GoJohnnyGo Feature #4…The World of ROBERT IVERS

23 Sep

Ubiquitous in the early days of Minnesota New Wave, Robert Ivers was a prolific local music pioneer. He released six different 45s under five different names, had a track on the best regional compilation of all time ‘Big Hits of Mid America Vol. III’ on the mighty Twin Tone Records, and an unheralded LP just called ‘ROCK AND ROLL’. The 45s were pressed in paltry batches of 100. The 1987 LP was fashioned by the then-novel “generic” product concept, was pressed in a batch of 1000 copies, many of which were lost in an era of “hard living”. His first recording act The Ice Stars were the precursor for the band Fingerprints, who are noted to have one of the first three “little red records” on Twin Tone (among two others). The Ice Stars are one of three New-Wave acts from Minnesota who pre-dated the Suicide Commandos with a record, along with Prodigy and Skogie.

The two letters I present here are basically The Rosetta Stone of Minnesota New Wave. The hand-written one was recently sent to David Campbell at 89.3 KCMP The Current via Minnesota Public Radio, and Rusty Jones’ letter was submitted to City Pages in 2005.





All of Bob’s music can be heard via CDBaby under the name BEATLESTONE, there are nine LPs worth of material, many of which are free downloads. At 61 years of age in 2014, he’s glad to share his recordings.

The 45s

IceStarsFrontIce Stars “Lindy Hop Bop” b/w “Coming Back to Me” 1975 Sound 80 80-959-4160S


Ice Stars “Emergency One” b/w “Geared Down Low” 1980 New Age Records 1

BlogTheKid&Rebel45The Kid and The Rebel “John Lennon is Dead” b/w “U.S.A. Boys And Girls” 1981 no label

20161104_162530_hdrIce Stars “The Great N.Y. Subway Tragedy” b/w “I’ve Been Down” 1982 New Age Records 2

BlogBlueBoyBlue Boy “Kissing You” b/w “Middle Class Square” New Age Records 3

rock&rollRock & Roll (Robert Ivers) “We Got Rock & Roll” b/w “Emergency One” Generic Records

The LP

11206Rock & Roll (Robert Ivers) LP 1987 Generic Records 870001

A1 We Got Rock n Roll
A2 Silver Shuttle
A3 Fire Department
A4 Bonky Gonk
A5 Send Me Some Loving
B1 Bad Girls
B2 Lip Stick
B3 Lindy Hop Bop
B4 Hey Girl
B5 It’s Back to Rock

Luv this track from various artists compilation ‘Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. III’: Sugar My Road (1979- Twin Tone Records)

Thanks to Robert Ivers, Rich Copely, David Campbell, and Rusty Jones for permission, music, and clues.


NEWSFLASH Feb 13, 2017… drummer James Miller just called. He wanted to make sure y’all know that bassist Steve Throne (Mark “Fingerprints” Throne’s brother) and James Rinehart got a mention here since they were a big part of the Ice Stars’ sound. The band’s ‘Heineken Tour’ centered around Duffy’s nightclub in South Minneapolis. Sue McLean would book the Ice Stars there opening for The Kings (“Wall-to-Wall crowded”), Mi-Sex, & The Members, paid with a case of the green bottles. Steve eventually left and was replaced on bass by Dave Phoser, who’s melodic playing can be heard on The Kid & The Rebel 45.

So hats off not only to Bob himself but all the Glen Lake guys from Eisenhower & Lindberg High Schools- Minnetonka represented well.


Some stuff from James:

NEWSFLASH #2 October 7, 2017: “Bob” Ivers has chosen some pointed language to alienate himself from almost everybody as city Councilman for Hopkins. Minneapolis Star-Tribune





4 Responses to “GoJohnnyGo Feature #4…The World of ROBERT IVERS”

  1. jaouad December 25, 2014 at 3:01 am #

    hi , i stumbled unto your blog while looking for some robert ivers posts and i can’t thank you enough for the review and songs you posted as it appears that they’re nowhere to be found on the blogosphere (actually , this is the only blog that happens to have some songs and infos about this artist) _ i actually have a request: could you post the rock & rock (robert ivers) album in its entirety ??
    many thanks

  2. freshcrackers January 26, 2018 at 12:28 pm #

    NOT the same Bob Ivers – Not even close – The guy is wearing a suit and is obviously a Middle Class Square.

    NEWSFLASH #2 October 7, 2017: “Bob” Ivers has chosen some pointed language to alienate himself from almost everybody as city Councilman for Hopkins. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

    • gojohnnygo January 26, 2018 at 1:10 pm #

      Unfortunately, I’ve heard multiple confirmations that it is. Sad.

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