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Garrick: Hardcore/Soft Touch

30 Oct


Well with Halloween just around the corner we thought it would be fun to post this album. Not scary, not evil at all, it’s what I call a “Ghost” nothing to be found on the internet, nobody that I know has heard of it. I call it “basement” music; John calls it “Bar” music. Either way when you listen to this you picture yourself either hanging around a pool table in a smokey basement or bar. The typical Midnight movie fare, you know a bunch of rail thin long haired women in halter tops and a bunch of drunk cowboy bikers, playing like they are the kings of the block or room, cigarettes rolled up in their T-shirt sleeves.

Some songs could be deemed as “boogie” Canned Heat music, some awkward ballad blues music and like I said some independent Midnight Movie music. LoFi or HiFi doesn’t really matter, listen and just use your imagination.


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