The Draghounds proposed Crackpot Records single- early 1990s- four songs

24 Dec

I found another Draghounds cassette recently (the band made MANY), and I noticed the markings indicated that these songs were for a “Crackpot single”. The band did a couple of albums for the Crackpot label, but I don’t remember a second Draghounds single,  just their debut from 1988. So, I asked Mike, he said Brian Paulson recorded these songs in the old Rykodisc office. (side note: I used to work in that building, and I heisted the abandoned display rack from the Rykodisc conference room for my office.) Crackpot Records folded before the single could be put out, and the band broke up soon after. SO- these might be the last songs they recorded? Dig the ‘Spider’ John Koerner song! This might be my favorite recording The Draghounds did, and solidifies my opinion that they were perhaps that era’s best local band.

Thanks again to Mike for allowing me to present these great songs to you.Here’s what Mike is up to lately:

One Cliff to Climb

Running Jumping Standing Still

Screaming Party Vulture Blues part 1

Screaming Party Vulture Blues part 2

Here’s a couple of early Draghounds cassettes


3 Responses to “The Draghounds proposed Crackpot Records single- early 1990s- four songs”

  1. David Biljan January 22, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

    Hey John, that’s my copy! That’s my writing on it. I wondered what happened to it.

    • gojohnnygo January 22, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

      Amazing! These are the DH’s at their very best.


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    […] lately departed from the Magnolias. We enlist the stellar sound engineering of Jay Perlman, and Crackpot Records sponsors our recording session at Gark Studios (8/16-8/17) for release as a one-shot single. […]

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