Casino Royale “Hank Mobley’s Sound of Love” cassette featuring Slug, 1996

17 Feb

John, Erik, Erik, & Scott. AAAND Slug on “Pea King”, at least a full year before the first Atmosphere full-length dropped. My favorite local Jazz release ever, hands down.

I was tempted to put this entire tape up, but it was released on a CD, and it isn’t too hard to find. You should track one down: try Cheapo or Amazon. “Quadelody” is almost 13 minutes, so I’m keeping this posting to two tracks. “Q” has an almost Hawkwind-like middle part(!), I’m sure Mr. Fratzke had something to do with that.

I’ve already put up some Casino Royale with Phull Surkle here.

Thanks again to John Keston for granting me permission to put this up. Hat’s off to ya, John, I love your music! Here’s John’s world nowadays: Audio Cookbook.

Here’s Erik & Erik’s metal band these days ZEBULON PIKE

Pea King


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