Fabulous Flippers- the 1970s years

9 Mar

BlogPhotoFlippers20So, I opened a record store in White Bear Lake, and with that comes the “regulars”. Our first real regular is Bill Axelrod, former tenor sax player for The Fabulous Flippers during the 1970s years. The Lawrence, Kansas-based Fabulous Flippers are a legendary ‘horn-show-soul’ band that literally brought the funk to the cornfields, and regularly played from Oklahoma to Canada, L.A. to Illinois.

Bill shared with me some astounding photos, music, & stuff to show you. Hats off to Bill for passing this stuff on, I sure hope he can make a wild movie, because he sure has a good plot with all of the stories he’s told me.

Blue Balls (intro) (live @ Fox & Sam’s, Iowa City, 1973)

New York City (Dreams cover)  (live @ Fox & Sam’s, Iowa City, 1973)





Bill playing drums(!) at The Fabulous Flippers reunion, Summer 2012 in Marcus, Iowa


The Fabulous Flippers reunion, Summer 2012 in Marcus, Iowa


The Fabulous Flippers reunion, Summer 2012 in Marcus, Iowa


late-1960s Flippers publicity photo


The “Oklahoma” Fabulous Flippers (Max Carl of Grand Funk Railroad and Jack Mack & The Heart Attack on the left) publicity photo


Fabulous Flippers famous 1964 “Harlem Shuffle” pose with the ladders publicity photo

1964- “Harlem Shuffle” video

1964- “Tell the Truth” video


the ‘Something Tangible’ vinyl LP record circa ~ 1970


pinback button for The Sanctuary Band, a Flippers gospel-rock spinoff band, early 1970s

Magnificent Sanctuary Band “Join The Magnificent Sanctuary Band”05 Track 05

Sanctuary “In All My Dreams”06 Track 06


rather boring bumper sticker


Mid-Continent Entertainment (booking agent) wooden nickel

Scanned Image 21

Fabulous Flippers MATCHES(!)


Mid-Continent Entertainment (booking agent) business card


1970s rhythm section publicity photo


color logo


971126_121495348058778_326988429_n70’s Flippers Sound check, Lutsen


Bill’s very own 1970s publicity photo


1970s horn section publicity photo


souvenir flag- 1960s


the bus, as it sat to rest, Dodge City, Kansas


1970s publicity photo

1972- “Harlem Shuffle” 7″ 45RPM single 03 Track 03

1972- Peace of Mind 7″ 45RPM single



4 Responses to “Fabulous Flippers- the 1970s years”

  1. Brad C January 18, 2014 at 9:41 am #

    As a lifelong Flippers fan, this is an amazing find!!! Thank you

  2. Dan Thompson April 30, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

    Great memories-the Flippers used to play the Rusty Bucket in Colby KS while on tour. It was an awesome party when they came to town-always packed the house-we sold a lot beer those nights because the crowd got thirsty up on their feet dancing all night!!

  3. Eric Bikales October 19, 2017 at 3:29 pm #

    I’ll never forget how impressed I was hearing the Flippers play the West Side Story medley. Man, these guys had it together. Then I got to work with Dennis Loewen and learned more about music than 3 years of college…


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    […] the very best Flippers website: https://gojohnnygojohnny.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/fabulous-flippers-the-1970s-years/ has lots of history and music that can’t be found anywhere […]

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