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Stu Bridge’s gig flyer & poster collection

7 Jan

Almost all from Minneapolis, there’s one from Detroit and one from New Orleans. Thanx, Stu!BlogPosterABCBlogPosterBenDayDotsBlogPosterCharlieBurtonBlogPosterCurtissAReplacementsBlogPosterEnglishBeatBlogPosterFingerprintsBlogPosterFirstAveCalendar1980BlogPosterFridleysBlogPosterHuskerDuAmusementStatuesBlogPosterHuskerDuJan10BlogPosterHuskerDuMay14BlogPosterHuskerDuMDCBlogPosterHuskerDuSept910BlogPosterInsiderMagCoverNNBBlogPosterJohnCaleBlogPosterJonnyIIIBlogPosterM80partyBlogPosterM80pinkBlogPosterOvertonesBlogPosterOvertonesVictimsBlogPosterRaybeatsBlogPosterRaybeatsBeatExchangeBlogPosterReplacementsDadsBlogPosterSuburbsPhones


491 Minnesota punk, new wave, underground, and alternative 10 and 12-inch VINYL LPs and EPs, 1977-2016

24 Nov


A gargantuan task, although the list of 7-inch singles and EPs went much smoother than I thought it would. Not including 12-inch singles here. AGAIN- a work in constant progress. PLEASE contact us with additions and suggestions.

Lists of Minnesota records we’ve completed so far:

Minnesota Punk and New Wave 7″ singles and flexi discs 1973-1984

Minnesota Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Funk records 45s, 12″singles, and LPs* 1958-1988

list of collectible Minnesota Jazz vinyl LP records

Minnesota collectible rock, folk, and blues vinyl LPs– mostly post-psych and pre-punk

827 Minnesota vinyl 7-inch singles and EPs, 1984-2016

Collectible Minnesota Black Gospel LPs

looks like a Metal and Hip-Hop list is in order…. coming someday ….

how about a list if Minnesota ROCK CDs 1988-2016?

Minnesota labels we’ve combed through so far: 7-10 Split, Amphetamine Reptile, Big Action, Big Money, Blackberry Way, Blood of the Young, Carburetor, Crackpot, De Stijl, Freedom From, Fusetron, Gark, Guilt Ridden Pop, Heart of a Champion, Horse Latitudes, Jetstar, Learning Curve, Modern Radio, MPLS ltd, Nero’s Neptune, No Alternative, Old Blackberry Way, Pendulum,Project A Bomb, Prospective, Reflex, REM, Roaratorio, Rocket Sound, Spanish Fly, Susstones, THD, Three Dimensional, Treehouse, TRG, Twin Tone, Veto, Ultramodern, Whittier

27 Various (3)

A Few (2)

Alarmists (1)

Alpha Consumer (2)

Animal Lover (3)

Arcwelder (4)

Arm (1)

Babes in Toyland (8)

Baby Astronauts (1)

Bad Thing (1)

Basement Apartment (1)

Bastards (1)

Big Trouble House (2)

Billy Club (1)

Billy Dankert (1)

Birthday Suits (2)

Black Spot (2)

The Blind Shake (11)

The Bloods (1)

Blue Hippos (2)

Blue Up? (1)

BNLX (2)

Boiled in Lead (4)

Bone Club (2)

Book of Dead Names (1)

Boy Elroy (1)

Brick Layer Cake (3) 

Burden of The Beat (1)

Cal (1)

Calvin Krime (2)

The Chambermaids (2)

Chooglin’ (2)

Civil Defense (1)

The Clams (1)

Claps (2)

Cock E.S.P. (2)

The Contras (1)

Cows (12)

Crash Street Kids (1)

The Crush (1)

Curtiss A (3)

Daughters of the Sun (5)

Dillinger Four (5)

Dosh (9)

The Draghounds (1)

Dragnet (1)

Dumpster Juice (2)

Dylan Hicks (1)

E Brown (2)

Fat Tuesday (1)

Figures (2)

Fine Art (2)

