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Breaking Circus: Ice Machine and Smoker’s Paradise, 1986 1987

18 Jun

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   Formed in 1986, the band recorded for Homestead Records, this album originally had 12 songs recorded for the project, but the band was informed the label would only pay for six recordings. The band saved the rest for a follow-up EP entitled Smoker’s Paradise, released in 1987.

Any of the tracks listed here could have easily fit right in with one of those great John Hughes films, you know the type; filled with love, teenage angst, rich bratty teens in their prime.

The band broke up in 1987……..

Song of the South

Ancient Axes


Baskets & Clocks

Laid So Low

Took a Hammering


Swept Blood


Gun Shy

Evil Last Night


The Tranques: Heavy Whispers b/w Bleedin’ Eyes 7″ single, 1987

14 May

Metallic punk from St Paul, Minnesota, their only release. The recordings are actually from the third Willful Neglect album that was recorded in 1984, only without Wade Calhoon on vocals. Only 500 copies of this title were pressed. This was the second single released on the Prospective label.

The Tranques

Heavy Whispers

Bleedin’ Eyes



Meim Noone: Like Before b/w Hard and Tough 7″ single, 1987

30 Apr

The one and only 7″ single released by the St Paul, Minnesota band in 1987. Featuring Roger DeBace and Scott Peterson of Willful Neglect and released on Prospective Records cat# 515, there were 500 copies pressed upon its release. To purchase this title just follow the link here. This is the first record on the Prospective Records label.



Like Before

Hard & Tough




Disturbed: old demo cassette, 1987

19 Apr

Disturbed were a metal band from Minnesota during the 1980s. We came across this six song demo and really wanted to share this with you! The band consisted of:

Earl Root: All Guitars & b/u vox hellnoize & screams

James Odegard: Vocals & hellnoize

Mike Nelson: Drums & Thunder

Gregg Bleaker: Bass & Rumble

This recording was made on June 15th, 1987 and had been together about month at the time of recording. There are six songs total on the demo ready to thump your ears and wake them up!











1. Kill ‘Em (Before they X)

2. Tear it Apart

3. I Don’t Kare

4. What the Fuck!?!

5. Comatose

6. Bought & Sold

We would like to thank Nancy Root for allowing us to share this with you.

Willie the Lizard & Vince Wallander’s 1st Pink Floyd Special on KFAI Fresh Air Radio’s ‘Monkey Island’ program, 1987

17 Feb
The flyer above is for the follow-up show, which I’ll post later. Mastered from a series of cassettes. Thanks to THE LIZARD for granting me permission to post this. Vince, if you find this, please contact me.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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