The Torpedoes, Hudson Wisconsin New Wave Rockers 1978-1986

6 Apr

Torpedoes CollageThanks to bassist Dan Copeland for turning me onto The Torpedoes and allowing me to share here. Dan’s latest music is by DANWOOD RUN with Woody Nelson- great guitar twang & bizarre lyrics, their Wish I Was Here CD is recommended.

JON NILSEN, guitar hero, fronted The Torpedoes, The Bighouse Hornets (1990-1992), and Wildorados (1993-1994). Western Wisconsin guys, Hudson was their home base. The Torpedoes were a classic example of how bands straddled NEW WAVE and traditional ROCK AND ROLL at the turn of the decade. “Mr. MD” is the most “new wave” track here, and it is my favorite.

Hot Coffee

Blind Staggers

I’ve Got Your Number

Mr. M.D.

She Puts Out

So What’s New

John Wayne

Never the Same

The Torpedoes inadvertently helped The Replacements out by giving them their first headline gig at The Longhorn by mistake. Seems Hartley Frank, booker for the club, forgot to let The Torpedoes know about a gig in advance, and when they couldn’t make it, The ‘mats filled in as an, -ahem-, last-minute REPLACEMENT.

A double CD is available of all three bands with great liner notes, soon here

One Response to “The Torpedoes, Hudson Wisconsin New Wave Rockers 1978-1986”

  1. Brenda April 28, 2016 at 9:16 am #

    My favorite is Hot Coffee and a Cigarette. RIP Jon.

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