First Communion Afterparty (2)

Flamin’ Oh’s (2)

Flour (3)

Fog (6)

Fort Wilson Riot (2)

Friends of the Maid (1)

Fuck Knights (1)

The Funseekers (1)

Fury Things (1)

Gay Beast (3)

Gay Witch Abortion (4)

Gayngs (1)

Gear Daddies (2)

Gnomes of Zurich (1)

God’s Favorite Band (1)

Golden Smog (3)

Gospel Gossip (2)

Grant Hart (6)

Ground Zero (2)

Guzzard (3)

Halo of Flies (7)

Hammerhead (6)

HeatdeatH (3)

Heroine Shieks (1)

The Hidden Chord (1)

Holding On (2)

Hollow Boys (2)

The Honeydogs (3)

Howler (3)

Howlin’ Andy Hound and The Blood Shot (1)

Husker Du (11)

Hymie’s Basement (1)

Hypstrz (1)

Idiot Savant (2)

The Idle Strand (2)

Illiterate Beach (1)

In Defence (3)

Information Society (10)

Is/Is (2)

Janitor Joe (2)

The Jayhawks (9)

Jeff Waryan (1)

Jim and The French Vanilla (1)

John Eller and The DTs (1)

John’s Black Dirt (1)

Jonestown (1)

Kitten Forever (1)

Knife World (1)

Language Club Babel/Conversations

Lefty Lucy (1)

Lifter Puller (1)

Lutheran Heat (1)

Magic Castles (3)

The Magnolias (4)

Man Sized Action (2)

Marijuana Deathsquads (3)

Michael Yonkers (15)

Mickey Finn (1)

Mighty Mofos (2)

Mile One (2)

Milk (2)

Misfires (1)Misfires (1)

Monster Zero (1)

Monuments (1)

Moonstone Continuum (1)

Mother of Fire (3)

Motion City Soundtrack (6)

Musical Chairs (1)

Mystery Date (1)

Narco States (1)

Neomort (2)

Night Moves (2)

Nightosaur (1)

No Doctors (3)

Oaks (2)

Obvious (1)

The Oh’s (2)

Otto’s Chemical Lounge (1)

Outcry (1)

Paul Metzger (11)

Peasants (1)

The Phones (3)

The Picadors (1)

The Pins (1)

The Pistons (1)

Plastic Constellations (1)

Playhouse (1)

Polara (2)

Polica (4)

Pony Trash (1)

Private Dancer (2)

The Puggs

Quincy Punx (3)

Rank Strangers (2)

Real Numbers (3)

Red Daughters (2)

Remainder Improvisatiaonal Technique

Rendered Useless (2)

The Replacements (13)

Rifle Sport (5)

Run Westy Run (3)

Rupert Angeleyes (1)

Safety Last (2)

Savage Aural Hotbed (1)

Seawhores (5)

Semantics (1)

Short Fuses (2)

Sicbay (1)

Signal to Trust (2)

Skoal Kodiak (2)

Slim Dunlap (1)

Smut (1)

Solid Gold (1)

Song of Zarathustra (2)

Soul Asylum (10)

Southside Desire (2)

Soviettes (4)

Stickman (1)

The Strike (2)


The Suburbs (6)

Subversives (2)

The Suicide Commandos (2)

Superball ’63 (2)

Sweaties (1)

Swing Set (1)

Swingin’ Teens (2)

Technique Niquee (1)

Thee Viceroys (1)

Things That Fall Down (1)

Tickle Torture (1)

Tiltawhirl (1)

Tom Bright (2)

Trip Shakespeare (4)

T.V.B.C. (2)

Two Harbors (1)

Two Minute Warning (1)

Vampire Hands (4)

Vertigo (3)

Vibes (1)

Volante (1)

The Wallets (3)

Walt Mink (2)

What If (1)

Whole Lotta Loves (1)

The Widgets (1)

Willful Neglect (2)

Zak Sally (1)

ZuZu’s Petals (3)

Rhythmic Penguin “Mr. Reagan” b/w “Fishies” 45RPM

9 Feb


Minnesota New Wave from 1986.

