Minnesota Punk and New Wave 7″ singles and flexi discs 1973-1984

4 May

Under Construction– I’ll link these to You Tube clips as I find them. As always, please comment below & include any additions I’ve missed (more Musical Chairs 7″?).

Twin Tone Records:

Suicide Commandos “Emission Control” b/w “Cliché’ Ole’”, “Monster Au-go-go 1976 PS Records

Suicide Commandos “Mark He’s a Terror” b/w “Match Mismatch” 1977 PS Records

Orchid Spangiafora “Dime Operation” b/w  “Sput”, “‘Trapped Heir Suite Part One” 1978 PS Records 7801

The Suburbs The Suburbs EP 1978 Twin Tone 7801 (Memory/Go/Stereo/Teenage Run-in/Chemistry Set/Your Phone/Couldn’t Care Less Anymore/You/Prehistoric Jaws)

Spooks Spooks EP 1978 Twin Tone 7802 (1980-1990/Fun is Everything (Science Fiction World)/Sinister Forces…peculiar points of view/Evil Eye/Hit the Lights, Laugh it Up (it’s all a big joke anyway)/Scum of the Earth (for Travis Bickle))

Fingerprints Fingerprints EP 1978 Twin Tone 7803 ((Now I Wanna Be a) Space Girl/Burn Those Bridges/Track 9/Wasted on You/Made in the Shade)

Fingerprints “Down” b/w “Christmas Down” 1978 Twin Tone 7804

The Jets “Lover Boy” b/w “Paper Girl” 1978 Twin Tone 7805

The Suburbs “World War III” b/w “Change Agent” 1979 Twin Tone 7909

BlogCurtissCurtiss A “I Don’t Wanna Be President” b/w “Land of the Free” 1979 Twin Tone 7912

Fingerprints “Smiles for Sale” b/w “You Have to Push Them Over”, “Nothing to Say” 1980 Twin Tone 8013

The Pistons “Investigations” b/w “Circus (Like it or Not)” 1980 Twin Tone 8017

The Overtones “Red Checker Wagon” b/w “Surfer’s Holiday” “The Calhoun Surf” 1980 Twin Tone 8018

Spooks “Afraid” b/w “Lycanthropy (Larry Talbot’s Disease)” 1980 Twin Tone 8019

The Replacements “I’m in Trouble” b/w “If Only You Were Lonely” 1981 Twin Tone 8120

The Form “It Happens That Way” b/w “All the Young Dudes” 1985 Twin Tone 8552

Soul Asylum “Tied to the Tracks” b/w “Long Way Home” 1985 Twin Tone 8560

Break’er Records:

Gregor MacKenzie & The Misanthropes “Torture That Girl” b/w “Contact Overdose” 1978 Break’er Records 45-101

Gregor MacKenzie & The Misanthropes “Window Peeper” b/w “Judy’s Wimp/Concealed Weapon” 1978 Break’er Records 45-103

Gregor MacKenzie & The Misanthropes self-titled 9-song double single 1978 Break’er Records 45-105 & 106 (Piston Boy/Andrea Teen/Winged Bat Anthem/Debby is Electro-Cute/Space Walk/Baby Sitter/Oedipus Blues/When Havoc Struck/Gertrude is the Guitar Queen)

Danger Roads “My Metaphysical Friend” b/w “Only in LA” 1978 Break’er Records 45-107

Danger Roads “It’s Time to Become Robots” b/w (one-sided single) 1979 Break’er Records 45-108

MOR’s “The Girl Next Door” b/w “Telephone Action”  1979 Break’er Records 45-109

The Turnbuckles “Super Destroyer Mark II” b/w “Rearranged” 1979 Break’er Records 45-110

Magnetic Head Cleaners “I Want to Function With You” b/w “Mechanical Rights (Service Me)” 1979 Break’er Records 45-111

The Hit Squad “Pictures of Matchstick Men” b/w “Thou Shall Not Steal” 1979 Break’er Records 45-112

Wilma & The Wilbers “Chronic Alkie” b/w “Poor Little Joey”,”The Hole” 1980 Break’er Records 45-114

Wilma & The Wilbers self-titled four-song 7″ EP  1981 Break’er Records 45-116 (Tiger Beat/My Guy/I Like it Thick/I Speak Russian)

The Misanthropes “Northfield Girls” b/w “Soviet Girl” 1981 Break’er Records 45-117

the rest:

BlogSkogie BlogSkogieLabel BlogSkogieSleeveSkogieThe Butler Did It” b/w “I Won’t Be Pushed Away” 1972 Mill City Records 45-7302

IceStarsFrontIce Stars “Lindy Hop Bop” b/w “Coming Back to Me” 1975 Sound 80 80-959-4160S

Prodigy “Chocolate” b/w “Wheel of Fortune” 1975

NNB “Slack” b/w “New World” 1978 Wave Seven 1001

BlogHypstrzHypstrz self-titled four-song 7″EP 1979 Bogus (Hold On/Can’t Stand the Pain/Action Woman/Hey Joe)

Smart Alex “Chitter Chat” b/w “Tonight” 1979 Lickey split

BlogTheKid&Rebel45The Kid and The Rebel “John Lennon is Dead” b/w “U.S.A. Boys And Girls” 1981 no label

Flamingo The Flamingo EP 1978 Bigger Than Life 101 (I Remember Romance/We Do What We Like/Smart Girl/One More Night)

