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Dutch Oven: Whammy b/w Ellen 7″ single 1992

23 Jul

Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven presents themselves as Indie rock from Minneapolis and this piece of vinyl was the only one released on the Prospective label. “Whammy” has a few interesting elements to it: Part Quentin Tarantino soundtrack, part garage band and just the right amount of lazy. It reminds me of one those of Neil Young song’s where at first listen you are thinking to yourself “was that guitar note out of tune?” and then you realized that either way it doesn’t matter, it works.


Mary Ellen

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Dutch Oven March 1991 six-song cassette

9 Sep

This great workmen (& work-person) -like Indie Rock band of the early 1990s was a super-group of sorts featuring Chris Hesler (Nova Mob) & John Gerlach (Big Red Ball & Lifter Puller). They released one 7″ single & there are two cassettes, here are three tracks from the first tape (I just found the second tape- It’ll be up here soon). Thanks to Mighty John Gerlach for giving me the go-ahead & post these three tracks.

UPDATE OCT 2010: John has sent me a CD of both Dutch Oven sessions with some practice space recordings tacked on, it is really great.


Beautiful Song

Pretty Red Flower

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