Fun record images

2 May

Family photos 1959-1974

19 Nov

Earliest memories

-Riding in a stroller that was shaped like a blue race car at the 1965 World’s Fair, New York City.
-Feeding a calf with an oversized milk bottle in Spencer, South Dakota.
-Playing with the game Cootie at a friend’s house in Freehold, New Jersey.
-Getting lost in the woods behind 23 Terrence Tearrace in Freehold.
-Watching soap operas with the babysitter in Freehold.
-Picking up dinner at the back door of Fredericis’s Pizza, Freehold.
-Latin Mass & submarine sandwiches in Freehold.
-Watching a friend dance on a folding chair to the song “Hanky Panky” played on WABC Radio, Freehold.
-Standing up in my crib, and eventually figuring out how to climb out, on Gravel Hill Road, Freehold.
-Shyly dancing to 45s at my cousin’s house, Kenton, Ohio.
-Riding in my dad’s 1964 Chevy while going over a tall bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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