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Gangbe Brass Band of Benin- Live 4-14-07 on KFAI Fresh Air Radio at Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis

21 Jan

Thanx to OTIS for recording.


Part One

Part Two

Dave Ray & Tony Glover live at Walker Church on KFAI Fresh Air Radio, May 9, 1984

17 Nov


Thanx to John Rudoff for the killer photo.

Thanx, OTIS, for recording this. Hilarious to hear The Rabbit hustling for donation money. The fact that Tony is still hopping around town is living proof that GIANTS WALK AMONG US.

Here ya go

KFAI: ‘Monkey Island’ program– Pink Floyd Radio Show, 1988

28 Jun

PINKFLOYD88  Aired in 1988 and DJ’d by Willie the Lizard & Vince Wallander. All things Pink Floyd, solo, and Syd Barrett! Turn off your mind relax and float down stream and enjoy!



KFAI: Adrenalin Solution program- 12-24-1982 post-punk when it was a new thing

29 May

This is a great radio show featuring the best in post-punk and local music that Minnesota had to offer at the time. DJ T.B. had a blast doing the show and it’s a pleasure to lay this down for you in the blog! Grab you favorite knock-back,  sit back, relax and enjoy!

Adrenalin Solution Part One https://archive.org/details/1Tomcd1

Adrenalin Solution Part Two https://archive.org/details/2Tomcd2

Adrenalin Solution Part Three  https://archive.org/details/3Tomcd3

Adrenalin Solution Part Four https://archive.org/details/4Tomcd4


Ultra-Rare Rockabilly 45s played on the radio, 1985

25 May

111229rocker9-22-85. Thanks to KFAI, Zuzu Spadaccini, Vern Sanden, & Mark Trehus for broadcasting this & allowing me to present it in the internet age.







KFAI- Fresh Air Radio- Rock of Rages 10-26-85 interview with Impaler

30 Mar

RAWK! Thanks to Jon Copeland for granting permission to post this.

PART 1- 33 minutes

PART 2- 37 minutes

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