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Stu Bridge’s gig flyer & poster collection

7 Jan

Almost all from Minneapolis, there’s one from Detroit and one from New Orleans. Thanx, Stu!BlogPosterABCBlogPosterBenDayDotsBlogPosterCharlieBurtonBlogPosterCurtissAReplacementsBlogPosterEnglishBeatBlogPosterFingerprintsBlogPosterFirstAveCalendar1980BlogPosterFridleysBlogPosterHuskerDuAmusementStatuesBlogPosterHuskerDuJan10BlogPosterHuskerDuMay14BlogPosterHuskerDuMDCBlogPosterHuskerDuSept910BlogPosterInsiderMagCoverNNBBlogPosterJohnCaleBlogPosterJonnyIIIBlogPosterM80partyBlogPosterM80pinkBlogPosterOvertonesBlogPosterOvertonesVictimsBlogPosterRaybeatsBlogPosterRaybeatsBeatExchangeBlogPosterReplacementsDadsBlogPosterSuburbsPhones

GoJohnnyGo Records’ Third Anniversary Party

7 Feb

7PM Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016, TURF CLUB, St Paul, MN

8PM Gospel Machine
9PM Mark Lickteig & The Vicious Licks featuring Ali Washington
10PM Low Cut Connie


Willie the Lizard & Vince Wallander’s 1st Pink Floyd Special on KFAI Fresh Air Radio’s ‘Monkey Island’ program, 1987

17 Feb
The flyer above is for the follow-up show, which I’ll post later. Mastered from a series of cassettes. Thanks to THE LIZARD for granting me permission to post this. Vince, if you find this, please contact me.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Johnny Thunders and Wayne Kramer’s GANGWAR flyer, live at Sam’s, Minneapolis, July 30, 1980

2 Feb



Johnny’s cigarette butt, courtesy of Scott Grubich



photos courtesy of Tommy Smith III





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