Bluebyrd “Sweet Thoughts” 1970s Minnesota LP

1 Mar

I found this LP in Duluth a few years ago, and noticed a mention of Bemidji, Minnesota on the label, so I always assumed this to be a Northern Minnesota record. Recently guitarist Terry Jenister set me straight: Bluebyrd were from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, and weren’t much of a bar-playing-working band; they were more of a studio project. “We recorded some songs to document or demo them, one thing led to another, and we pressed some records”. What a record it is! Catchy songs, plaintively recorded; it’s a real treat. Sweet Thoughts conveys the laid-back organic vibe of the early/mid 1970s perfectly- a great lost Minnesota classic to boot. Now I’m off to find their other LP- that one is also really good, I’ve heard. Thanks to Terry for giving me the go-ahead to put these up for your listening pleasure.

In the Morning Light

I’m Flying High

Lullaby Love

You’re Wonderful


I’m in Love With Your Smile

I’m Glad (You’re Gone)

Peggy’s Song

Silver Moon

Bright Orange Circle

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