The Suspects 13-song cassette, 1981

14 Dec

Tapes of bands from EAST of downtown St Paul always intrigue me the most since I grew up in that area (see the Three Car Garage feature from last month). The Suspects cassette is perhaps the most historically significant I’ve found recently; it contained 60% of hardcore legends Willful Neglect performing a much more subdued yet sophisticated style of music. This cassette is a bridge between proto-punkers The Reactors and WN, and I’m really glad I found it! I can tell the handwriting on the cassette’s insert is Rogers.

The East Side of St Paul’s Suspects featured Roger DeBace, Rory Schoenheider, and Scott Peterson; all three went on to play and record with Willful Neglect a year later, releasing two sought-after 12″ EPs and touring the Midwest and California.. Local bass-whiz Marc Herzberg is on bass on this tape. I literally grew up with all of these guys, they were my best friends, and I played in bands myself with all of them at one time or another. Harding High School, class of 1980. I wouldn’t change a thing from my past hanging out & playing music with these guys, and I’ll always remember fondly the time Rory laid it on me after everyone realized I wasn’t up to snuff musically compared to the rest of them: “John, you should be our MANAGER”. So with that, I entered the record biz, and here I still am (thanx for the suggestion, Rory).

Push it to The Limit

Take a Pill

Johnny’s Comin’ Home

Puttin’ Me Down

Thanks to Roger and Rory for giving me the green light to put these up. Please try to gain some wisdom from the sideways-written note (on the cassette card) signed by Thurston Howell.


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