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THE PINS- Here’s a place to pin stuff up. GoJohnnyGo FEATURE #5

12 Feb

A-1070223-1429405036-3673.jpegConsidering Minnesota’s reputation for housing a well-studied stock of inhabitants with a large college scene seconded only to Boston, it would follow that The Twin Towns should have a prodigious and well known art-rock scene. It doesn’t.

Enter THE PINS. I truly love The Pins’ music, and I consider them the most underrated band ever from Minnesota. The Pins were often mesmerizing, completely captivating, and constantly interesting.

I first heard about The Pins from Minnesota music guru Tom Berglund. The band’s name was simple, utilitarian, ambiguous, and evocative. Tom’s friend Jim Boulware played bass, and worked at Roadrunner Records, a great retail record store in South Minneapolis.



Add Beth Van Dam– their statuesque Rock Star drummer.



Plus Rich Barlow– British, but he spent time growing up in an apartment complex where I delivered newspapers in my early teens, close to 3M Headquarters–a guitarist extrordinaire.



Throw in Steve Shaskan– man of mystery and artistic giant on keyboards.



SO MANY GREAT RECORDS, SONGS, PERFORMANCES! ‘Eleanor’, “Gray Rainbow”, in-store appearances, film soundtracks, taking the cake at Heliotrope, Minnesota’s annual experimental music event. So many unreleased & mostly-unheard recording sessions…


Discogs page


BLUE HIPPOS Car Club, Minneapolis, 1960s

3 Nov

Courtesy of member Froggy, currently residing in Bayport. Member jackets were nylon, eventually upgraded to leather (natch). Froggy has a funny story of The Blue Hippos bumping Mick Jagger to the ground at Excelsior’s Reggies Danceland, at The Rolling Stones’ third-ever American show. Sorry, Mick! There were The Baldies, The Greasers, and The Blue Hippos!

Stu Bridge’s gig flyer & poster collection

7 Jan

Almost all from Minneapolis, there’s one from Detroit and one from New Orleans. Thanx, Stu!BlogPosterABCBlogPosterBenDayDotsBlogPosterCharlieBurtonBlogPosterCurtissAReplacementsBlogPosterEnglishBeatBlogPosterFingerprintsBlogPosterFirstAveCalendar1980BlogPosterFridleysBlogPosterHuskerDuAmusementStatuesBlogPosterHuskerDuJan10BlogPosterHuskerDuMay14BlogPosterHuskerDuMDCBlogPosterHuskerDuSept910BlogPosterInsiderMagCoverNNBBlogPosterJohnCaleBlogPosterJonnyIIIBlogPosterM80partyBlogPosterM80pinkBlogPosterOvertonesBlogPosterOvertonesVictimsBlogPosterRaybeatsBlogPosterRaybeatsBeatExchangeBlogPosterReplacementsDadsBlogPosterSuburbsPhones

Duck Kicking Vulture ‎ ‘Ghosts of Dead Mice’ cassette album

19 Nov





Kevin Odegard ‘Silver Lining’ 1975 LP

10 Oct




WHO IS THIS MINNESOTA BAND?- ASI Studios’ Mystery Group #1

8 Jun


I’m guessing this is from 1976-1978. Unlabeled demo tape found in the stash of ASI Studio reels. Two tracks you can check out (with cut-off endings).

Come On Come On

track two was CONFIRMED by Gregg Inhofer: PEPPER FOG Please let the Sunshine

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