Mr. Reagan


GoJohnnyGo Feature #4…The World of ROBERT IVERS

23 Sep

Ubiquitous in the early days of Minnesota New Wave, Robert Ivers was a prolific local music pioneer. He released six different 45s under five different names, had a track on the best regional compilation of all time ‘Big Hits of Mid America Vol. III’ on the mighty Twin Tone Records, and an unheralded LP just called ‘ROCK AND ROLL’. The 45s were pressed in paltry batches of 100. The 1987 LP was fashioned by the then-novel “generic” product concept, was pressed in a batch of 1000 copies, many of which were lost in an era of “hard living”. His first recording act The Ice Stars were the precursor for the band Fingerprints, who are noted to have one of the first three “little red records” on Twin Tone (among two others). The Ice Stars are one of three New-Wave acts from Minnesota who pre-dated the Suicide Commandos with a record, along with Prodigy and Skogie.

The two letters I present here are basically The Rosetta Stone of Minnesota New Wave. The hand-written one was recently sent to David Campbell at 89.3 KCMP The Current via Minnesota Public Radio, and Rusty Jones’ letter was submitted to City Pages in 2005.





All of Bob’s music can be heard via CDBaby under the name BEATLESTONE, there are nine LPs worth of material, many of which are free downloads. At 61 years of age in 2014, he’s glad to share his recordings.

The 45s

IceStarsFrontIce Stars “Lindy Hop Bop” b/w “Coming Back to Me” 1975 Sound 80 80-959-4160S


Ice Stars “Emergency One” b/w “Geared Down Low” 1980 New Age Records 1

BlogTheKid&Rebel45The Kid and The Rebel “John Lennon is Dead” b/w “U.S.A. Boys And Girls” 1981 no label

20161104_162530_hdrIce Stars “The Great N.Y. Subway Tragedy” b/w “I’ve Been Down” 1982 New Age Records 2

BlogBlueBoyBlue Boy “Kissing You” b/w “Middle Class Square” New Age Records 3

rock&rollRock & Roll (Robert Ivers) “We Got Rock & Roll” b/w “Emergency One” Generic Records

The LP

11206Rock & Roll (Robert Ivers) LP 1987 Generic Records 870001

A1 We Got Rock n Roll
A2 Silver Shuttle
A3 Fire Department
A4 Bonky Gonk
A5 Send Me Some Loving
B1 Bad Girls
B2 Lip Stick
B3 Lindy Hop Bop
B4 Hey Girl
B5 It’s Back to Rock

Luv this track from various artists compilation ‘Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. III’: Sugar My Road (1979- Twin Tone Records)

Thanks to Robert Ivers, Rich Copely, David Campbell, and Rusty Jones for permission, music, and clues.


NEWSFLASH Feb 13, 2017… drummer James Miller just called. He wanted to make sure y’all know that bassist Steve Throne (Mark “Fingerprints” Throne’s brother) and James Rinehart got a mention here since they were a big part of the Ice Stars’ sound. The band’s ‘Heineken Tour’ centered around Duffy’s nightclub in South Minneapolis. Sue McLean would book the Ice Stars there opening for The Kings (“Wall-to-Wall crowded”), Mi-Sex, & The Members, paid with a case of the green bottles. Steve eventually left and was replaced on bass by Dave Phoser, who’s melodic playing can be heard on The Kid & The Rebel 45.

So hats off not only to Bob himself but all the Glen Lake guys from Eisenhower & Lindberg High Schools- Minnetonka represented well.


Some stuff from James:

NEWSFLASH #2 October 7, 2017: “Bob” Ivers has chosen some pointed language to alienate himself from almost everybody as city Councilman for Hopkins. Minneapolis Star-Tribune




Manifest Destiny – Noise! Dance! cassette and Pax Americana videos from St Paul, 1984-1985

4 Nov

BlogManifestDestinyCS2Features Paul D. Dickinson on drums!





