospel Singers There’s Going to be a Pay Day LP Gospel Time Records 00109

Greater Sabathani Baptist Church Mass Choir The Little Church with the Big Heart LP no label

Vera Jean Jenkins and The Charlamettes Jesus is So Real LP 1974 Revelation/ASI 7007



JWWB Expressions LP

Danny L. & The Brewerettes As For Me And My Household — We Will Serve The Lord LP no label or number





Macedonia Baptist Church Mass Choir I’ve Got a Light- M.B.C. Mass Choir in Concert LP 1980 Cada Records 8003

Metropolitan Male Chorus of Minnesota He Has Done Great Things LP no label 11370

Minneapolis Gospel Temple House Of Refuge LP KNOF Records SKR-LP-1159

Mount Olivet Celestial Choir Sings LP Sound 80 Records 853-37805 (Cynthia Johnson sings on this)

James Murray Command Performances LP Narthex Records 7506

John Patton Black Spirituals and Art Songs LP Narthex Recording Records 4582

Sounds of Blackness Images of Blackness LP Sound 80 Records 719-35765

Sounds of Blackness Images II LP no label 08116

Sounds of Blackness The Night Before Christmas- A Musical Fantasy LP ASI Records 398

R-6938779-1429974684-3481.jpegJ.D. Steele and Rance Majestic ChoirJesus Is Everything LP 1981 Cada Records 8004

Tom Tipton Hymns My Mother Taught Me LP Sparrow Productions 217

1230057_633167470050569_1065592394_nZion Senior Choir Give Me Jesus LP 1975 Narthex Records 7503

Special thanks to Raoul Benavides, Eric Foss, Tim Schloe, & Mark Trehus for filling in some detail here. Y’all got the spirit!

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