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It Figures: ’12’ LP, 1988

21 Jan

From New Hampshire. Their 3rd release, which features Rick Twombly of Heavens to Murgatroid fame.

It Figures


Crash and Burn

(It’s a) Madhouse

Now They’re the Slaves


Sorry Starts with S

The Hypnotist

Pull the Wool



Mechanical Me



The Swingin’ Teens – ‘Step Out and Meet Allah’ 12″ EP, 1988

21 Jan

OG Punk Rock from Iowa, their 2nd release, later repackaged as a “limited edition” (50 copies) as a double LP with the ‘Transfixation’ LP. 1000 copies originally pressed on vinyl. Also released on cassette.

swingin teens allah

15 Miles from Nowhere

Swingin’ Teens Theme

I’m Loose

Say Goodbye

Bone Club – Day I Died b/w Six Feet Underground 7″ single, 1989

21 Jan

This 1989 debut release from the St. Paul grunge band was originally released on the Prospective label, but was later re-released on the Rocket Sound Records label. The band went on to release records on many different labels worldwide, including CD/12-inch EP on major label Imago Records. There were 1000 copies pressed of the original, and of those, 500 came with hand-screened cover with different colors.

bone club

Six Feet Underground

Day I Died



Big Red Ball: It’s Up to You b/w Madamme Grey 7″ single, 1991

21 Jan

bigredballThis is the bands debut release on the Prospective label, cat# 500……Indie Pop that still holds up today.

It’s Up to You

Madamme Grey




Spare Snare: Wired for Sound b/w Bugs 7″ single, 1996

18 Aug


From Dundee, Scotland. This is the third release from the band, give this little gem a spin. Recorded live on Radio K in Minneapolis.

Wired for Sound


Colfax Abbey: Chameleon b/w Silver – 1994

6 Aug


Shoegazer DreamPop from Minneapolis; Colfax Abbey offered up this debut release for The Prospective label. One listen to this quiet yet roaring piece of sonic pleasure and you will understand why they were in the lead. I have heard the word “Droning” many times being used to describe the band’s trademark sound; graciously I agree.



Follow the link below and get your copy today!


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