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Mystery Minnesota AOR & Metal radio- play PLEASE HELP IDENTIFY

4 Jun

These five sound clips were recorded off the radio show TWIN CITIES BEAT in the early 1980s? One has been identified as the band SNAPS- do you recognize the others?

“Love on the Line” mystery MN local early 80s metal

“My Baby’s Gone” mystery MN local early 80s metal

“On My Own Again” mystery MN local early 80s metal

“You” mystery MN local early 80s metal

“Marilyn (She Looks a Lot Like You)” Snaps

Golden Swann Gospel Singers ‘There’s Going to Be a Pay Day’ LP

15 Aug

From Minnesota, recorded in Mississippi. 1980s, Gospel Time Records 109.



eight tracks here

JWWB ‘Expressions’ 1980s Minnesota Black Gospel LP.

15 Aug



nine tracks here 

Remainder ‘Improvisational Technique’ LP. Early 1980s.

15 Aug

Recorded by Doug Remly at Remly Studios, Minneapolis.


six tracks here

1980s media player porn

10 Sep

Thanks, dad. Anybody out there even know what this is or does? Please let me know. Sure looks cool, kinda James Bond-like, right?BlogMediaPorn6








East Side Punks, 1979 – 1984

15 Apr

Thanx Joe Meier, Michelle LaBossiere Jorgenson, Mike Phillips, Wade Johnson, Mike Reiter, Mike Nilles, Brad Johnson, Darrell Schuster and Jim Wallin for the photos. 16602_715771915123457_969985297_n155336_379708882105371_1981872588_n




300x300Reactors-1979-06 Reactors-1979-01 Reactors-1979-03 essc1 essc2 essc3 essc4 essc5 JKBlogChrisAnderson



BlogDavidHolt2sddefault971656_715771371790178_1478498946_nA-1661802-1426292204-5804.jpegFB_IMG_1433774393821A-2807740-1428963718-2910.jpegA-4299979-1426431805-1604.jpeg 3873_1163763935016_8025646_nblogsmart-alex-longhorn-dix-pixpics-2010-138 255521_3743425340319_3851005_n 1928918_101737249837448_843392_nBlogDavidHolt1

Beth Wakefield

Bob Schrenkler

Brad Johnson

Bryan Chuhel

Chris Anderson

Coleen Ashton

Dale Schuster

Dan Miggler

Darrell Schuster

Dave Holt

Dave Yapel

Diana Hague

Dean Johnson

Glenn Krausmann

Heather Kaudy

Henry Hormann

Jackie Sullivan

Jeannie Sullivan

Jimmy Wallin

Joe Meier

Joel Ruiz

John Ammentorp

John Kass

John Ohr

Jon Spencer

Kathie Lee

Maria Larson

Mark Freisis

Mark Madden

Mark Reiter

Mark Ruka

Marty Kearney

Mary Halberg

Matt Johnson

Michelle LaBossiere

Michelle Ruka

Mike Giefer

Mike Hawes

Mike O’Connor

Mike Phillips

Mike Reiter

Pat Ashton

Patty O’Connor

Perry Narducci

Phil Voerding

Roger Debace

Rory Schoenheider

Scott Bushinski

Scott Finholt

Scott Grubich

Scott Peterson

Steve Misukanis

Steve Nelsen

Terri Schuler

Todd Brutlag

Tom Mooseburger

Tom O’Connor

Vince Karshnia

Wade Johnson

who am I forgetting?

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