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Hollyhock Ballroom redux: a few added notes

11 Feb

There would be no inspiration for GoJohnnyGo’s blog if it wasn’t for Tom Tourville’s seemingly endless work ethic in digging up rock roots around the Northern Plains and beyond. Hard to believe that it’s now been 36 years since Tom’s first book appeared- a discography of Minnesota early Rock and Roll 45s & LPs called ‘Minnesota Rocked!’. Hats off to him! The second edition of Tom’s Hollyhock Ballroom book is available here: www.tomsmidwestpublications.com or amazon.


Mike Barkley grew up dancing and sneaking into the Hollyhock in Hatfield, Minnesota- 160 miles from Minneapolis. Mike has been collecting clippings about his old haunt himself, and that’s what I’ve included here. Most will be found documented in Tom’s book, but Mike has a few goodies not seen elsewhere but here. Thanks, Mike!


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