Minnesota Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Funk records 45s, 12″singles, and LPs* 1958-1988

1 Mar

Please post comments with any additions or changes, and I’ll update this list, OK?

Maurice McKinnies photograph (taken by Judy Olausen) originally appeared in the November 1972 issue of the Insider, thanks to Dale Burback & Brian Engel for the scan

The Big M’s “Silent Lover” b/w “Get Going” 7-inch single (1958 Laura 975) (Maurice McKinnies AND Morris Wilson!!)

Valquins “Falling Star” b/w “My Dear” 7-inch single (1959 Gaity 161)

Wisdoms “Lost in Dreams” b/w “Two Hearts Make One Love” 7-inch single (1959 Gaity 169- St Paul Central High School)

Little Sonny Knight & the Cymbals “My Darlin'” b/w “Tears on My Pillow”7-inch single (Teenage 5001) (Sonny & Maurice Young of The Valdons!!)

Toneblenders “I Thank Heaven” b/w “I’m in Love With You” 7-inch single (1958 Play 1002) (from out-of-state, this was recorded in Minnesota)

Syl Foreman “Got To Pay Some Dues” b/w “Before I Leave You” 7-inch single (Adell 103)

Mojo and the Chi 4 “Mo Jo Woman” b/w “It Was Early One Morn’n”7-inch single (Adell 103)

Mo Jo and His Chi 4 “My Mojo’s Working” b/w “She’s a Whole Lot’s a Woman” 7-inch single (Adell 809)

Mojo and The Rhythm Quartette “The Morning Before Day” b/w “Knockin’ on My Door” 7-inch single (Folk Art FA-45-101)

Mojo Buford “Messin’ with The Kid” b/w “Whole Lotta Woman” 7-inch single (Bangar 00622)

Mojo Buford “Gone and Left Me” b/w “Bird Nest on the Ground” 7-inch single (Twin Town 736)

Mojo Buford ‎”Rag Picker’s Blues” b/w “Deep Sea Diver” 7-inch single (1969 Garrett 4021)

Mojo Buford with The Owls “Lost Love” b/w “Nine Balow Zero” 7-inch single (1969 Twin Town 739)

Mojo Buford and The Allstar Bluesband “Craw-Dad-Hole” b/w “In My Younger Days” 7-inch single (1969 Garrett 4020)

Voodoo Men “Can’t Sit Down” b/w “Mojo Workin'” 7-inch single (Soma 1407)

Little K and His Internationals “Squabble” b/w “Only You” 7-inch single (AW Wilderness 101)

Rufus Lumley “Minneap’lis, Minnesota” b/w “Everywhere I Go (I Look For You)” 7-inch single (Afford Records 10441)


Ray Richards “Minneap’lis, Minnesota” b/w “Everywhere I Go 7-inch single (Security Records X503)

Dave Brady and The Stars “Ridin’ High” b/w “Baby, Baby I Need You” 7-inch single (1967 Darby 8189)


Johnny Var (Boots) “I’ll Make it Up to You” b/w “Sugar Shack” 7-inch single (Twin Town Records 751)

Amazors “It’s You for Me” b/w ?7-inch single (Bread 007)

Amazers “It’s You for Me” b/w “Without a Warning” 7-inch single (Thomas 1638)

Amazers “It’s For You” b/w “Come Back Baby” 7-inch single (1968 Bangar 639)

Showtime One and Two “Showtime” b/w “Whispers” 7-inch single (1968 Candy Floss 103- Mankato)

Pilgrims featuring “Floyd & Ray” “Watch n’ Listen” b/w ? 7-inch single (Sentinel Records 8-8916)

Maurice McKinnies and The Champions “Sock-a-Poo-Poo 69′ Part 1” b/w Part 2 7-inch single (1969 Black and Proud 7711)

Maurice McKinnies photo by Charles Chamblis courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

Jackie Harris and The Exciters “Do It To It” b/w “Get Funky, Sweet a Little Bit” 7-inch single (1969 Black and Proud 7712- also Westbound 155)

Midnight Stompers “King Lover” b/w “A New Dance, Solid Cow” 7-inch single (Black and Proud 7713)