Happy Hour





Pax Americana

Here are some great videos of Paul’s other mid-80s hardcore band- PAX AMERICANA

LP, CS, and CD compilations of Minnesota rock n’ roll, rockabilly, country, garage, psych, punk, new wave, more

6 Oct

Here is a master list, in (somewhat) chronological order. Please leave a comment if you think we’ve left out anything or have a correction.

50s and 60s:
Bloodshot! The Gaity Records Story Vol. 1 LP4597
Bloodshot! The Gaity Records Story Vol. 2 LP
Minnesota Rock-a-billy Rock Vol. 1 LP
Minnesota Rock-a-billy Rock Vol. 2 LP
Minnesota Rock-a-billy Rock Vol. 3 LP4598
Minnesota Rock-a-billy Rock Vol. 4 LP
Minnesota Rock-a-billy Rock Vol. 5 LP
Minnesota Rockers Vol. 1 CD (Collector 4428)

Cuca Records CD
Midnight in Minneapolis (Golden Wing Records- 60s Minnesota Country)
Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. 1 LP4599
Big Hits of Mid America Vol. 2 LP
Big Hits of Mid America- The Soma Story 1963-1967 2-CD set
The Soma Story Volume 1 (Shake it for Me!) LP4927
The Soma Story Volume 2 (Bright Lights, Big City) LP
The Soma Story Volume 3 (A Man’s Gotta be a Man) LP
Top Teen Bands Vol. 1 LP
Top Teen Bands Vol. 2 LP
Top Teen Bands Vol. 3LP
Midnight in Minneapolis
Country Western Hits Volume I
Country Western Hits Volume II
Country Western Hits Volume III
Money Music – The Hit Groups of Mid-America LP
Gathering at The Depot LP
Root 66: The Frozen Few- Volume One LP
Hipsville Vol. 3- Return of The Frozen Few LP
Best of Metrobeat LP
Scotty Records Story CD
Roof Garden Jamboree LP
IGL Story Vol. 1 LP
IGL Story Vol. 2 LP
Free Flight: Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-’69 2-LP set5329
jpegCandy Floss Records: Lost Music of MidAmerica CD

70s and 80s:
Big Hits of Mid America Vol. III 2-LP set
imagemgr-imageResize.jpg-product--300-product158144Big Hits of Mid America Vol. IV LP
12×8 Showcase LP
From The West Bank LP
Mini-Hits of Minneapolis LP
Barefoot and Pregnant CS and CD
Kitten CS and CD
Burger Corpse CS and CD
Hypnotic Tornado CSBlogHypnoticTornadoFront
Lung Cookies LP
Groove Monster CS
Full Swing- Pendulum Records LP
Memo (1982) CS
Live at the Lion’s Pause LP
Pause…22 Artists in Search of an Audience LP
Live at The Extemp LP 1975 Extempore Productions 1001