The MOR’s “Attention” b/w “The Love Is”, “Crime Games”  1980 Bogus

Shock Treatment “Johnny’s No Fun (Anymore)” b/w “I’d Rather Be With the Girls” 1980 Radii 101

Teenage Boat People self-titled four-song 7″ EP 1980 Barney Fife 0900 (Consumation/My Friends Know Too Much, uh/Dirty or Sweet/Weez Boatpeople (Can Dance))

The Dads “’64 Valiant” b/w “Thorazine Shuffle” 1981 PG Records

The Trend “Pat Miles” b/w “Eileen” 1981 Presss 5610

Husker Du “Statues” b/w “Amusement” 1980 Reflex A

Red House “25 Reasons” b/w “Teenbeat” 1983 Wave Seven 17

Flamin’ Ohs “I Remember Romance” b/w “Everyday” 1980 Fat City 250

The Phones “I’m So Neat” b/w “She Said Goodbye” 1980 Phone-O-Graph

Peer Group “Change of Plans” b/w “No Attraction” 1981 Unscene 6562/3

Mutuals No Wasps EP 1980 Tyrannorecords 01 (Privacy Act/Love Isn’t Something (That You Can Pretend)/Demenial Labor/Heat)

Johnny Rey “No Emotion” b/w “Lookin’ for Trouble” 198? Bigger than Life 106

Things That Fall Down “Things That Fall Down (Theme)” b/w “Day In” 1981 REM 8100

Ice Stars “Emergency One” b/w “Geared Down Low” 1980 New Age

Tuff Bunnies “Landscape Architecture” b/w “Fast Food Girl” 1982 Tuff Bunnies

Chuck Wow “Happy Birthday, Sucker” 1981 Chuck Wow (flexi-one song)

NNB “Well, Oh Well” 1979 No Magazine (flexi- one track by NNB)

The Inclusions “Unamerican Activity” b/w “Russian Youth” 1980

Chuck Wow self-titled three-song flexi 1982 (flexi) (Symphony in White/Under Glass/Touch)

Sonny Vincent & The Extreme self-titled three-song flexi 1982 (Wingdale/Top Dog/Phantom)

The Phones “Suspended Animation” b/w “Kids Today” 1980 Phone-O-Graph 6006

Flamin’ Ohs “Stop” b/w “Gotcher’ Head” 1981 Flame 324

The Flyboys self-titled three-song EP 1980 (Jetsetter/Cruel World/Hippy Hippy Shake)

The Wallets “Twas the Night Before Christmas” b/w “A Visit to a Temple of a Slow Poke” 1983 Spiffola 334

Chuck “Last Love” b/w “Your Knees” 1983 See Doubleyoo Music

Kevin Calhoun “Stop Killing Those Kids” b/w “My Turn to Try” 1981 UNI International KC 101

BlogHuDuLandHusker Du “In a Free Land” b/w “What Do I Want?”, “M.I.C.” 1982 New Alliance 007







BlogOttosOtto’s Chemical Lounge self-titled four-song EP 1983 Reflex h (Fire/Trip With Me/Noodle Man/I’m Otto Your Mind)

800th Lifetime “OCIN” 1985 Tel (one-song flexi)

Robert Ivers “I’ve Been Down” b/w “The Great N.Y. Subway Tragedy” 1982 New Age 2


BlogUrGrsFront Urban Guerillas Unredeeming Filth Electronically Spewed for the Gyrating Pleasure of Minors flexi: “Urban Guerilla (part one)” b/w “(part two)” 1984 Camouflage (oversize two-sided flexi)

Advanced Life Support “I Only Cry at Weddings” b/w “Days Later” 1984 REM 8384

Final Conflict self-titled four-song EP 1983 Reflex g (In the Family/The Lines have Faded/Your/Self-Defeated)

Summer of Love “Killing the Blues” b/w “The Walls” 1984

Darrell & the Derelicts “Cadillac” b/w “One Track Mind” 1984 Creeple People

Snaps “Conversation” b/w “Sexual” 1982 Paradise

Blue Boy “Kissing You” b/w “Middle Class Square” New Age Records 3


I-80 “Girls in 1993” b/w “Matters” 1981 Moon Sound







Rock & Roll (Robert Ivers) “We Got Rock & Roll” b/w “Emergency One” Generic Records

Thanks to Tom Tourville and his Minnesota Rocked! books, they inspired me to compile this.

3 Responses to “Minnesota Punk and New Wave 7″ singles and flexi discs 1973-1984”

  1. gojohnnygo May 18, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Rich Copely emailed me some info, songs, and a photo that I’ve included into the post today. Perhaps we can track down Robert Ivers & get permission to put the music up too. Here’s Rich’s msg:

    Kass, here’s those Robert Ivers/Ice Stars songs I told you about a while back. The songs “Middle Class Square” and “Kissing You” are credited to Blue Boy on the label
    The songs “John Lennon(?)” and “USA Boys & Girls(?)” are on a vinyl test pressing with no label info at all so the titles are just guesses.
    The song “We Got Rock & Roll” was paired with “Emergency One” on a 45 that is on the Generic Records label with no band info or song writing credits. The take of “Emergency One” is identical to the first Ice Stars 45. This has a B&W pic sleeve with the words “Rock & Roll” printed in block letters on it with the disclaimer beneath it stating, “This record contains Rock&Roll, a necessary nutrient.” They’re more power-poppy and new wavey than punk but I thought you might like to hear’em anyway. As Bashful Bobby Ivers once said, “Okay, the world’s in an uproar, over the new music and nuclear threat.” Yep.
    See ya at the next show, Rich


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