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various artists ‘Hipsville Vol. 3’ LP

13 Oct


Hipsville3CDtray copy



Collectible Minnesota Black Gospel LPs

19 Jan

Please post any additions in the comments, and I’ll update the list.


Thelma Buckner and The House of Refuge Choir Reach Me a Hand LP Narthex Records 827N-4579/80

The Cantinos of St. Peters A.M.E Church Vol. I LP


The Cantinos of St. Peters A.M.E Church Touch Me- Vol.II LP Melody Recording 608

IMG_0508Davis, Josie and Praise Obeying the Call LP SB 0004

R-3040424-1312935839.jpegSam Davis and The Gospel Ensemble Keep on Praising Him LP 1981 Cada Records 8005

R-3394431-1328708757.jpegSam Davis and The Twin Cities Gospel Ensemble I’ve Been Changed LP 1980 Cada Records 3-79


Evangelist Crusaders a good source claims there is one more records released previous to these:

Evangelist Crusaders In The Beginning God LP Univeral Audio Corporation UAS-542-48690

Evangelist Crusaders Just Jesus LP 1979 Browntown Records 2000



Golden Swann Gospel Singers There’s Going to Be a Pay Day LP Gospel Time Records 109

R-6923657-1431233922-6946.jpegGospel Choirs United I’ll Be a Witness LP Cada Records 8002

Gospel Crusaders Quartet Present Go Down To Jordan KNOF Records SKR-LP 1016

Gospel Swanns Gospel Singers There’s Going to be a Pay Day LP Gospel Time Records 00109

Greater Sabathani Baptist Church Mass Choir The Little Church with the Big Heart LP no label

Vera Jean Jenkins and The Charlamettes Jesus is So Real LP 1974 Revelation/ASI 7007



JWWB Expressions LP


Danny L. & The Brewerettes As For Me And My Household — We Will Serve The Lord LP no label or number




Macedonia Baptist Church Mass Choir I’ve Got a Light- M.B.C. Mass Choir in Concert LP 1980 Cada Records 8003

Metropolitan Male Chorus of Minnesota He Has Done Great Things LP no label 11370

Minneapolis Gospel Temple House Of Refuge LP KNOF Records SKR-LP-1159

Mount Olivet Celestial Choir Sings LP Sound 80 Records 853-37805 (Cynthia Johnson sings on this)

James Murray Command Performances LP Narthex Records 7506

John Patton Black Spirituals and Art Songs LP Narthex Recording Records 4582

Sounds of Blackness Images of Blackness LP Sound 80 Records 719-35765

Sounds of Blackness Images II LP no label 08116

Sounds of Blackness The Night Before Christmas- A Musical Fantasy LP ASI Records 398

R-6938779-1429974684-3481.jpegJ.D. Steele and Rance Majestic ChoirJesus Is Everything LP 1981 Cada Records 8004

Tom Tipton Hymns My Mother Taught Me LP Sparrow Productions 217

1230057_633167470050569_1065592394_nZion Senior Choir Give Me Jesus LP 1975 Narthex Records 7503

Special thanks to Raoul Benavides, Eric Foss, Tim Schloe, & Mark Trehus for filling in some detail here. Y’all got the spirit!

The Gallery of Defaced Album Covers

30 Mar











I’ve wanted to post this for a very long time. Drew Miller, the man who makes computer dreams come true, today found this set of photos taken about ten years ago. I had been setting aside the defaced albums that I had found while collecting records, intending to document them someday somehow. Along comes blog culture and retirement, and viola! I am so glad that Drew is organized enough to find these when inspired to do so. THANK YOU (AGAIN), DREW MILLER! I have literally hundreds more to present, so we are back at someday, at least we now have the somehow. Thanx to Don Bailey for hilarious submissions, too.

Note: sometimes the defacing job itself is subtle, but it can be verrrry effective this way.

Hats off to Ron Rooks, ex-owner of The Music Exchange record store in Kansas City. Ron was certainly larger than life; he dreamed of publishing a coffee table book of his defaced album cover collection. He had some doozies himself. Thanx Ron for the idea.

Another blog like this: Defaced Value

Yet another on Dangerous Minds





Tribute to the Minnesota Record Man- a paean to the hustler

17 Nov

The land of 10 billion records has some tall characters with their wondrous tales of record exploitation. Their genius and flaws shine brightly with an luminance of comedy and tragedy; their stories project theater of the mind at its highest form. Online or in person- they are the modern equivalent of the dime-store novel’s outlaw gunfighter, the Italian mobster, or the 6AM stoned rhyming pimp. The crowd hushes to a whisper as they enter the Record Show- it’s him! he’s here! The Record Man!

Here is a link list of all Minnesota’s trve playas (*brick and mortar included):

Hall of Fame

Amos & Ira Heilicher
Don Leary
Vern Sanden
Earl Root
Kent Hazen
Mark Trehus*
Ryan Cameron
Jim Oldsberg
John Beggs*
Hymie Peterson*
Al Brown*
Freddy Fresh
Tom Novak
Keith Covart*
Richard Wozniak
George Powell

The Rest

Extreme Noise*
Tune Town*
Tim’s Music Shop
The Corduroy Carrot
Safe as Milk
Taly Ho Enterprises
Record Highs
Mr Zeros*
Vintage Music*
Car and Record Heaven
Fifth Element*
Urban Lights*
Know Name*
Down in the Valley*
Hi Fi Sound*
Record Collectors CoOp*
Jeffs Music Exchange
Tonka Tunes*
Rice Street Music*
Best of Times*
Homestead Pickin’ Parlor*
Laurie Booksellers*
Book House Dinkytown*
B-Squad Vintage*
Curb Browse and Buy*

The Ferrets “Record Man”

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