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Minnesota metal tape: Animosity ‘Beneath the 13th Stone’ cassette 1989 SNAFU Productions

24 Nov




Bone Club – Day I Died b/w Six Feet Underground 7″ single, 1989

21 Jan

This 1989 debut release from the St. Paul grunge band was originally released on the Prospective label, but was later re-released on the Rocket Sound Records label. The band went on to release records on many different labels worldwide, including CD/12-inch EP on major label Imago Records. There were 1000 copies pressed of the original, and of those, 500 came with hand-screened cover with different colors.

bone club

Six Feet Underground

Day I Died



The Swingin’ Teens: Gidget’s Bitchin’ Beach Party b/w Life Could Be Wonderful 7″ single, 1988

14 May

The 1988 debut release from the Minneapolis-via-Iowa-based garage-punk band. 1500 copies were pressed. They went on to release many records, and tour for hundreds of thousands of miles.

John Peel once woke me up from a nap with a telephone call from London thanking me for sending a copy to him- he was on an Iowa jag at the time (Full Fathom Five, House of Large Sizes, Stickdog, Iowa Beef Experience, Shy Strangers, etc.).

gidget bitchin

Gidget’s Bitchin’ Beach Party

Life Could be Wonderful


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