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Ye Olde Encyclopedia of Minnesota Heavy Metal Records, tapes, CDs- pre- 1990 AD.

31 May


I consider myself an aficionado on all things Rock and Roll, especially garage, punk, and psych rock, and I love r&b, soul, funk, and disco, especially local stuff. Soul-searching recently, it dawned on me: where did all this fanaticism start? Kiss, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper…
There are TONS of great Heavy Metal bands, old and new, from Minnesota. A google search on “Minnesota Heavy Metal” quickly landed me on a photograph of a cupcake with a french fry wedged in the frosting. Greasy and sticky, but not very thorough or definitive. The evidence of any study on MN HM is quite brief out there in internet-land.
I’m really glad all the ’80s Minnesota New Wave stuff has gotten so much attention lately, and I really love Cyn Collins new book ‘Complicated Fun’. And if y’all are ready to open up a new chapter, we can start the discussion HERE.

This list is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Anything to add? Contact me.

A tip of the hat to Crow, Lightning, and White Lightning, Minnesota’s proto Metal legends, the grindcore bands like Scaphe, the zillions of bands post-1990…and today.



Coup De Grace

Dare Force


Death Squad



Dual Edge



False Oath

Hericane Alice


Iron Fist


Kublai Khan

Mondo Trasho






Rocking Horse

Slave Raider

Soilent Green

State of Mind



The Gallery of Defaced Album Covers

30 Mar











I’ve wanted to post this for a very long time. Drew Miller, the man who makes computer dreams come true, today found this set of photos taken about ten years ago. I had been setting aside the defaced albums that I had found while collecting records, intending to document them someday somehow. Along comes blog culture and retirement, and viola! I am so glad that Drew is organized enough to find these when inspired to do so. THANK YOU (AGAIN), DREW MILLER! I have literally hundreds more to present, so we are back at someday, at least we now have the somehow. Thanx to Don Bailey for hilarious submissions, too.

Note: sometimes the defacing job itself is subtle, but it can be verrrry effective this way.

Hats off to Ron Rooks, ex-owner of The Music Exchange record store in Kansas City. Ron was certainly larger than life; he dreamed of publishing a coffee table book of his defaced album cover collection. He had some doozies himself. Thanx Ron for the idea.

Another blog like this: Defaced Value

Yet another on Dangerous Minds





list of collectible Minnesota Jazz vinyl LP records (and 45s!*)

4 Nov

I’m gonna need A LOT of help here. Please comment with additions, and I’ll include them, OK?


February 28, 1974 Down Beat Magazine thanks, Danny Beck


Bill Antholz Misty Moods LP UA 135-11188


Artport Artport LP 1982 (no label) APW-0001

Eddie Berger Be Bop and Soda LP 1982 Uptown Records 004

Eddie Berger Live at Williams Pub LP 1977 Uptown Records 003

Eddie Blue Out of the Blue with Eddie Blue LP Gaity Records 606

Blue Freedom’s New Art Transformation  Blue Freedom’s New Art Transformation LP 1972 Shi Shi Wu Ai Records #1

Jimmy Bowman Sings Bobby Williams LP Jaybo Records

Reginald Buckner New Tides In Music Sound 80 Records 420


Crossover self-titled LP Atomic Theory Records 1002

Bob Davis Quartet Jazz From the North Coast LP 1957 Zephyr Records 22001


Roberta Davis For the Record LP 1975 Cookhouse Records 7328


Mike Elliott Atrio LP Celebration Records 5003

Mike Elliott Trio City Traffic LP 1977 Celebration Records 5007

Mike Elliott Diffusion LP Celebration Records 5702

Mike Elliott Solo Guitar LP 1981 Celebration Records 5881

Doc Evans Dixieland Concert Vol. 1-3 three diff LPs Soma Records

Doc Evans Encore LP Soma Records

Doc Evans Blues in Dixieland 10″ LP Joco Records 3302

Manfredo Fest After Hours LP 1972 Daybreak Records 2012

Manfredo Fest Brazilian Dorian Dream LP 1976 T & M Productions 51040 (reissued on CD by Omega Music of Poland)

Manfredo Fest Manifestations LP 1979 Tabu Records 35636

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Improvisations (Being Free) LP Shi Shi Wu Ai Records #2

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Hah! LP 1977 Hat Hut Records

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble The Constant Extension Of Inescapable Tradition LP 1978 Hat Hut Records

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Against the Betrayers LP 1980 Shi Shi Wu Ai Records #3

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Lucid Anarchists (meat with two potatoes) LP 1981 Shi Shi Wa Ai Records #4

Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble Get Down! Shove It! It’s Tango Time! LP 1986 Shi Shi Wa Ai Records #5


Flim and The BBs self-titled 1978 Sound 80 Records 102

Hall Brothers Jazz Band The Hall Brothers Jazz Band LP GHB Records 11

Hall Brothers New Orleans Jazz Band Jazz Concert – Emporium of Jazz LP 1971 Jazz Records 7202


