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Big Red Ball: It’s Up to You b/w Madamme Grey 7″ single, 1991

21 Jan

bigredballThis is the bands debut release on the Prospective label, cat# 500……Indie Pop that still holds up today.

It’s Up to You

Madamme Grey




Big Red Ball ‘Protozoan’ cassette (1995) and two-song demo

7 Jan

This is the later edition of Big Red Ball; the Protozoan cassette was recorded at Pachyderm Studios in 1995.  At one point Big Red Ball consisted of three Lisas: Lisa Raye is the singer/guitarist/songwriter of BRB, but this later version had bassist Lisa Parker sing too, as on the song included here, “The Sun”. I’m not sure of the date on the two-song cassette, the song “Shadow (Glue)” is actually the demo for the song “Schizoid” on Protozoan. Some of the Pachyderm recordings came out on a self-titled CD EP. Protozoan would have made a great follow-up, but was never released..

Thanks again to Lisa Raye for allowing me to post Big Red Ball stuff here at GJG. She is a genius musician.

“Mystery #11”


“The Sun”

“Shadow (Glue)”

Lisa Raye and Big Red Ball demo cassettes

11 Aug

Lisa & I once spent an entire day going through all of her demo cassettes, and we  listened to each one searching for the definitive version of each of her recorded songs.  I again listened to the end result a few days ago: nearly 90 minutes of great demos on one tape. Lisa is truly a triple threat- a stunning songwriter, great singer, and fantastic guitar player. Big Red Ball released three 7″ singles & a CD with varying lineups, the fact that all of her recorded work is of such high quality speaks to her talent. Here are a couple of songs that are from the late 80s or early 90s, thanks to Lisa Raye for giving me permission to put these here for you.



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