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Colfax Abbey: Chameleon b/w Silver – 1994

6 Aug


Shoegazer DreamPop from Minneapolis; Colfax Abbey offered up this debut release for The Prospective label. One listen to this quiet yet roaring piece of sonic pleasure and you will understand why they were in the lead. I have heard the word “Droning” many times being used to describe the band’s trademark sound; graciously I agree.



Follow the link below and get your copy today!


Cool posters I found vol. V

17 Oct

Colfax Abbey on-air performances at REV-105

23 Aug

Shoegaze monsters Colfax Abbey grew at such a fast pace once they got started, they went from opening in The 7th Street Entry to national tours in what seemed months. In concert, they perfected something I’ve never seen beforehand or since: even as the band was blissfully noisy & washed in droning sheets of sound, they were quiet, and you could carry on a conversation right in front of them. It was inviting & personal, yet very polished and produced sounding. Unique. Their two CDs & 7″ single are nothing short of beautiful. Thanks to Mark Margosian for giving me the go-ahead to present these.



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