The X-Offs “Dunning for Dollars” (1983) and Live at First Avenue cassettes

14 Dec

The X-Offs were Peter Fleming, Don Gallo, & Mark Jones, and are a largely-undocumented part of the Minneapolis Punk & New Wave scene that centered around The Longhorn Bar at 5th & Hennepin, in downtown Mpls.  Bassist Mark Jones explains that the band exploded apart all in one fateful day that included jail time & injury- not a pretty way to finish up a band. They were nice n’ raw, and had plenty of straight-ahead rock sensibility, but they added some weirdo-goofy New Wave vocals. I like these tapes a lot. I saw ’em once at The Longhorn myself. The First Avenue tape, opening a show for The Suburbs,  features lead guitar by Ernie Batson. NOTE the live tape has some technical glitches, please don’t adjust your set.

Lipstick Killers

There’s Just No Limit

Buddy’s Song (live)

Thanks to Mark Jones for giving me the go-ahead to present these tracks.


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