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Willful Neglect, St Paul, Minnesota Hardcore Punk Rock, 1982-1984

15 Nov

KFAI: Adrenalin Solution program- 12-24-1982 post-punk when it was a new thing

29 May

This is a great radio show featuring the best in post-punk and local music that Minnesota had to offer at the time. DJ T.B. had a blast doing the show and it’s a pleasure to lay this down for you in the blog! Grab you favorite knock-back,  sit back, relax and enjoy!

Adrenalin Solution Part One https://archive.org/details/1Tomcd1

Adrenalin Solution Part Two https://archive.org/details/2Tomcd2

Adrenalin Solution Part Three  https://archive.org/details/3Tomcd3

Adrenalin Solution Part Four https://archive.org/details/4Tomcd4


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