Kenny HorstKenny Horst LP 1981 Pulse Records  AM 13001

Percy Hughes with The Red Wolfe Quartet I Remember Judy LP POD Records 1005

Bobby Jackson Cafe Extra-Ordinaire Story LP 1977 Ninth Note Records 007 (reissued 2010 by Jazzman Records)

Bobby Jackson Desriee Song LP 1978 Ninth Note Records NN2


*Bobby Jackson Walk In With Me / Tails Out 45RPM Ninth Note Records ‎– NN-3

Debra Joyce self-titled LP 1977 Fly by Nite Records JS-2

Steve Kimmel Trio ‎On The Set LP 1979 Wranebeau ‎– 99006, Moon Sound ‎– 79 X 103

Steve Kimmel  Writes Music For The Nancy Hauser Dance Company LP Wranebeau ‎– LPS-9904


Bruce Kurnow Mystery LP 1982 The Musical Experience 01012

Bobby Lyle Trio 1960s Minnesota demo disc promotional record LP

Carol Martin For the First Time LP Mar Key Records 7156

Carole Martin The Music that Makes Me Dance LP Air Trac Records 141011

Joe McPhee, Milo Fine, Steve Gnitka Mfg in Minnesota LP 1978 Hat Records


Mendota Buzzards Dixieland from the Deep North 2 LP set Zephyr Records 12008

Mill City Seven The Mill City Seven LP Jazzology 19

Pat Moriarty and Phil Hey Let them All Come 1977 Min Records


Natural Life All Music LP 1977 Celebration/ASI Records 5006

Natural Life Unnamed Land LP Celebration/ASI Records 5005

Gunnar Olness Gunnar Olness LP  1967 Go Records 101

Original Tangletown Ramblers Dixieland Band s/t LP 1982 no label 8205

Peter Ostroushko Buddies of Swing LP 1987 Red House

Penumbra & Terry Grant In Touch LP 1976 Hot Steps Records

Billy Peterson Band Threshold of Surrender LP 1981 Celebration Records 5010

Jeanne Arland Peterson Jeanne Arland Peterson Celebration Records CB 5004


Pig’s Eye Computer and Traditional Jass Society Joys of Jass LP  Douglas Dynamics 721021

Linda Peterson Too Late to Leave Early LP 1981 Celebration Records 5015

Herb Pilhofer Octet Jazz North Coast Vol 2 LP Zephyr Records 12013

Herb Pilhofer Spaces LP 1979 Sound 80 Records 103

Herb Pilhofer Composer Arranger Producer LP Sound 80 Records 213

Herb Pilhofer Instant Production Music Vol 3 LP 1976

Herb Pilhofer Olympus One LP Good Sounds Records 101

Tom Prin Trio Even Par LP Even Par Records 101

Tom Prin Trio Here, There and Everywhere LP Sound 80 Records 358-2384

Tom Prin Trio Two for the Road LP Sound 80 Records 571-3106

Reuben Ristrom Trio I Love Guitar LP POD Records 1004

Robert Rockwell III Androids LP Celebration Records 5002

Bill Samuels Sing’n ‘n Swing’n LP Gaity Records 88406


Bobby Schnitzer Stingin’ LP 1984 The Musical Experience 05294


Carl ‘Doc’ Severinsen with The Osseo High School Band self-titled LP 1966 Ark 6266

Tommy Tipton Full of Song LP DBT Records 217


*Maurice Turner On the Street Where You Live b/w The Bass That Walked To Town 7-inch single Studio City Records SC 1013

Ted Unseth And The De Stijlistics Jazz Age Septet 1985 Deficit 8501


Viking Jazz Ensemble 1980 LP 1980 Park Music/Sound 80 S80-1642

Whole Earth Rainbow Band What’s A WERB? LP Wranebeau Records 99005

Whole Earth Rainbow Band Concerpt LP 1972 Wranebeau Records 1329

Whole Earth Rainbow Band Whole Earth Rainbow Band LP 1972 Wranebeau Records #S80-362-2382S

Whole Earth Rainbow Band A Piece of Window LP Wrane Beau Records 33005

Irv Williams Mr. Smooth- A Bit of Ellington & and Others LP 1974 Cookhouse Studios 7313

Morris Wilson play Morris Wilson LP MoWil Records 31329

Morris Wilson Fantasy Island LP MoWil Records 38463


*Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet ‎– Pauls Ark / Ya-Kum-Ba 45RPM Extra-Ordinaire Records ‎– UA-504-47850

Shirley Witherspoon Shirley Witherspoon LP 1985 Shirell Records 1

Red Wolfe’s Port of Dixie Jazz Band Readin’ Writin’ & Rhythm! 1980 POD Records 1002

Red Wolfe Quartet Jubilee LP 1982 POD Records 1003

Steve Wright Big Band Take Two LP 1981 self-released

Thanx to Mark Trehus for images & encouragement.

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