Skeleton Ed July 1987 eight-song cassette

24 Mar

This is really raw, early stuff for the Skeds, who eventually became one of Minnesota’s best-ever bands. Do yourself a favor & track down their records & CD; go ahead & pick them up, you won’t be disappointed.  The Skeds had a couple of other cassettes, albeit in a much more polished form than this tape. Many of the songs on further tapes made it to vinyl, nothing from this, their earliest tape, did.  “Things I’ve Done Before (I’ll do Again)” stayed in their set list for years to come. I crave listening to Skeleton Ed sometimes.

Depressing Situation

Things I’ve Done Before (I’ll Do Again)

Don’t Push me Down

Huh. After I typed all this up & copied their early tape, I found that I DID have a later Skeds cassette already on my computer. It is a four-song tape, probably the second one they gave to me. Two of the songs made it onto their first record, I’ll put those songs up later when I present the Prospective Records 45s, for now I’ll give you the two songs that were cassette only. Good for all of you, I guess; here is Skeleton Ed in a much-more polished form, this is the stuff I crave hearing.

Thanks to Dave Randall for saying “OK” when I asked if I could put these here for you.

Still Remember

Amazing Stories


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