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ST-37: Gypsy’s Curse b/w Crab Nebula 7″ single, 1993

3 Jul

gypsy's cursePsychedelic space-punk straight out of Texas and, like Texas, this is huge. ‘Out-there’ without boring you to tears like some bands tend to do with this genre. This is their first release for Prospective, cat# 595, in which 700 copies were pressed. Follow this link to score a copy of this “must have” piece of vinyl.  http://gojohnnygo.com/as_for-sale&product_category=447&productID=165358

Gypsy’s Curse

Crab Nebula

Third Eye – Sunshine b/w Face Creeping 7″ single, 1991

21 May

This is Third Eye’s second release on the Prospective Records label. Grunge garage rock from 1991, the label released 700 copies of this title with 500 of those on yellow vinyl. The Minneapolis-via-Austin, MN band eventually changed their name to Green Machine. Recorded at Underground Studios, “Sunshine” written by Sean Miland & Face Creeping written by Sean Miland and Pat Kallemeyn, cat# PRS-552

Bass Guitar – Pat Kallemeyn
Drums – Mike Swank
Guitar, Vocals – Sean Miland
Organ – Dave Krejci

Third Eye

Face Creeping

Third Eye second cassette- five songs, January 1990

28 Nov

Digging further into the Austin, Minnesota music scene (see the Draghounds post previous to this), I present the Third Eye, who were the most out-there-experimental of the gaggle of groups that headed to Minneapolis from Southern Minnesota in the late 80s (Draghounds, Gear Daddies, etc). A friend who grew up in the Austin, MN scene is considering his own blog about the music of this time and place, I’m crossing my fingers he will do it. I’m still looking for the first Third Eye tape, but this one shows the band losing some of their garage-pop sensibilities & turning into something somewhat more, ahem, “sinister”.  The Third Eye released two 7″ singles, of which the first was a three-song 7″ culled from this five-song tape, I’ve included the other two tracks for you here. The lineup on this cassette included Jason Sack pre-Beyond Zebra on bass & original drummer Mike Swank. The Third Eye eventually changed their name to The Green Machine, who released another 7″ single & two CDs. Sean Miland & Dave Krejci continue to make mind-bending experimental psychedelia- hats off to ’em! Thanks to guitarist-singer Sean Miland for giving me the go-ahead to put there here for you to listen to.

Nerves (instrumental)

About to Crack

Green Machine’s Facebook page

12-22-10: I just found an “official” version of this tape, complete with artwork. This version (minus the song “Nerves”) was available for sale in local record stores for a short time.

The Draghounds- two cassettes from 1987 and 1988

8 Nov

The Draghounds roared out of Austin, Minnesota in the mid-1980s along with The Gear Daddies & The Third Eye. I have a friend named Chris who claims that The Draghounds were “like gods”, they played all kinds of wild musical events & parties in southern Minnesota, even at High School dances. They put out a 7″ single (culled from the 1988 tape- “Never Live Without” made it to vinyl), a double LP, some CDs and A TON of cassettes. Bassist Davin Odegaard eventually joined the Rank Strangers; singer/guitarist Mike Nicolai has put out a grip of solo releases, and spends his time in the other Austin, you know, the one in Texas. Thanks to Mike for granting me permission to post some oh his earliest recordings here, all three are from the 1988 tape. Included here is a tiny letter that Mike wrote to Ed Ackerson & I when he submitted the tape- it is written on the back of a matchbook cover.

Here’s another Draghounds cassette I found

Never Live Without

Naked Transit


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