Third Eye second cassette- five songs, January 1990

28 Nov

Digging further into the Austin, Minnesota music scene (see the Draghounds post previous to this), I present the Third Eye, who were the most out-there-experimental of the gaggle of groups that headed to Minneapolis from Southern Minnesota in the late 80s (Draghounds, Gear Daddies, etc). A friend who grew up in the Austin, MN scene is considering his own blog about the music of this time and place, I’m crossing my fingers he will do it. I’m still looking for the first Third Eye tape, but this one shows the band losing some of their garage-pop sensibilities & turning into something somewhat more, ahem, “sinister”.  The Third Eye released two 7″ singles, of which the first was a three-song 7″ culled from this five-song tape, I’ve included the other two tracks for you here. The lineup on this cassette included Jason Sack pre-Beyond Zebra on bass & original drummer Mike Swank. The Third Eye eventually changed their name to The Green Machine, who released another 7″ single & two CDs. Sean Miland & Dave Krejci continue to make mind-bending experimental psychedelia- hats off to ’em! Thanks to guitarist-singer Sean Miland for giving me the go-ahead to put there here for you to listen to.

Nerves (instrumental)

About to Crack

Green Machine’s Facebook page

12-22-10: I just found an “official” version of this tape, complete with artwork. This version (minus the song “Nerves”) was available for sale in local record stores for a short time.


4 Responses to “Third Eye second cassette- five songs, January 1990”

  1. houseoftrash November 30, 2010 at 1:03 am #

    I still have a tape Revolver, Miland’s HS band, somewhere. Nothing to play it on though. If I find it, do you want it?

    • gojohnnygojohnny November 30, 2010 at 7:42 am #

      absolutely. I can’t find my copy. Please send an email to , I’ll arrange to get it from you.

      • sean miland February 4, 2011 at 12:53 pm #

        The Revolvers cassette you speak of-funny- I sent one to every DJ at KFAI-hand delivered most right to their homes. I remember sitting in on one of Johns shown and looked up and there one was -all alone- on a shelf near in the DJ booth all those years later. I am pretty sure if it had been wanted someone would have taken it. Damn I took that hard. Almost as hard as when I found the copy of Third Eye’s Sunshine(?)45’s on a nail at the back of the Uptown Bar stage-the same one I threw/gave out to someone at the record release show 2 years earlier.

  2. Pat Kallemeyn December 6, 2014 at 10:46 pm #

    Sinister? I hope so. Things were changing so fast in the early 90’s we had maybe a year to evolve from the clean sounding mod inspired Third eye into something harder, louder get it on the road and rock it . Great musicians Sean,Dave,Mike. Yup. Thanks for the ride guys.

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