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The Mystery Surfers ‘White Bear Surf’

2 Jul

I found these songs on some recordable acetate 78RPM records. They came in the GJG retail store in White Bear Lake. Nobody knows who are on these recordings. Sound quality is “warts and all”. Band and album titles courtesy of me!

Blog78LabelOuter Limits/Twist and Shout

Medley: Blue Moon/Wipe Out/Pipeline

Outer Limits #2

Outer Limits #3

Outer Limits #4

Slatz Randall & His Orchestra Minnesota Hot Jazz 78RPM from 1930

13 Sep

I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that there are local records from 80 years ago! Tom Novak lent me his copy of the various artists compilation “Twin City Shuffle 1927-1930”, which was released on the Arcadia Records label in the early 1980s. I found a copy on ebay, and now my own personal copy is on its way to me from Connecticut.  The liner notes are interesting, the music scene seemed to revolve around 7th & Hennepin in Minneapolis, but many of the recordings were made in St Paul too. The two sides of Slatz Randall’s 78 are only part of the 16 total tracks on the LP. I transferred Tom’s copy to mp3, enjoy some old local music.



photo courtesy of Penny Little

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