Bob Dylan, Jesse Ventura, Prince stories- brushes with Minnesota greatness

27 Nov


“so you’re from Hibbing, got any good Bob Dylan stories?”

“I used to throw water balloons at him at summer camp”

“I went to High School with a guy who grew up in Bob’s old house”

“My mom used to make cakes for HIS mom when she would have bridge club”

” I have the window frame from Bob’s childhood bedroom window. Yes, the entire FRAME.”

“I’m from Roseau, where Robert Bergland, retired United States Secretary of Agriculture, took guitar lessons from me. He came to a lesson with Bob’s 1952 Gibson acoustic- his first guitar. Robert told me he had it on loan, presented by Richard Nixon, from The Smithsonian, and it would be returned when he passed away.”

“My dad sold Bob’s cousin a car. When Bob rode in it, he said “I think I pissed myself!”. The car had seat heaters, and this was the first time Bob had ridden in a car with them.”

“My friend grew up three doors down from The Zimmermans, he got Bob’s hand-me-down clothes growing up.”

“I know a lot of his cousins- The Zimmermans and The Ginsburgs.”


“so you live by Pine Tree Orchard, do you have any Jesse Ventura stories?”

“Jesse scared my son’s friend away for fishing too close to his house”

“there are all kinds of ‘No Trespassing’ signs by his front drive- it is way over the top how much he fights for privacy”

“seems to have cleaned up his look a bit for all the recent court cases, looks pretty good”

“Jesse pumped up the kids at a pep rally at Mahtomedi High School a few years ago. The kids loved it!”


“so you went to Central High School in Minneapolis in the mid-1970s, do you have any good Prince stories?”

“High School nickname: Gazoo, like the little green martian from The Flintstones. Early grade school nickname: Spanky”

“I used to kick out Prince and his posse from The Bowery, a bar on Nicollet & 15th in South Minneapolis, when I was the bouncer.”



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