90s, 00s, 10s:
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 1 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 2 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 4 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 5 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 6 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 7 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 8 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 9 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 10 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 11 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 12 7″ EP
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 1-3 LP and CD
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 4-7 CD
Dope, Guns, and Fucking in the Streets Vol. 8-11 CD
Cowboy Tea Show Vol I 10″ EP
Cowboy Tea Show Vol II 10″ EP
10622756_10205406047217550_260003641223320617_nCowboy Tea Show Vol III 10″ EP
No Slow All Go CD
No Hold Back All Attack 3-LP set
Cold As Fuck LP
Here than Anywhere CD
Can You Break Through? (Skene) LP
Made in Minnesota Vol. 1 (Best Buy) CD
Made in Minnesota Vol. 2 (Best Buy) CD
Minnesota A-Z (Best Buy) 2 CD set
Regolith Vol. 1 (Moon Glyph) LP
The Tundra Sessions LP
Operation: Break Even CD
Do You Know The Secret Trousers? (Stick it to the Man / Mod Holland) CD
Twin Town High Vol. 1 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 2 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 3 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 4 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 5 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 6 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 7 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 8 CD
Twin Town High Vol. 9 CD
The Dinkytowner- In the Garage CD
Redeyed: Minneapolis Shoegaze and Dreampop 1992-1998 CD
Spit to See the Shine: Twin Cities Women Who Rocked 1987-1998 CD
Duluth Does Dylan CD
Silage: Foreclosure and Eviction CD
Minnesota Beatles Project LP and CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 1 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 2 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 3 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 4 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 5 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 6 CD
TC Electro Punk Vol. 7 CD
Atomic Theory Records 10th Anniversary Collection (1994) CD
Minneapolis Does Denver [John Denver covers] (1995)CD
Rockin’ with Minnesota’s Hall of Famers and Rookies (1998) CD
The Audiophile’s Guide to the Twin Cities Vol. 1 (2004) CD
The Audiophile’s Guide to the Twin Cities Vol. 2 (2004) CD
Twin Tone promo only release w/Harmon Killebrew on front CD
Dü Hüskers: The Twin Cities Replay Zen Arcade LP, CD, CS
Mother of All Music CD
Minneapolis Spaz 7″ EP
The Wrap-Up Vol. 1 7″ EP
The Wrap-Up Vol. 2 7″ EP
Metric House CS
Don’t Fall Asleep: A DIY Minneapolis Compilation For Daybreak Newspaper CD
7-10 Split Cassette Sampler no. 1 CS
7-10 Split Recordings Cruddy Lo-Fi Xeroxed Cassette Sampler no. 2 CS
Little Talent…Less Technology (Mod Holland/7-10 co-release) CS
The Best of Thee 3140 Club vol. 1: The Real Twin Cities Music Underground (Mod Holland) CS
Modern Radio Presents Vol. 1 7″ EP
Inside Information LP
The Rise and Fall of Midwestern Civilization (I Ate Her Records 2002) CD
Twin Cities Hardcore: Bring it Together (TC HC Journal) CD
Punks Win (2011) LP
Life of Monotony CS
Totally Gross Holiday Action (2005) mp3
U.S. Pop Life- Minnesota (Japanese CD)
Pulse of The Twin Cities presents Minnesota Homegrown (1999) CD
Art-A-Whirl (NEMAA)- 2003) CD

Big Game Hunter CD
Demonstration CD
Cabin Rave: 10,000 Homo Fishermen CD
Minnesota Electric CD 1999 (Pulse of the Twin Cities)


A Butcher’s Waltz LP 2011 (Learning Curve 035-1)
Held Hostage LCR RSD Compilation, Vol. 1
Held Hostage LCR RSD Compilation, Vol. 2
Freeloaded Wednesdays
Workman’s Comp CD 1995 (Big Money / Earmark 055)
The Greatest of All-Time #1 cassette 2014 (Forged Artifacts 017)
The Greatest Of All-Time #2 cassette 2017 (Forged Artifacts 045)
1998-Rockin’ With Minnesota’s Hall Of Famers & Rookies CD

Radio Station compilations:
KDWB- really old one LP
KDWB- All Time Dream Hits LP
KDWB- (gold prospector on the front) 2-LP set
KRSI- 2-LP set
Songwriter LP
Bar Wars LP
Stereo 101- Original Hometown Album LP
Stereo 101- Twin Cities Rocks!
KQRS92 Home Grown Rock n Roll LP
KQRS Minnesota’s Best Rock- Best of the Beat LP
KQDS- Trackin’ Up The North LP
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #1 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #2 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #3 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #4 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #5 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on AM #6 CD
KUOM- Radio K Stuck on Tape #7 CS
KCMP The Current Live Current #1 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #2 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #3 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #4 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #5 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #6 CD
KCMP The Current Live Current #7 CD
93.7 The Edge Minnesota Modern Rock CD
93.7 The Edge The Pachyderm Sessions CD
Rev-105 Revolution Radio CD
WDGY Yesterhits from Yesterday Volume Two LP

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