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It Figures: ’12’ LP, 1988

21 Jan

From New Hampshire. Their 3rd release, which features Rick Twombly of Heavens to Murgatroid fame.

It Figures


Crash and Burn

(It’s a) Madhouse

Now They’re the Slaves


Sorry Starts with S

The Hypnotist

Pull the Wool



Mechanical Me



The Swingin’ Teens – ‘Step Out and Meet Allah’ 12″ EP, 1988

21 Jan

OG Punk Rock from Iowa, their 2nd release, later repackaged as a “limited edition” (50 copies) as a double LP with the ‘Transfixation’ LP. 1000 copies originally pressed on vinyl. Also released on cassette.

swingin teens allah

15 Miles from Nowhere

Swingin’ Teens Theme

I’m Loose

Say Goodbye

KFAI: ‘Monkey Island’ program– Pink Floyd Radio Show, 1988

28 Jun

PINKFLOYD88  Aired in 1988 and DJ’d by Willie the Lizard & Vince Wallander. All things Pink Floyd, solo, and Syd Barrett! Turn off your mind relax and float down stream and enjoy!



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