The Tranques two-song cassette from 1987

14 Dec

Both of these songs were intended for release on a 7″ single in 1988, but for some reason it never came out on vinyl. I have a master tape for it transferred to digital, I just need to master it to digital also. I’ll replace these recordings with some better and crisper recordings soon. But until then, enjoy the cassette versions, they sound pretty good too. I love both of these songs! BTW, K.C.O.R. is R.O.C.K. spelled backwards.


Clean Genez

Big thanks to Rory Schoenheider & Roger DeBace, both sang each track respectively too.

5-8-11: Here is a video of The Tranques performing K.C.O.R. at First Avenue.


One Response to “The Tranques two-song cassette from 1987”

  1. odd brut January 2, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    Thanks for doing this silly stuff you do… Takes me back 30+ years, wanting to rock despite my pain! A scruffy ol’ mule can shuffle again… -t

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