Maurice McKinnies and The Champions “Pouring Water on a Drowning Man” b/w “Sweet Smell of Perfume” 7-inch single (Black and Proud 7714)

Jackie Harris and The Champions “Work Your Flapper Part 1” b/w (part 2) 7-inch single (Black and Proud 7715)

James Bonner “Don’t Rush It” b/w “Stumpin'”7-inch single (BPL Records 10001, 1971)

James Bonner “I Won’t Be Home For Christmas” b/w
“Winter Holiday” 7-inch single (BPL Records 103)

Wanda Davis “Save Me” b/w “Take Care” 7-inch single (1970 Project Soul 001)

Valdons “All Day Long” b/w “Love Me, Leave Me” 7-inch single (Twin City Movement 121)

The Valdons photo by Charles Chamblis courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

Three Men in Black Productions “I Was Sent Here to Love You” b/w same 7-inch single (Twin Town 10006)


Traidmarx ‎– (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher / With A Little Help From My Friends (white R&B band ala The Fabulous Flippers)

Midnight Stomper “You Better Hold Me Darling” b/w “Lonesome Sound”7-inch single (Twin Town 7306)



You Better Hold Me Darling

Lonesome Sound

St Paul Dreamcycle Rhythm and Blues Soul Band “Find a Way” b/w “Queen of My Nights” 7-inch single (Margie/UA 50- more of a garage rock record, but that band name!)

Free Mind ‎” Just Jammin'” b/w “After We’re Gone (The World Keeps Turnin’)” 7-inch single )Twin Town 10970)

Willie and The Bumblebees Too Many Drivers b/w “66 Highway parts 1,2, & 3” double 7-inch single (1972 Sweet Jane Ltd. 1072)

The Emanons “Ain’t No Sunshine” b/w “Don’t Leave Me Baby” 7-inch single (B-P-L 104)

Mojo Buford “Chicago Blues” b/w “Best Friend Blues” 7-inch single (116-25)

Prophets of Peace “The Max” b/w “You Can Be” 7-inch single (Max 1058)

*Haze Haze LP 1974 (ASI label) includes the LP version of “I Do Love My Lady” and “When We Were Kids”

Haze “I Do Love My Lady” b/w “Waiting for The Moment” 7-inch single (ASI 202)

Haze “House on a Country Road” b/w “Are You Free” 7-inch single (ASI label)

Mojo Buford Blues Band “Early One Morning” b/w “Nest on the Ground” 7-inch single (1975 Moon Records 1034)


Wayne Carter ‎”That’s Cancer”/”Trock Rock” Kay Bank Records 8479

Band of Thieves “Love Me or Leave Me” (acetate)

*Band of Thieves Band of Thieves LP (1976 Ovation 1727)


New Directions “Today Is The First Day” b/w “Dance, Dance, Dance (Please Mr. D.J.)”7-inch single (1976 Greer-Wolfe Productions #S80-1320S)

Mind & Matter “I’m Under Your Spell” b/w “Sunshine Lady” 7-inch single (1977 M&M 5002)


Michael Dixon and J.O.Y. “You’re All I Need” b/w ? 7-inch single (Mad 570-1509)

MLF (Music Love Funk) “Stone Lover” b/w (part 2) 7-inch single (DDS Productions S80-1559)

Gypsy “Cuz it’s You Girl” b/w “Rainbow” 7-inch single (F&E Records 7063 37) (later reissued on RCA Records under the name James Walsh Gypsy Band)

Spangle (featuring The Free & Easy Horns) “Foosball Feelin'” b/w “Winter Widow” 7-inch single (Sound 80 1238)


Strivers Show Band “Let’s Go Party” b/w “Love Episode” 7-inch single (1977 Strivers Records no #)

Dwayne White & The Cohesion Band “Cohesion” b/w “Expense“7-inch single (1977 Cohesion 1423- recorded in Minnesota- band was from Ohio)

*Willie and The Bees Honey from The Bee LP (1978 Sweet Jane Ltd. 4107)

Haze “Love Keeper” b/w “I Need Somebody” 7-inch single (Moonspell 2001)

*Haze Haze LP 1978 (Moonspell S80-1536)


