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various artists ‘A Christmas Gift from Garage D’or 1995-1996’ cassette

21 Oct



Garage D’or Christmas cassettes 1997 and 1998

25 Nov

Garage D’or was a great record store in Minneapolis from 1985-the early ’00s. Every holiday season they would give out cassette compilations of highlights from the past year’s in-store performances to their regular customers. I booked a lot of these in-stores while working as a sales rep for ADA, including the early Modest Mouse performance before they were well-known. These tapes are a great snapshot of the local scene & indie rock in general. Some in-stores where packed to the gills, other were sparsely attended. Trans Am was the loudest.  Thanks to Garage D’or honcho Terry Katzman of garagedor.com for granting me permission to post these, and to Angie for supplying the tapes- who knows where my copies ended up?

1997 cassette SIDE ONE

1997 cassette SIDE TWO

1998 cassette

Cool posters I’ve found Vol. VI

21 Oct
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