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The Reactors: Harding High School, 1979

20 Oct


397907_234422859974251_2119448228_n800101ReactorsThe first punk rock band from the East Side of St. Paul. How cool is this for a High School concert? If you went to Harding, check this little gem out, or even if you didn’t……BIG THANKS to Mike Phillips (guitarist and leader) for allowing me to present stuff from the band that changed my life. (LISTEN AT THE LINK BELOW- WARNING: PROFANITY)

Mike Phillips – guitar
Jimmy Wallin– bass
John Ohr- lead vocals
Steve Nelsen– drums
Roger DeBace– guitar

Mike went on to play in Sonny Vincent & The Extreme. Jimmy and Roger went on to speed things up with Willful Neglect. Steve Nelsen played drums in Shatterproof (MCA Records), The Sedgwicks, and many others.

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Sovreign- hard rock cover band from East Side of St Paul 1977

23 Aug

(left to right)

Dean Johnson- drums

Tom Neubauer- vocals

Robb Anderson- guitar

Marty Kearney- bass, vocals

Sovreign were Harding High School’s greatest offering of 1970s rock and roll. They practiced in basements on Minnehaha & Howard St, then on Third Street across from the school, even in Mrs. Wilhelm’s basement for a year! The seven songs presented here are cover versions of songs made famous by Montrose, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, and Johnny Winter. The photos shown were taken at the Third St practice space- note the Zig Zag guy on the wall. Dino went on to drum for St Paul Power Poppers Smart Alex (see earlier blog posting), Marty had a career in the music biz for over a dozen years. These songs and photos present a better snapshot of that lost age of the East Side Rock than I ever could have hoped to show you. Thanks to Marty Kearney for giving me permission to present Sovreign to you again.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND these are basement practice tapes from 1977, as played by high school-age musicians…the recordings are primitive, and I think they’re pretty great!

Rock Candy

Free Bird


Wild Horses

Self Destructive Blues/All I Need


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