Gangbusters “Just Want You To Know” b/w “Alone” 7-inch single (1978 North Country Records)

*The Lewis Connection Six-song 12″ EP (1979 PA Productions 98-84) contains the tracks “Dynamic Duo” & “Feel Good”

Robert Brown Jr. & The God’s Serenade Band “The Rapture” b/w “Give God the Glory” 7-inch single (1979 BrownTown 100)


Orville Shannon “Oh Lover” b/w “One Life to Live” 7-inch single (1980 4-Reel Records 806-96)

Oh Lover

One Life to Live

Bobby BrownSalvation Satellite” b/w part 2 7-inch single (1980 BrownTown 121)


Morris Wilson and Beau Bailey Quintet “Paul’s Ark” b/w “Ya-Kum-Ba”7-inch single (Extra-Ordinaire 504)



*Westside Westside 10-song picture-disc LP (Westside no#)

Percy Strother “Can’t Stay For Another Day” b/w “Ooh Baby” 7-inch single (1981 PLS Records 81718)


Stylle Band “If You Love Me” b/w “Money Hungry” 7-inch single (1983 Gold Star Records)

Nobody “I Saw You” b/w “Heaven’s Love” 7-inch single (1983 Nobody Records)


Steven Invitation Only b/w “Quick” 12-inch single (1983 Rich 1954)


Bill Blow “Drop Funkin’ (club mix)” b/w (party mix) 12-inch single AND one-sided 7-inch single (1984 Wide Angle 7105)

Carlos Boyce Jr. “Especially for You” b/w “Shuttle” 7-inch single (1985 Blue Rose)

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.23.01 AM

Excelle “The Prep” b/w “Nature” 1985 Excelle Productions EZ-609


Bromar “Call Me Up” b/w “Strict Concern” 12″ single (1985 Wide Angle 8550)

Gabby “Be Sweet to Me” b/w (inst.) 7-inch single 1986 Recess Records RR 13


Phillipe “Foot Fantasy” (vocal) b/w (instrumental) 12-inch single (1987 Arrogant Records L26936)


LaSalle Gabriel “The Room” b/w “The Star-Spangled Banner (Live in Minneapolis)” 1987 Framework Records 1187


Phillipe “Can I Follow You”, (baby mix) b/w “Work Shuffle”, (vocal dub) 12-inch single (1988 Arrogant Records PW 00025
Smoke “Turn Me On” b/w “So Seductive”7-inch single (1988 Control Sound 1)

*Transcoastal Finally! LP (1988 Blue Rose 51)


Charrone Catch-23 b/w I Never Knew (1988 Aim Records Mpls CRS-488-45)

Mojo Buford ‎”Champagne And Reefer” b/w “Early One Morning” 7-inch single (1991 Blue Moon 007)

Taste Show Lounge photo by Charles Chamblis courtesy of The Minnesota Historical Society

Thanks again to Dale Burback and the Hot Pants Funk and Soul collective, Minneapolis, along with Tom Novak for hipping me to many of these. Thanks to Tom Tourville’s Minnesota Rocked books for catalog #s and such. Thanx to Derik Olson of Some Local Loser blog for the Midnight Stomper stuff. Additional thanx to Rich Copely, Freddy Fresh, Tim Schloe, and Rich Fransen, Mark Trehus.

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  1. gojohnnygo June 7, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Thanks to Rich Copely for reminding me about The Strivers Show Band 45, I have one of those myself somewhere….

    • dale March 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

      i just met with a member of the strivers show band a couple weeks back, i still don’t have that 45, when you find that you should sell it to me!

  2. SAMUEL June 27, 2011 at 2:17 am #


    • gojohnnygo June 27, 2011 at 7:56 am #

      Um, her 45 is on this list, it is in the middle, and it always was since I put up this list.

  3. Winston Morgan October 13, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Hi, I am a record collector and I am looking for the album Haze 1978 lp.

    • gojohnnygo October 14, 2012 at 5:41 am #

      We are ALL looking for that LP!

  4. Dan September 18, 2016 at 7:34 am #

    I just found the Johnny Var (Boots) record. What’s it worth?


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