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Early 1980s hard-rock/boogie vinyl LP recorded in St Paul: ZINK

4 Dec

The ZINK LP was a studio project by some Minnesota bar band and studio veterans, recorded at Fed DeVir’s basement studio in St Paul, MN. Written and put together by deft guitarist Steve Wellens, it also featured vocals and drums by Paul “Rock” Ducharme, who was Warren Kendrick’s ‘hired gun’ drummer at Warren’s Audio City Studio a few years earlier. Steve was in a couple of bar bands Runner and Brazz (see the song “Bolero for Brazz” on the Zink LP), and Paul was in Rigel from 1977-81, and played on the ZOSER 7″ “Dark of the Morning” that Warren released on the Hexagon label, which also released the second Litter LP. Paul has some recent recordings made in his home studio up on SoundCloud here. Here is what Steve is up to now.

Thanks to Steve and Paul for the go-ahead to post these songs, what a cool obscure Twin Cities LP!

Coffee Can Do It

Home Tonight

Bolero for Brazz


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