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BLUE HIPPOS Car Club, Minneapolis, 1960s

3 Nov

Courtesy of member Froggy, currently residing in Bayport. Member jackets were nylon, eventually upgraded to leather (natch). Froggy has a funny story of The Blue Hippos bumping Mick Jagger to the ground at Excelsior’s Reggies Danceland, at The Rolling Stones’ third-ever American show. Sorry, Mick! There were The Baldies, The Greasers, and The Blue Hippos!

front row photos The Rolling Stones, St Paul Civic Center, 1975

12 Nov

Thanks, Bob Ricci

Misc big rock star concert & band photos!

20 Sep

These are concert photos that I found in my photo albums. Some were taken by friends- Mike Reiter took the Pretenders photo at First Avenue in 1980- first tour. He took the Alice Cooper photo at the Met Center the same year. (thanks to Mike for allowing me to show these to you all) PHOTOGRAPHER UNKNOWN: The Dylan & Petty photos were taken at the Metrodome in 1986. Frank Zappa is from the St Paul Civic Center in 1980 (I had front row for that show). No idea where the Ted Nugent & Tommy Bolin photos came from. The Stones photo is from the St Paul Civic Center in 1978, and may have been from an old friend at the Pioneer Press newspaper.

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