Obscura five-song cassette, May 1997

2 Feb

Obscura have a very American Primitive sensibility; simple songs performed with so much personalty and character, the artistic sense just oozes from your speakers. Peggy Niederer and Michael Wayne hail from Mankato, Minnesota; they still get together to play music sometimes. I love Peggy’s offhanded-sounding vocals and Michael’s simple yet stunning guitar lines. Here are the songs from their 1997 tape, all hail Obscura!

Thanks to Peggy Niederer for allowing me to post these here for you to hear.

Falling Stars

Our Heart’s Garden


Sailing Ships (and Saving Grace)

The Lover and The Loner


One Response to “Obscura five-song cassette, May 1997”

  1. Peggy February 3, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    Oh dear! That is one rough demo. That wasn’t even a professional four track. You really got the ‘obscure’ version. Obscura would’ve thrived in this digital age, illegal downloading be damned.

    Thanks for the memories, John.

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