Rockefellers four-song cassette, 1996

2 Feb

I recently let Chris Dorn, Rockefellers’ main man, know that I consider him just about the best pop songwriter to ever come from this state (Chris is from Mankato). I was going to conjure up a list of the top five Minnesota pop songwriters (I love lists), but it hasn’t come to me yet (Dan Sarka would be in there). Perhaps later. There are some good ones, but it is obvious from this cassette that Chris is going the be the top player here. These songs ended up on a compilation CD called SymPOPphony #1: A Collection of American Power Pop, and The Rockefellers were themselves a pit-stop between Chris’ involvement in The Wellington Tempests and The Beatifics. But what a pit-stop, outstanding Minnesota Power Pop.

Thank you Chris Dorn for giving me the green light for posting these.

Just Like it Was Before

I Love You Better

All Your Former Boyfriends

She’s Never Wrong


2 Responses to “Rockefellers four-song cassette, 1996”

  1. Katra October 6, 2016 at 2:39 pm #

    The first and last tracks are identical. Please reupload?

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